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Worn and Weaponized Witchcraft (Part III)

See the previous post here.

Dragonhide Plate   4000

Thick and large metallic scales culled from huge dragons are deformed and carved to make this +1 plate mail. In addition to not being made of metal, Dragonhide Plate also counts as medium armor instead of heavy armor and grants +1 on saves against the element of the dragon it originates from.

Dwarven Stone-Forged Platemail 6000

Dwarves create this special plate mail from interlocking, black, basalt and feldspar gears. While this +1 plate mail is stronger and heavier than normal plate, its interlocking gears and intricate design do not slow or restrict the wearer’s movement. Dwarven Stone-Forged Platemail has 1 higher base AC than normal plate and is always considered masterwork.

Efreeti Chain   4000

This coppery orange steel chain made by Efreeti is a magical chainmail that has a magical +1 armor bonus and embodies the freedom loving Efreeti by protecting the wearer against controlling effects. 3/day the wearer gains advantage against a magical effect that would control or restrain the wearer’s mind or body.

Elemental Amplification 10000

This armor sporadically sparking and ignites with elemental energy of the enchantment’s type. Elemental Amplification enchanted armor strikes back at attackers within 100 ft with a charged elemental bolt for 1d6 damage of the corresponding elemental type. Enemies struck by the attack take an additional 1d6 damage whenever they are struck by that element during the next 5 rounds as trace fragments of the energy linger, bursting again when the foe is struck by elemental energy. This effect stacks with itself, but each duration is tracked separately.

Elemental Aura    10000

Elemental Aura armor surrounds the wearer with a 15 ft radius aura of faint elemental energy. When enemies enter that radius, the aura becomes agitated and violent, dealing 1d6 damage to enemies each round. The aura gives off a dim light and can be extinguished and reactivated at will.

Elemental Explosiveness   40000

Sparks and bursts of elemental energy slide across the surface of this armor, lingering as near as possible towards other creatures. When attacked, the armor blasts the attacker with 2d6 exploding elemental damage if they are within 120 ft. Exploding dice add another 1d6 each time a ‘6’ is rolled. This extra damage happens as the elemental energy creates feedback and explodes successively on the enemy.

Elemental Resistance 6500

Dull, glowing draconic runes grant the wearer of this armor resistance to damage from and advantage on saves against one elemental damage type.

Elven Chain 10000

Only fine, lightweight, mithril chain mail made by the finest Elven smiths gets to be called Elven Chain. This +2 chain mail counts as light armor. Once each day, the wearer can use their reaction to take no damage from a melee attack, as the attack passes over the chain like rain on the mountain.

Ensouled, Aberrant     9000

Tiny limbs and appendages repeatedly bud out from the armor and wither away. As the armor moves and creaks, errant chaotic whispers can be faintly heard. Like its lesser cousin, Aberrant Ensouled armor will change forms after its wearer is struck. The new form lasts for 3 rounds and two forms can be held at once. A new effect replaces an old one randomly when a third effect begins. Add two new effects to the possible changes.

Ensouled, Aberrant, Lesser  3000

A lesser aberrant soul fragment has taken up residence in this armor, and it manifests in shifting tumors, deflating bumps, oozy sores, and twitching ‘gills’. When the wearer of the armor is struck by an enemy, the armor shifts in form for 1 round.

Ensouled, Aberrant, Greater 30000

Greater aberrant armor mimics and mocks the wearer: twisted limbs, weapons, and gruesome faces shift in and out of the armor’s form. Actions the wearer takes are copied and twisted by endless miniature permutations all across the armor. As the wearer speaks, innumerable whispered mockeries emanate from the armor. If the wearer sneaks, tiny humanoid caricatures crawl over the surface of the armor. This armor functions like its lesser cousins, except that transformations last for five rounds each, and while only two can exist at the same time, the wearer chooses which effect to replace when new effects replace old ones.  Add two new effects to the possibilities.

Ensouled, Air Elemental     9000

Keeping the swirling patterns of its lesser cousin, the ensouled armor is adorned with feathers or leaves on its joints. As the armor moves, the adornments align with the wearer’s movement, helping the wearer move more quickly. Once stopped, the loose feathers and leaves spin and flutter slowly, keeping air swirling around the armor for a short time. If the wearer moves more than the base movement speed, they gain +2 AC. This bonus decreases by one point at the beginning of each of the wearer’s turns until it drops to zero unless the wearer again moves at least their base movement speed. Every 10 feet moved confers a temporary point of damage reduction against the next attack before the wearer’s next turn. The wearer gains a 10 ft bonus to their movement speed.

Ensouled, Air Elemental, Lesser   3000

Lesser air elemental ensouled armor hosts a complex weave of swirls and pinholes, which do not take away from the integrity of the armor. The armor cuts through the air quickly, and air breezes through it and around it. The wearer gains +1 AC if they moved at least their base movement speed this round, with the bonus lasting until the air stops swirling around them at the beginning of their next turn. Every 10 feet moved confers 1 temporary point of damage reduction against the next attack before the start of the wearer’s next turn.

Ensouled, Air Elemental, Greater  30000

Small iron tubes snake around the limbs of greater air elemental armor. As the wearer moves, the tubes divert air into a silent, swirling barrier. Any natural air currents are doubled in the 30ft. around the armor. The wearer is immune to any wind effects. This armor functions as its lesser cousins, but the armor bonus from movement increases to +3 AC, points of temporary damage reduction are gained per 5 feet of movement, and the wearer gets a 30 ft bonus to their movement speed. In addition to these effects, if the wearer has moved at least their base movement speed, the swirling barrier of air puts any ranged attacks at disadvantage against any target within 10 ft of the armor until the beginning of the wearer’s next turn.

Ensouled, Archon 9000

The archon’s soul in this armor projects the wearer’s internal image of justice: like the trappings of a civil judge, runes of ancient tradition, or gore from rites of armed combat. Damage dealt to the wearer builds up energy in the runes engraved in the armor, they glow with bright light out five feet for every ten points stored within. The maximum number of points is 20, and the wearer can spend a reaction to reduce hit point loss from an attack against themselves or another creature within their area of bright light. Every four points spent reduces hit point loss by one.

Ensouled, Archon, Lesser 3000

This ensouled armor holds just a fragment of a soul of an archon. The arms and torso of this armor glow dimly with sharp, aggressive lines. On taking damage from an enemy, the armor’s runes glow more brightly. Each point of damage is stored in the armor, with the light from the runes growing to create 5ft of bright light when the maximum of 10 points of damage is reached. The wearer can use a reaction to spend points to reduce the hit points lost to the attack, every five points reduces the hit point loss by one.

Ensouled, Archon, Greater   30000

A greater archon soul manifesting in armor appears the same as a normal archon soul until the wearer begins to take damage. As the wearer receives damage, not only do the runes begin to glow, but the wearer is filled from within by a white, blazing fire. It retains the glowing radius of light of its lesser cousins but the light grows by one foot for each point of damage stored. The maximum damage pool is increased to 45 points, the wearer can spend a reaction to reduce hit point loss of themselves or another in their radius of light, and the ratio of damage protection is increased to three points spent per hit point saved. In addition, when the wearer takes their reaction to reduce hit point loss, the attacker takes radiant damage equal to half of the hit points saved as long as they are within line of sight of the wearer.

Ensouled, Celestial     9000

The lively essence of the ensouled celestial inside improves this armor by lining its interior with spotlessly white, soft wool. At the edges and joints of the armor, where this wool pokes through, many small leaves sprout forth. The armor captures one quarter of the damage the wearer takes, as the lesser version, but the maximum size of the pool is 20 points. The healing effect can now be made at a distance of 30ft. The small leaves that sprout from the armor can be picked and used to add flavor and vigor to otherwise boring or borderline spoiled foods.

Ensouled, Celestial, Lesser   3000

The edges and joints of this armor are bounded in a puffy white wool. Among the fibers of this soft, unstained wool are tiny seedlings just barely growing out of their shells. As the wearer of this armor takes damage, one quarter of their lost life energy is captured by the armor. This pool can hold up to 10 points of damage, and when it reaches its maximum, the small seedlings become a very vibrant green. These life points can be spent as an action to heal another creature with a touch, one-for-one. If the wearer focuses their energies with a reaction, the armor captures half of the damage taken from that attack.

Ensouled, Celestial, Greater  30000

Like its lesser cousins, this armor hosts a furry white wool on its interior and plants growing from the joints and edges. The maximum point pool on the greater celestial soul is 50 points, the armor absorbs one third of life lost to attacks, and a reaction can still be spent to double the amount of points recovered from one attack. When healing another creature, the wearer can instead spend 15 life points to cast Remove Curse as a 3rd level spell or 25 life points to cast Freedom of Movement as a 4th level spell. As the pool grows, more and more of the plants on the armor flower in a stunning array of whites, pinks, and blues. Picking these flowers and steeping them to make tea ensures that the drinker has a comfortable sleep free of any natural sleep troubles.

Here’s part IV!

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