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Hog’s Bog’s Bugs (Part III)

Here is the map for Hogstock and Hogstock Manor from Hog’s Bog’s Bugs. I’m splitting up the map post into two parts because it took me a lot longer than I expected and because it would be a very long single post, which I’d rather break up into two smaller posts. Part IV.

Hogstock: An abandoned hamlet sits right on the edge of 
the encroaching bog. A dozen brick homes lie empty along a dusty dirt road leading to the Hogstock Manor.  There is a small multi-part shrine to their ancestors, a town graveyard, and a few rotten barns. One of the homes is larger and used to be a general store and tavern. The wild hogs are descended from the swine from this town, and their presence nearby increases the activity here. Encounter rolls occur twice as often near the town, use the Peatbog random encounter table.

Hogstock Family Manor
This three story, colonial style manor was abandoned ten years prior because of insect problems. Hogstock once raised famous swine and grew fine tobacco. Surrounding the manor are a few overgrown, former tobacco fields and swine pens. Dilapidated and collapsed barns mark these fenced swine pens. A string of sturdy, stone buildings that were formerly for carpentry, smithing, and masonry now sit empty and devoid of any valuable tools or materials. A few small huts dot the road and a small family graveyard sits behind the manor. The graveyard was exhumed months ago and all the graves are empty. The manor has a covered porch wrapped around its entire first floor, ruined wood panelling on its walls and rotting wood flooring. The manor is built on a solid stone foundation. The demi-lich, The Queen, has cursed this manor, raising the undead from the graveyard. The dead stalk the manor, trying to find the source of resistance to the bog. The undead and insects within are neutral towards one another.
Manor Ground Floor
-Gazebo. A rotten gazebo that has an empty wasp hive in its rafters.
-Pond. Algae covers most of the pond that is home to only a few tiny fish.
-Front hall. A marble tiled hall, littered with leaves and a rotting rodent corpse. 6 Zombies mill about in rotten servant clothing. They will attempt to take coats and cloaks to the coat room. If refused or attacked, they will fight. An ant swarm is devouring a large rodent but it will attack if disturbed. Grand marble stairs lead up.

-Dining Hall. Wooden double doors open to the front hall and a side door leads to the kitchen. Large windows on the exterior walls are boarded up. There are two large dining tables, with two dozen chairs strewn about. The ceiling opens to the second floor but thick spider webs obscure the view above. There are a few empty egg sacks under the large tables. Entering this room sets the spiders above on watch, +1d4 spiders to the dining hall balcony encounter.
-Guest Room. This small room to the west holds only a worm eaten bed and end table. The two windows in this room are smashed, and glass is scattered on the floor. The wood panelling here is in good shape and is valuable but hard to remove without damage, requiring four difficult DEX checks (DC 15), each success is worth 2d6 x 10 SP.
-Powder Room. A small, windowless closet off of the guest room contains just an old cabinet with a broken mirror. Some makeup and wigs are still inside. Their artificial nature has preserved them from undead and insect interest. They are worth 300 SP.
-Library. A bespectacled ghoul is faffing about, sorting what few books remain in this dusty room of empty bookcases. Half the carpet has been soiled by vermin. The remaining books are in good condition. If parleyed,  the ghoul seeks to trade for books/scrolls. He can speak broken common and can offer information about the manor or The King. If attacked or a book is taken, he will attack with Magic Missile spells while retreating to the basement vault. In the northeastern corner, there is a rusty staircase that spirals up to the study.
-Kitchen. 11 Zombies move about the room, opening and slamming the cupboards. Others move rusted out pots and pans to the stove then back to the sink to scrub them with stagnant water. They will attack any creature that enters with knives, cleavers, and pans. Nothing in this room is of any value. The clatter of their activities can be heard from the front hall. The stairs here head down to the basement.
-Coat Room & Servant Closet. A mostly empty room with a wooden staircase going up, a closed closet door, and an empty shelf. The stairs are made of rotting wood and will creak loudly if used, creatures in the manor cannot be surprised now. A pile of fabrics and clothes, some recent, sit in the middle of the empty coat room. They are worth 5 SP if sorted through; however, dozens of cocoons and husks sit amongst the half eaten fabrics, and a Nightshade Moth Swarm flutters out to attack if the pile is disturbed.

The Manor Second Floor
-The Halls. The hallways are clean and empty. The west stairs lead to the 3rd floor.
-The Study. The west wing has a balcony above the library and a small study. The railings are rotten and will give way if any weight is put on them. The study has been overturned; moldy papers are scattered amongst the desk, shelf, and cupboard.
-Dining Hall Balcony. 2d4 Giant Spiders leap from webs above to attack when someone nears the railing. Dessicated, webbed animals dangle from the ceiling.
-Servant Quarters. The east wing has many small rooms with only a simple bed and cupboard each. The furniture is mostly untouched, if shabby, and is worth 10 SP for each room’s set. The thin, steep stairs head up and down.

The Manor Third Floor
-The Halls.  The halls only have an overturned table in the west corner.
-Master Bedroom. A small waiting room holds a sitting chair and empty cupboard. The bedroom has walnut furniture: a four post bed, writing desk, and mirror. All are in good condition and have engravings of fine pigs, worth 2000 SP as a set. The desk contains lovey-dovey letters written in Thri-Kreen from The Queen to The King. The King does not appreciate them. The King will be here during the daylight hours every other day with two Dire Ants. If losing, he will attempt to retreat by leaping out window, using his Dire Ants to buy time. The two closets off to the sides hold old, smashed furniture, and a wrap around closet stocked with moth eaten silk garments.
-Bedrooms. These three bedrooms in the west wing each hold a four post, walnut bed, an end table, and a wardrobe. A Giant Centipede lives under each bed, and they rush to each other’s aid when attacked. The beds are made of good walnut and are worth 50SP each.
-Greenhouse. In this glass greenhouse, there are beds of overgrown tobacco plants and a few exotic trees bearing fruit. 1 fat, Wasp-Infested Zombie mills about the room tending the plants. She will attack. The three exotic trees are worth 100 SP each.

The Manor Basement
-Basement hall. Trash and broken furniture are piled up here. 6 Ghouls hide in the debris, waiting to attack until creatures try to squeeze past the debris.
-Tobacco Room. A large table and a work desk. The desk holds rotten tobacco leaves and a box of 30 small hooks worth 10 SP.
-Smoker. The door makes a good seal with its frame. Ten meat hooks hang down and a small fireplace is mounted in the north wall.
-Humidor. A rounded stone dais holds a rack of fine tobacco pipes, the set is worth 300SP. A tightly sealing door leads to a room of cupboards. Both rooms smell strongly of tobacco. The ghouls and insects avoid this room because of the smell. Most of the cupboards are empty, only six parchment rolls of dried tobacco remain. The six bushels of dried tobacco are worth 5 SP each. Hidden behind a false back in the western cupboard is the door to the secret stash.
-Butchery. Two stained wooden butcher’s blocks, a large floor drain, and an empty tool rack occupy this room.
-Food stores. Among the many crates and barrels on these shelves, there are lines of ants marching to and fro. If the players don’t step over the lines of ants, an easy DEX check (DC 10) each minute, they will call forth an ant swarm in 1d4 rounds. Any searching of the shelves has a 30% chance of finding ant eggs, calling forth an ant swarm in 1d4 rounds. 50% of the searches will find a cask of alcohol or salt worth 25 SP. Everything else was eaten by ants. The shelf on the west wall of the room is askew and the secret door behind it is open.
-The Secret Stash. This empty room has marks where a large chest once stood. The southern wall rotates to reveal the secret shrine.
-Vault. The metal doors to the metal lined vault are ripped apart and charred. The cupboards, shelf, barrel, and chest are all open and empty. 4 Zombies and 2 Ghouls mill about this room. The ghouls have plate mail and if the alarm has been raised or they hear combat in the hall, the ghouls will stand still, appearing to be suits of armor on display. They will wait for the players to engage the zombies before breaking their disguise to flank. The western cupboard has a hidden latch to swing with the wall behind it, revealing the hidden vault.

-Secret Shrine. A long waiting room with many stone braziers and a wall fresco of a green field of tobacco with huge swine peacefully grazing on a hill nearby. The long hall ends with a door to The Harvester’s shrine, a minor god of the harvest and good fortune. The family had to hide their worship because the townsfolk zealously worshipped their ancestors. This shrine has gone unfound and boasts a thick layer of dust on its bronze statuette, stone braziers, and two small stone daises. On one dais are 4 scrolls that make up the holy texts of The Harvester, worth 500 SP to a temple or collector. On the other dias are three spell scrolls: Control Weather, Plant Growth, and Restoration. The statuette is a solid bronze casting of a cheerful scarecrow with a pumpkin head and a fancy suit. The statue has a minor effect on the mile around it, making the ground more fertile and increasing harvests. This statuette is currently holding back the bog.

-Hidden Vault. This hidden vault contains a barrel, a chest, and a wardrobe. The barrel is sealed tight and holds 50 pounds of fine grade tobacco, worth 5000 SP. The chest has numerous coins and a golden Hogstock family signet ring. 315 CP, 125 SP, 30 GP, and 10 PP. The ring is worth 200 SP or could be used to fabricate a claim on the Hogstock manor and land. The wardrobe holds a pure white wedding gown worth 50SP and a thick fur cloak of swine hide, enchanted to confer the ability to calm and speak with swine, worth 1500 SP.

Wandering Monsters
1: A pack of 5 ghouls begin stalking the party. Announce as no wandering monster but a tough perception (DC 18) will hear them. They will attack once the party is distracted
2: All the doors on another floor slam shut.
3: The ghoul librarian wanders past looking for books and muttering to himself in broken common.
4: There is a loud buzzing, clicking noise coming from outside. A Dire Centipede awaits the players. Getting this result again adds 1d2 Giant Centipedes to the encounter awaiting outside unless the players have defeated the Dire Centipede.
5: 2d6 Zombies mill about a previously explored area in rotten servants clothing, noisily cleaning up. They will take simple orders.
6: An Ant Swarm chews through a wall, spilling to the floor. If disturbed, it will fight and call for 1d4 more swarms to arrive in 3 rounds.
7: An angry swarm of hornets buzzes into view. 1d3 Hornet Swarms attack.
8: A rotting piece of ceiling falls on a random party member. No damage but it is covered in vermin feces and worm casings. Gross.
9: There is digging in the wall. An easy WIS check (DC 12) will find 2 Giant Centipedes that skitter out to attack.
10: There is digging in the wall. An easy WIS check (DC 12) will find a friendly Giant Ant. Handle Animal to tame it. It loves sugar.

Hog’s Bog Bestiary

Monsters are listed in a quick format.

HD: How much HP it hould have (1d8 or 5 for each HD) with the +/- following it to indicate how it attacks (HD 5+1 attacks like a 6 HD creature, i.e. it has a +1 to attack and damage but only has 5 HD).


ATK: What attacks it has (it will make all of those attacks as one multi-attack unless otherwise specified).
DAM: Damage for each attack.
MOV: Movement speeds (burrow is shortened to BRW).
SAV: What the creature has saves are like (level 1 fighter, level 3 cleric, etc).
Morale: How likely it will flee when things go poorly. Roll 2d6, if over the morale number, the monster flees.
Dire Insects: Absolutely huge versions of normal insects. They are aggressive loners and dangerously hungry at all times. They may spend their reaction to attack any creature that enters their reach. They gain an extra reaction action.
Dire Ant: HD 6+1, L, AC 15, ATK 1 (Pinchers) DAM 2d6, MOV 30’/BRW 10’, SAV F4, MORALE 12
Dire Centipede: HD 9+1, H, AC 18, ATK 1 (Pinchers x2) DAM 2d8, MOV 50’/BRW 20’, SAV F8, MORALE 12

Infested: A once living creature that is now being used as a mobile hive by demonic insects. Modify the original creature by doubling its hit points, giving it regeneration 5, and having it deal double damage against enemies within the swarm. The internal insects repair and rebuild the creature, crawling around under the creatures skin. It always has an accompanying swarm of insects. When the swarm is reduced to half its HP, it will return to the hive and regenerate to full hit points in one round. While the swarm is regenerating, the host loses its regeneration and takes no actions.
Giant Insects: Larger than life version of insects grown to massive proportions.
Giant Ant: HD 3+1, S, AC 13, ATK 1* (Pinchers) DAM 1d6, MOV 20’/BRW 5’, SAV F1, MORALE 9. *Giant Ants get +1 to attack and damage for each other giant ant within 5 ft of the target.
Giant Spider: HD 2+3, S, AC 15, ATK 1 (Bite) DAM 1d6 + Poison*, MOV 40’**/Climb 40’, SAV F2, MORALE 7. *Moderate CON save (DC 14) or take ongoing 2d6 poison damage until a successful save is made. **Made jump up to twice their move speed and make a single bite attack.
Giant Centipede: HD 5+1, M, AC 16, ATK 1 (Bite) DAM 2d6, MOV 60’/BRW 10’, SAV F4, MORALE 9

The King: A death knight raised from the corpse of a Thri-Keen, The King was a favored drone of The Queen. She dotes over him, but in his undeath, he finds only disdain for the living. He is skilled with his sword and possesses the ability to shoot gouts of brimstone laden flame. He attack with his greatsword and two claw attacks or makes a fireball attack.
The King: HD 7+1, M, AC 20*, ATK 3 (Greatsword, Claw**, Fireball***) DAM 2d6/1d6/5d6, MOV 40’/JMP 80′, SAV F7, MORALE 11. *Once each round, he may parry a melee attack to ignore its damage. **His claw attack ignores armor and deals necrotic damage. ***20 ft. radius fireball with a center-point within 90ft. This attack recharges each turn on a roll of ‘5’ or ‘6’ on a d6. Moderate DEX save (DC 14) for half damage.

Swarms: A large swarm of small creatures moves as a group to attack enemies. Swarms reduced to 0 hit points scatter as a number of harmless insects. *Swarms take only half damage from any weapon or targeted attacks but take double damage from area attacks. **Swarms deal their damage automatically to all creatures that start their turn in one of the eight contiguous 5ft spaces or cubes they occupy (16 spaces for H swarms).

Ant Swarm HD 10, L, AC 14*, ATK 1** (Bites), DAM 2d6, MV 10’, SAV F3, MORALE 10.

Wasp Swarm HD 6, L, AC 16*, ATK 1** (Stings), DAM 1d6 + Poison, MV 5’/Fly 30’, SAV F1, MORALE 12. Moderate CON save (DC 13) or take 2d6 poison damage.

Nightshade Moth Swarm: A fluttering swarm of light purple moths leaves behind a trail of soft dust glinting in the moonlight. Nightshade larvae feed off of the deadly nightshade and their adult form produces a sleeping poison of its own. A single moth produces enough dust to poison small rodents, but in a swarm, they produce enough dust to fell much larger beasts. They lay their eggs in these carcasses, which are toxic enough to prevent predation on their eggs.

Nightshade Moth Swarm HD 4, L, AC 14*, ATK 1** (Dust), DAM 0 + Dust, MV 5’/Fly 20’, SAV F1, MORALE 6. Dust: 1d6 Poison damage then make a moderate CON save (DC 13) or fall asleep for 1d6 rounds.

Zombie: HD 2*-1, M, AC 9, ATK 1 (Slam) DAM 1d6, MOV 15′, SAV F1, MORALE 12. *If a zombie would be reduced to 0 HP, roll a CON save (DC 5+damage received). On a success, the zombie is left at 1 HP instead.
Kitchen Zombie: Replace the slam attack above with a rusty knife, pan, or pot attack. The zombie attacks twice for 1d4 damage.

Ghoul: HD 3, M, AC 15, ATK 2* (Bite, Claw x2) DAM 1d8/1d6, MOV 30′, SAV F3, MORALE 10. *A ghoul’s attacks have a paralyzing poison. Make an easy CON save (DC 12) or be paralyzed for 1d6 rounds.
Plated Ghoul: As the ghoul, but with HD 4-1 (5 extra hit points) and AC 18.

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