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Drunkards & Flagons

I sometimes enjoy a good drink when I am gaming with a group of compadres, so here’s a list of some of my current favorites. PC’s, NPC’s, and DM’s are encouraged to drink responsibly.

Marsh-root Mead

[Sprecher’s Oak Barrel RB]
A delicious beverage concocted by marsh witches and swamp-folk that has found a reasonable market in the towns outside of the marshes and swamps it originated from. Some trouble was found in bringing the sweet, alcoholic beverage out of the swamps until it was found that swampy oak trees made useful barrels that imparted a delicious flavor into the brew. 
-Enjoyable just as any other root-beer but with a kick. Sprecher’s does a fine job just as with their other sodas and beers.

Dwarven Forge-Starter

[Fireball Whiskey]
A tough brew formulated by Dwarves, presumably on a dare combining a favoring for whiskey with an exotic spice brought from distant jungles. Large Dwarven cities may even be found with underground farms growing this spicy tree-bark just to brew this drink. Known to light a fire in your gut and your heart, it has even been used to start forges in a pinch. Lesser races find the taste interesting, but overpowering and often mix it with the pulp of apple fruits and sugars.
-Good for sipping over the rocks for those who love cinnamon, or as a mixer in a number of fruit juices or mixed drinks. 

Ork Cider

 [1 part apple cider vinegar, 1 part butterscotch schnapps, 4 parts apple juice, 1 part vodka. Bonus points of delicious if you heat up the apple juice first]
Orks have been trying to brew for as long as they’ve wandered around the world and pillaged their first drink. They are usually unsuccessful, as it requires knowledge, equipment, and worst of all, patience. They finally found something when they would mash up water-skins of crab-apples, and mealy apples too distasteful for even their mouths. After waiting some time, or more likely forgetting about the apples, Orks found a bitter-sweet brew. Human traders found and improved the drink, leading to a minorly popular drink among apple-laden regions.
-A nice fall type drink reminiscent of a hard cider that is open to modifying to your preferences. I like to up the amount of cider vinegar to get a nice and bitter drink.

Milk of the Dragon 

[Dragon’s Milk]
So named as apparently the original human brewers of New Holland used to purchase empty whiskey barrels off a particularly thirsty dragon as a way to cut costs. The dragon had an affinity for oak barrel whiskey, often trading with or stealing it from the Dwarves. The dragon turned out to be a big patron of the new brew, and a fine customer for the new brewery. The dragon passed on of liver failure but the brew continued on. 
I enjoy this beer as a sweeter, dark beer that I can sip at during a longer game. It has some good staying power on the palate and I am a big fan of the oak barrel influence.

Pucker Beard

[Whiskey Sour]
-Legend has it, this drink has its origins in a Gnomish dare to try and bring some emotion the face of a Dwarf. After multiple attempts at jokes, taunts, and pranks, one Gnome had an idea to tug on the Dwarf’s heart strings through his stomach. Combining sugars and the juices of bright citrus fruits from exotic lands, that Gnome sure did bring some emotion to that Dwarf’s face. His face puckered up, grew red, and then the Gnome’s face was quickly introduced to the Dwarf’s fist. The Dwarf wouldn’t admit to liking the concoction, Gnomes always have to be messing with a good thing, but the drink stayed on, albeit somewhat milder.
A simple mixed drink that I can mix on the fly, or modify up with a little amaretto, and always enjoy. The whiskey really balances out the sour/sweet of the sugary aspects. 

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