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Envisioned Eldritch Equipment, etc. (Part III)

Dust Bolts 200

These bolts have their heads packed with a compact dust that explodes on contact and release a cloud of dust. (5ft cloud, 1 round duration. DC 12 CON or lose an action to coughing).

Dwarven Thrower 7000

A great metal hammer forged from a single ingot the size of a full-grown dwarf, this hammer is of powerful magic and is a feared throwing weapon. (+2 bonus, deals an additional 2d6 force damage and returns to an empty hand of its wielder at the end of the round)

Elemental 2000

Infused with the spirits of elementals or nature-binding magic, this weapon adds elemental damage. (+1d4 Elemental Damage: Fire, Shock, Cold, Acid, Sound, Radiant, Necrotic.)

Elemental Amplification 10000

The runes and gems set in this weapon when it was enchanted swirl, and glow intermittently with a color reminiscent of the element  so enchanted. When striking a foe, the runes and gems glow strongly, and a faint tear in reality can be seen, connecting the weapon to the outer planes. This weapon deals  +1d6 elemental damage of its type, and marks its foe with its elemental source, amplifying future damage of that type. When the foe takes damage in the next 24 hours from that elemental type, add  1d6 to that damage.

Elemental Explosiveness 40000

This glowing weapon is barely physical, instead it pulses and sparks with elemental magic that has mostly replaced its blade or edge. Sparks and droplets fly and dance around this weapon, just in its contact with the air. On contact with an enemy or opposite element, the weapon reacts violently and explodes for Weapon +2d6 in elemental damage in a 10 ft. burst. Damage from this burst is exploding, rolling max on a die means adding another of that die to the roll.
Ensouled: Pieces of souls are woven into weapons, and are chosen by a powerful connection to an alignment or plane from which they can draw power.  Base weapon is magic: lesser +1, normal +2, and greater +3. Some of these soul fragments are willful or purposeful enough to gain awareness. Equal parts of these intelligences are vengeful at their forced entrapment or are intent on completing the mission for which their soul fragment was bound. Chance for intelligence: Lesser 1%, Normal 10% , Greater 25%. Treat as an intelligent magic item, with possibility for additional minor effects, a personality, and self-activation.

Ensouled, Aberrant, Lesser 3000

“Pain” A chaotic and evil weapon harboring the soul of an aberration oozes and bubbles, constantly shifting, popping, and sizzling with sounds just short of intelligible speech. Striking a foe is enough to transfer some of the endless, malevolent chaos to your enemies. On a hit, the opponent changes and gains an effect from the following table until the end of your next turn. A new effect replaces an older effect.

Ensouled, Aberrant 9000

As the lesser version, but the stronger aberrant soul contained within adds two additional effects to the table, the effects now last for two turns, and two effects can be active at a time. A new effect replaces an existing effect at random. The aberrant weapon gives out an otherworldly laugh on an even roll. It drools on an odd roll.

Ensouled, Aberrant, Greater 30000
As the normal version, and the strong chunk of the shifting soul of an aberration  is enough to take form in the weapon.  Twisted mouths, eyes, and other more ghastly body parts can be seen out of the corner of your eye. Add two more effects to the table, the effects last for 5 turns, and while only two effects can be active you can choose whether or not to replace an effect with a new one.

Ensouled, Air Elemental, Lesser 3000
Etched with swirls and fallen leaves, a weapon that has bound an air elemental revels and becomes more deadly as air passes quickly over its finely carved air channels. Every hit landed upon an enemy sets faster winds on your back, increasing your speed by 5ft, to a maximum of a 10ft speed bonus. This weapon deals an extra damage for every 10ft traveled that round. The bonus ends after one round without a hit.

Ensouled, Air Elemental 9000

More elaborate carvings adorn this weapon and small holes allow this weapon to cut through the air with almost no resistance. As the lesser version, but the speed bonus is now 10ft and the maximum is 30ft.  The weapon deals an extra 1d4 damage per 10ft moved. The bonus ends after two rounds without a hit.

Ensouled, Air Elemental, Greater 30000

The interior of this weapon is honey-combed and hollow, like the bone of a bird and when moved through the air, hums and chirps.  As the normal version, but the speed bonus maximum is 50ft, the damage bonus is 1d6 per 10ft. Air swirls around and protects you from harm, giving you +1 AC for every 10ft moved, until the start of your next turn. These bonuses end three rounds without a hit.

Ensouled, Archon, Lesser 3000

“Justice” Glowing with a harsh white light, lawful and good archons’ weapons manifest themselves as gold trimmed and polished tools of justice. They seem to be unusably heavy, but still function normally in battle. Taking damage from a foe in battle makes this weapon heavier. One quarter of the damage taken from foes is stored in this weapon, to a maximum of five, and this pool of damage is released to add damage to a successful attack. The damage in the pool lasts for one hour of not taking any damage.

Ensouled, Archon 9000

This weapon could be mistaken for its lesser version, except for the pristine parchments inscribed with laws in many languages,  attached with seals of a golden seal of a feather and hammer. One half of the damage taken fills the pool. The damage maximum for is raised to 10 damage and will last for one day of not taking damage.

Ensouled, Archon, Greater 30000

As the normal version, but there can be a faintly heard, stern voice proclaiming the guilt of those nearby for the crimes they have committed against good people. The damage pool maximum is 20 damage and the pool does not empty until used.  Healing  performed on its wielder will be returned in kind with a ceremonial light touch.

Ensouled, Celestial, Lesser 3000

“Life” A soft glow bathes this weapon in warmth and light. When used, soft flower petals float down, vanishing upon your skin with a soothing effect. Damage from this weapon is cannot be lethal and upon a hit, you heal 1d4 hit points.  

Ensouled, Celestial 9000

As the lesser version, but when the weapon is still, small white birds made of  a soft light take up perch. The healing increases to 1d6 hit points. Attacking a foe  causes one of the birds to take perch upon their shoulder, cooing peaceful melodies until the end of combat. Each ally within 10 ft heals one HP each round. Enemies with doves  treat all damage as non-lethal. Maximum one bird per enemy.

Ensouled, Celestial, Greater 30000

The kind soul residing in this weapon has sprouted a vibrant green vine that wraps around the weapon and flowers with a vibrant rainbow of colors, but does not impede its combat usefulness. It heals 1d8 hit points on a hit and sends birds to perch on enemies shoulders. Maximum two birds per enemy. The birdsong carries further, each one healing allies within 30 ft for 1 hp per round. Enemies with two doves, see healing magic flow through them, healing 5 points of damage on their target for each hit they land.

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