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Some Maps

I saw the call for maps, so I’m posting a few of my finished maps here.


First up is my home-brew world, Evylos, drawn on coffee stained paper and singed in an oven.

  • SteinReich, is the homeland of the Dwarves, a stout, industrious, Germanic demihuman. They deep deep for ores and gems in the mountains and hills. The hills also give them their source of hearty grains, running water for their mills, and stout trees for logging.
  • Itolin Verasul is the northern lands filled with trees and rolling grasslands. The high minded elves and wood elves take up residence here. These tall, graceful, long-lived demihumans take on the Victorian sensibilities and sophisticated airs of French and Italians nobles, and divide themselves into camps that deify intricate and delicate designs, High Elves, or pristine, peaceful nature, Wood Elves.
  • Aiztlan is the home to Dwarvish kin, the Gnomes. They are a demi-human mix of Germanic culture and Aztec-steampunk tinkerers. They inherited an island of ruins and technology far to advanced to comprehend, this civilization had Aztec/Mayan tones and this influence holds in Gnomish culture. 
  • Halflings are Roma/desert nomads/eastern european villagers from Zhelazan grasslands and low hills but are spread across the world. They are friendly, kind, and curious small folk that embody one of two extremes, either tireless wanderlust or content homebodies, often switching between the two a few times in one lifetime.

Humans are everything else: 

  • The Asian cultures in the Xianau Dynasty of the northern islands, a stagnant, once advanced culture that has fallen because emperors retire very young to engage in political and social drama and plotting.
  • Arab inspired free merchant states of the coasts of northern coasts of Zhelaza or the Shahs of the southern savannas of Aewyr.
  • Old medieval feudal lords spread across Aewyr, with their petty conflicts and backwards opinion of magic.
  • Byzantine/imperialist Sun empire from the middle of Zhelaza. Corruption and conquest are high, like the Romans at the height of their power.
  • Small villages and cities of a dizzying variety of cultural amalgamations across the world.

Middle Aewyr

Here are two ‘zoomed in’ maps of local areas where I have had campaigns. The hexes are six miles across. This one is an older map of Middle Aewyr. It focuses on the territorial conflicts of small, local kingdoms, Kingdom of the Dawn (a colonial arm of the Sun empire from across the sea to the east), nomadic Orc tribes to the north, the Seven Shahs Caliphate to the south, and the beasts and wild elves to the west.

Peti Sea

The second is my current campaign in the Peti Sea. The dynamic here is between the stagnant Xianau Dynasty to the west and south west, the United Zhelaza Emirate merchants to the north east, Sun Empire colonials and conquistadors from the South, Wild elf raiding parties from the North West, mysterious ruins scattered throughout the region, a Triad of greek inspired city-states each holding one aspect of Mind, Body, and Spirit in the highest regard, and a stone city built into the cliffs of the only passage across the deadly reefs and ruled by a meritocratic clan of dwarven stone masons and inhabited by humans.  There are lots of small city states and independent villages of a Mediterranean influence.

The Resurrection of Bastine

Lastly, here is a picture and link back to my One Page Dungeon Contest map. It is a dungeon floor about literally herding cats in order to help a demigod settle a bet.

Would you be interested in seeing more detail of any of these maps?

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