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Magic Items from the Dictionary

I am always on the lookout for inspiration for magic items and found some cool ideas from a combination of “word of the day” and Wikipedia. I haven’t priced these out for my game, or balanced them, but maybe you will find the ideas helpful in some way.

Senescent Glasses

-These well worn, wooden framed glasses have incredibly thick and heavy lenses. While wearing them, you noticeably age to look and feel ancient. Your physical abilities suffer, but you gain a small boon to your mental abilities. Taking off the glasses will vivify you back to your normal age at a rate one year each minute.

Sword of Damocles

This tiny replica sword is still incredibly sharp. In order to be used, you must tie the sword by its handle to a finger while pointing at your desired victim. A phantasmal sword will appear to hang by a thread over your victim’s head, and is only visible to your victim. If the victim does not take action to avoid the sword, the thread holding the sword will weaken and split, eventually falling if enough cumulative time is spent not actively working to avoid the sword. When it falls, the sword deals a great amount of damage. Beware prolonged use of the Sword of Damocles, for tyrants will find the sword hanging above their own head.

The Dagger Deferred

Made of shadowy, swirling metal, this blackened dagger seems to shift and squirm. When it cuts into a living creature with a shadow, the wielder can choose to delay the effects of that strike up to one half minute. When the magic is released, the wound passes from the shadow of the creature into the creature’s flesh. To notice the shadow damage before it sinks in requires a difficult perception check. As a throwing weapon, this dagger shifts and warps back to its owners hand. 

Noetic Nuts

Chewing these otherwise normal, walnut sized kernel from a rare tree from the Astral plane will open your mind to the possibilities. Upon chewing a Noetic Nut, the player will receive a great insight, mediocre vision, misleading intuition, or a dose of insanity (30%,40%,20%,10%; respectively). 

Gorgon Chalk

Fine marble sticks carved from the victims of a gorgon are useful as both a material component to spells of paralyzation and as a great deterrent against teleportation. Any teleportation on the material plane that passes through a line drawn with this chalk must save or be petrified.

Adscititious Alms

Left by a mischievous, but kind-hearted trickster god, these coins reveal themselves when given away as alms or charity. They are rumored to be the souls of kind animals, children, and other free-spirited and generous souls. When donated out of kindness, this coin will create many coins for the needy and sneakily return to the pockets of the charitable. Used in any other way, they act as normal coins that will slink away from large hoards of coins to work their way back into the hands of the charitable souls.

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