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Dungeon Dice: Now with Town and City Flavors

 So I decided against the dungeon dice in Inkwell’s first Kickstarter, as I’m already fairly good at making up dungeons on the spot thanks to all my 2.5D terrain pieces. I haven’t gotten around to uploading pictures of my terrain pieces, but you can see some pictures here and in this series here(and one here). I intend to do a post or two on some of my terrain with links to where I learned how to make them, but that is neither here nor there…

Anyway, I stumbled upon Inkwell Ideas’ latest Kickstarter just a few days before it ended, but this one really hit a niche I’ve long struggled with. These dice would let me create maps for towns and cities on the fly. This had long been a struggling point for me, while there are many tools for digitally creating maps, but having enough maps to cover every type of town was contrary to my DM’ing style of keeping as few tables and papers with me as possible. It’s why I even went so far as to program my tables and encounter charts into a GM’ing program.

My players respond better to having props and maps to work with. They help to fill any gaps my explanations leave while giving them something concrete to point to and plan around. These dice will let me generate towns and city blocks on the fly and as my players need a map to explore in. As a bonus, Inkwell Ideas is even including the PDFs files of the maps so I will probably print off copies of the die faces onto card-stock to use as a modular map. Hopefully, this is something you’ll find useful that you haven’t seen. If it is, keep an eye on Inkwell’s store for when they release the dice as a regular product, they already have the dungeon-morph dice up for sale. I’m a big fan of Inkwell’s products, I already use their software to make hex maps

I’m looking forward to May when these are supposed to ship. When they come in, I’ll try them out and let you know if how my expectations match reality.

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