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Envisioned Eldritch Equipment, etc. (Part IX)

Previous post, part VII.

This post is the last 28 weapons I brainstormed! Stay tuned as I switch over to the armor and wondrous items!

Speed  20000
With a handle adorned with snake scales, rabbit fur, or cheetah hide, a weapon of speed moves with incredible speed. To an attuned wielder, the weapon grants haste while it is held.
Spell Blade   20000
Enchanting a weapon as a spell blade requires it to be intricately engraved with alchemical salts, leaving glowing white lines running up and down the weapon. When in the hands of a spellcaster, the outer runes offer numerous effects. A caster can hold up to three touch spells in the weapon at a time, and can release any number of them on a successful hit. Those touch spells deal an additional  2 damage per die or have +3 to their save DC if they deal no damage. A Spellblade gains +1 to attack and damage for each spell level stored in the blade, with a maximum of twice the magic bonus on the weapon. The damage bonus does not build from spell levels from spells released in the attack.

Spell Lancet 7500
A dull, gray dagger with a simple, peeling, leather-bound handle. To a true-seeing or detect magic, the blade is surrounded by a razor sharp, invisible pocket of psychic magic. This weapon strikes as a +1 dagger. If it hits a foe with spellcasting, spell-like abilities, or ongoing magic effects, the dagger will steal a number of spell levels worth of magic equal to the damage dealt instead of doing hit point damage. The Spell Lancet drains the least powerful abilities and effects first, but it may fail to take any spell levels if the next highest spell slot or magic effect is too much compared to its remaining spell level drain. The stolen spell levels are stored in the lancet, to the used by the wielder to restore previously cast spells. The maximum spell level storage in the blade is three times the magical bonus on the blade. Against those without any magic, the spell lancet does 1d4 extra psychic damage to store one spell level.

Spellsuck      20000
Black Walnut wood is carved into an oblong club with many small, sucker-like mouths. Once enchanted, a Spellsuck becomes floppy and oozes a thick, clear slime. When this club or greatclub hits, attacking as a +3 weapon, one of these mouths latches on momentarily, draining up to 2d4 spell levels. These stolen spell levels steal the weakest magic first, from among prepared spells, spell-like abilities, and ongoing magic spells. The Spellsuck can store up to 15 spell levels, growing larger and more bulbous with each stored level. For every three stored spell levels, the Spellsuck gets -1 attack, +2 damage, and +1 spell levels stolen. These spell levels can be used by the wielder to restore their prepared spells.
Springwood 200
Young willow saplings cut and magically preserved provide a flexible wood for weapons with long wooden parts. With a keen craftsman, a Springwood weapon can be used as part of a long jump to vault the wielder an extra 20ft. Springwood weapons’ flexibility makes them less likely to break, allowing them to ignore the first notch they receive each day.
Staff of Striking         3500
A thick oaken staff gains a significant amount of weight in its ends when moved quickly. The staff is normally a +1 quarterstaff, but can be called upon to add a total of 6d6 force damage to its blows each day, with no more than 3d6 used in any single attack.
Stone & Storm 15000
This dual hammer and pick of Gnomish design was forged by Dwarves and enchanted by Elves. The +2 hammer is ‘Stone’, while the +2 pick is ‘Storm’. ‘Stone’ deals an extra 1d6 bludgeoning damage and stuns the foe for 1 round if the extra damage comes up as a ‘6’. ‘Storm’ deals an additional 1d6 lightning damage in a five foot line from the target and 1d6 sonic damage in a five foot burst around the target. *The hammer deals 1d6 bludgeoning and pick deals 1d4 piercing with an extra 2d4 on a critical hit.
Striking         5000
Care must be taken with a Striking weapon. Any movement with the weapon quickly accelerates. Unless the wielder is attuned to the weapon, they take disadvantage on all attacks with it. The high speeds of Striking weapons add 1d6 damage of its type and pushes the target back 5 ft when that extra damage die rolls a 4 or higher.
Stunning       25000
Like its lesser cousin, a Striking weapon, a stunning weapon moves quickly and hits hard. Without attunement, the weapon is nearly unwieldable, moving far faster than expected and imposing disadvantage and a -5 to attack. The extra speed gives the weapon an extra 2d6 damage of its type and for each die that rolled higher than a ‘5’, the target is pushed back 5 ft. If both dice roll a ‘5’ or higher, the target is stunned for one round by the solid blow.

Stunning Bolt   1250
With a special tip designed to maximize the impact but not penetrate the skin, a stunning bolt forces a CON save DC12 on the target or be stunned for 1d6 rounds. A critical hit increases the DC to 15 and the stunning duration to 1d6+3 rounds.
Sun Blade     25000
A Sun Blade is a +3 short sword. Its cross guard is an ochre sphere with four, orange, metal rods jutting out perpendicular to the blade. The blade deals triple damage to undead and double damage to other creatures sensitive to sunlight. When thrust overhead and called upon, a Sun Blade’s ochre cross guard brightens and shines with a 60ft radius of sunlight. This light lasts until extinguished with a mental command. Three times each day, the shining light can be called forth into a concentrated blast of 3d6 fire and 3d6 radiant damage, DEX save DC 15 for Half. Undead get no save against this effect. This use extinguishes the light of the blade until called forth again. After the third use in a day, the Sun Blade’s will not shine again until the next dawn.
Swift 5000
To enchant a weapon as a Swift weapon, mages will often put a haste enchantment in a cheetah paw, then chain the paw to the pommel or grip of the weapon. A swift weapon lets the wielder make an extra attack three times per day and make three extra reactions each day. No more than one attack and reaction can be made each round.
Sword of Subtlety     25000
A Sword of Sublety has an exceptionally mediocre appearance in every way; even against low level detect magic spells. Commisioned by a long dead chapter of thieves, these +3 short swords would not be known of except for the mistaken magical dwoemer spell of a disorganized apprentice. A Sword of Sublety has a minor aura that makes it hard to focus on, adding +2 to attack and +2d6 damage when used with advantage. It also gives advantage on concealing it and disadvantage on finding it, except against the person attuned to its magic. Three times each day, the Sword of Sublety can be called upon to amplify its aura, making the wielder hard to focus on. This aura counts as a mind altering effect and is treated as a distraction, allowing the wielder to hide, and grants advantage. Its effect lasts for 5 rounds or until the wielder attacks.
The Defender 7000
Simple leather binds the handle of a three foot sword with a six inch wide blade and an eight inch cross guard. The Defender is wielded as a +2 longsword. It can turn some or all of its wielders attack bonus, up to their proficiency bonus + the magic bonus of The Defender, into an armor bonus. The wielder can also take disadvantage on their attack to gain regeneration equal to the armor bonus. When The Defender is called upon, steel creeps up the wielder’s arm as armor bonus increases while shrinking the blade.

The Last Stand 7500
Often miraculously found by heroes, martyrs, and those facing insurmountable odds, this +1 longsword keeps its wielder fighting just a little longer. Its appearance varies, but is always related to its origins. Called forth by a rebel, it might be inscribed “They Cannot Take Our Freedom” and be gilded in the blues and whites of the fighter’s kingdom. The Last Stand’s powers are always the same; the first time its wielder would drop to 0 hit points each day, they are instead left at 1 hp and cannot be reduced to 0 hp until the end of their next turn. During that time, the wielder also gains +2 attack and damage and an extra attack.

The Sandstorm         7000
Long, fine, winding etchings cover this +1 falchion and its hilt. Swinging The Sandstorm in an attack or as an action kicks up a whirling cloud of sand. The cloud has a 5 ft radius, provides total concealment, and deals 1d4 damage to anyone who starts their turn adjacent to it. The wielder is protected from its effects and can see through the cloud normally. The cloud follows the sword and lasts for 1 round after the wielder stops swinging the it.
Throwing      4000
A normal melee weapon is given a perfect balance by a skilled craftsman and enchanted. It is now throwable, with a range of 20 ft. It also has a minor returning effect, returning to its wielder’s open hand at the end of the turn. If the hand is occupied or moved, the weapon drops to the spot it was thrown from.

Trapped        500
Devious traps are built into this weapon so that those who don’t know its trick will have trouble wielding it. Choose one: one time trap of 2x weapon damage that disables one hand until healed, a continual trap of 1 damage for each attack made, or the weapon falls apart such that it is broken until fixed by someone who knows the trick of the weapon. Common failsafes are a certain way of gripping the weapon, a secret switch, or a spoken password for a small magical trigger.
Tunn 10000
Formed from a single, 1 ton slab of adamantite, this sledgehammer head and shaft are smooth save for a few ripples on the handle for grip. The massive, square hammer normally weighs 2,000 pounds, but while an attuned wielder holds it, it only weighs 100 pounds. It is a +2 hammer that deals damage 2d6 damage and allows its wielder to apply their strength bonus twice to damage. If either weapon damage die rolls a ‘6’, Tunn sends the enemy flying. They get knocked 1d6x10 ft up in the air and back 1 ft x weapon damage + 2xSTR. Large or larger enemies just get knocked back.
Underworld Chitin     800
Well preserved and honed chitin from underworld horrors or huge magical insects. Part of the treatment has it regularly bathed in poison, so weapons made of it are efficient poisoners. +2 Save DC on poisons applied with this weapon. When striking with poison, roll 1d6, on a ‘6’, the chitin absorbs some poison and preserves enough for another attack.
Vengeful       2500
Angry, twisted enchantments turn normal weapons into Vengeful ones. Vengeful weapons whisper and curse when their wielder takes damage. This weapon deals an extra 1d10 damage of its type to any source that damaged the wielder since the beginning of their last turn.
Venomed      300
Venomed weapons have a small internal venom gland an inset viper fang. Once each day, rubbing the viper fang will coat the weapon in a poison that deals 1d6 poison damage at the start of each of the target’s turns until a DC 10 CON save is made.
Vicious         7500
Notches and pocks adorn this weapon, oozing a black-red oil that drips towards the blade, tip, or blunt end. The oil, once there, reinforces and hardens the weapon. A vicious weapon asks the same of its wielder as it does to itself: ferocity at the cost of pain. It deals an extra 4d6 damage of its type but drains 2d6 worth of hp from its wielder on each hit.
Vorpal Blade 35000
Deep black meteorite, adorned with an obsidian and pearl pommel. A Vorpal Blade is a fearsome weapon of legend, having slain many a previously-thought-invincible foe or hero. This +4 longsword has a penchant for cutting foes in twain. On a critical hit, make another attack roll. If that attack would hit, the enemy is cut in twain and is instantly slain, CON save DC 20 to take quadruple damage instead.
Wand Slot     400
A small slot or channel has been carved into this weapon. It can hold one wand inside it that will be triggered on each attack.

White Rose    5000
White spruce wood of one continuous piece forms both the haft of this staff and also the 9 inch carved rose at the top. Healing spells and buff spells cast through this +1 staff last 20% longer, gain +10 ft range, and heal 1 hit point per spell level in addition to their normal effects.
Wounding     15000
Terrific wounds are the hallmark of a Wounding weapon. Pitted blades, jutting spines, or swirling barbs of force cause 1d6 bleed on each hit. A critical hit doubles the current bleed of the foe. Bleed deals damage equal to the amount of bleed each round until the afflicted regain hit points or are bandaged.

X-Bow   2500
An X-Bow is a composite long bow or short bow shaped like two bows crossing each other at a shallow angle. It is a +1 weapon and allows an extra arrow to be loosed with each shot but the extra arrow does not benefit from any bonus damage.       

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