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Worn and Weaponized Witchcraft (Part IV)

See part III here.

Ensouled, Earth Elemental    9000

An earth elemental ensouled armor has large, green crystals embedded throughout the larger areas of armor and small blue gems are seated in the armor’s joints and edges. Rare minerals and gems are pulled towards the wearer as if pulled by a spider’s thread. As the wearer stays still, the blue gems grow and then break loose into geometric shapes that revolve slowly around the armor. After one round without using a move action, the wearer gains 5 temporary hit points. After two rounds, the wearer gains 10 temporary hit points each round as well as +1 AC from the revolving blue stones. If the wearer moves, the blue and green crystals shatter and fall to the floor, leaving behind only the embedded stones.

Ensouled, Earth Elemental, Lesser   3000

Small green crystal fragments embed themselves into Lesser Earth Elemental Ensouled armor. As the wearer stands mostly still, these crystals grow into small, flat platelets. On the second round without taking a move action, these platelets confer 2 temporary hp. On the third round, and each round thereafter without a move action, the wearer gain 5 temporary hp. Temporary hp are lost first and these temporary hit points do not stack with themselves. When the wearer moves, these crystals fracture and fall to the ground, leaving behind only the original embedded gems.

Ensouled, Earth Elemental, Greater 30000

Like its lesser cousins, this armor has embedded green and blue crystals that grow to protect the wearer, but these two crystals are joined by a host of purple gems embedded in the lower half of the armor. As the wearer stands still, the purple crystal vibrate dust that falls to the earth and begin to pull creatures towards the wearer. After 1 round without moving more than 5 ft, the wearer gains +1 AC and 5 temporary hp. After two rounds, these bonuses increase to +2 AC and 10 temporary hp while the purple dust on the ground pulls in enemies touching earth or stone within 30ft, 10 ft each round towards the armor. Finally, if the wearer does not move more than 5 ft a round for three rounds, the armor builds up 20 temporary hit points each round and pulls enemies within 60ft towards the wearer 15 ft each round.

Ensouled, Efreeti   9000

Once inhabited by a soul fragment of an Efreeti, this armor takes on the gaudy jewelry of its lesser cousin and is now encircled in numerous colorful sashes that slowly shift across the spectrum of colors. At the wearer’s command, this armor will shift into a random form. After shifting, the wearer gets a bonus reaction each round for 2 rounds. The change is otherwise purely cosmetic. Add these two new forms to the list of transformations from the lesser form.

Ensouled, Efreeti, Lesser   3000

Efreet ensouled armor takes on a minor aspect of the chaos and revelry in the hearts of the djinn. In its normal form, this armor is adorned with gaudy jewelry and copper banding on the upper arms. If the wearer rubs the jewels, Efreeti armor shifts forms. When the armor shifts, the new form is immaculate but it slowly deteriorates until it is dull and tarnished. After shifting, the wearer gets a bonus reaction. The armors are functionally the same as the base armors but differ in appearance and abilities.

Ensouled, Efreeti, Greater 30000

The gaudy jewels of its lesser cousins are replaced by tasteful and expensive fake jewelry and the whole armor is coated in a fine gold dust. The armor leaves behind it a faint trail of gold dust that reverts to sand after a few minutes. On command, the wearer can choose to shift the cosmetic form of this armor. After shifting forms, the wearer gain two bonus reaction actions for each of two rounds. When shifting forms, the wearer rolls twice and chooses one of those results. Add two new forms to the list. Once each day, the wearer may magically switch two creatures as a reaction action with a simple nod of their head. These creatures switch places in terms of initiative, remaining actions for their turn, and location.

Ensouled, Fey     9000

The green tunic of the ensouled fey armor is joined by a green felt hat and numerous drawings of bugs and plants on the inside of the armor. The armor grants +4 AC versus attacks of opportunity. The armor also generates faeries like its lesser cousin and a single faerie will wriggle out from under the felt hat at the beginning of each encounter. Only four faeries will follow the wearer at any one time. Reaching into the hat, the wearer can pull out a toy or prank: a stink bug, a slimy frog, a noise maker, a whistle, a sulfur pellet, a smoke bomb, a toy wooden sword, etc. The wearer can order a faerie to follow a creature as a free action, outlining them in faeries fire, negating any concealment. The faerie returns when asked by the wearer or if it would move more than 120 ft. from the fey armor.

Ensouled, Fey, Lesser   3000

A lesser fey ensouled armor can be identified by the green, felt tunic underneath the armor. This tunic sprouts forth from the armor, replacing itself if it becomes damaged. Occasionally, seeds and miniature children’s toys will appear in the pockets of the tunic. This enchantment grants the wearer +2 AC versus attacks of opportunity. When the wearer triggers an attack of opportunity, a diminutive glowing ball of light will flutter out from the tunic and follow the wearer. If two or more of these faeries are following the wearer and a creatures makes an attack on the wearer, the wearer can choose to teleport the attacker by using two faeries. This will switch the attacker with another enemy within 30ft at random or teleport them 10ft in a random direction if there are no other enemies. These faeries give off light like a candle and hover around the wearer’s shoulders.

Ensouled, Fey, Greater  30000

Armor bound by a greater fey soul has the green felt trappings of its lesser cousins as well as large, slowly fluttering wings. These wings appear as butterfly wings during the day and moth wings at night, shifting slowly between the two when transitioning from light to dark. Greater fey armor grants +2 AC versus attacks of opportunity and imposes disadvantage on opportunity attacks against the wearer. The armor calls forth a faerie when a foe makes an attack of opportunity and at the beginning of each encounter, with a maximum of eight faeries at one time. If both attack rolls would miss, the armor calls forth two faeries instead of just one. When a faerie targets a foe, that faerie grows to become a mirror image of the wearer. These faeries mimic the actions of the wearer, including movement, and if attacked have AC equivalent to the touch AC of the wearer. Attacks of opportunity on these mirror images call forth more faeries to  the armor. As a free action, two faeries can be used to switch places with one of the mirror images within 60 ft. If the mirror images take damage, they dissipate in a burst of dandelion puffs and childrens’ laughter.

Ensouled, Fire Elemental   9000

Singed patterns of flame are joined by small wax candles melted to numerous points on the arms and torso of this armor. These candles can be lit to provide continuous dim light out to 10 ft. At the beginning of an encounter, this armor fires up the wearer and his allies like its lesser cousin. The bonus from this effect increases by 1 and the radius increases to 10 ft. The bonus decreases as the die rolls 1’s: 1d4+1, 1d3+1, 1d2+1, 1-1d2, 1-1d3,etc.

Ensouled, Fire Elemental, Lesser 3000

Singe patterns of flames adorn this armor. At the beginning of an encounter, this armor gets hot, driving up the adrenaline in its owner and allies nearby. Each round, roll to see how much of a bonus is provided to allies within 5ft. This bonus starts as a 1d4, but decreases as 1’s are rolled. Each ‘1’ rolled decreases the die size, eventually the bonus will go negative as the armor becomes cold, sapping at the vigor of the wearer and her allies. The order is 1d4, 1d3, 1d2, 1d2,-1d3, etc. Taking a short rest to stretch and reinvigorate is enough to reset this die to a 1d4.

Ensouled, Fire Elemental, Greater     30000

The greater soul of a fire elemental resides in this armor, seen in the embers that dance up and around the legs and torso. Occasionally, these embers reignite the singed flame markings or a candle. Heat from these embers raises the ambient temperature within 20ft of the armor by 15 degrees fahrenheit. The wearer is immune to heat exhaustion. Greater fire elemental armor provides a bonus to attack and damage for allies within 20ft. This bonus begins as a 1d6+2 but decreases die sizes as 1’s are rolled, eventually going negative. Roll to see how much bonus is provided each round. Also, those allied creatures gain an aura of embers that deal the bonus die worth of damage to enemies within 5ft.

Ensouled, Inevitable   9000

Among the interconnected gears and machinery, this armor has cavities on the torso and limbs that house tiny, many-legged constructs. This armor catches weapons; attackers must make a DEX save (DC 14) or have their weapon or natural weapon stuck on the armor for 2 rounds. A new save can be made as an action to free the weapon. When a weapon is stuck, the constructs scurry out to bash and shock its holder for 1 nonlethal damage each round unless they drop the weapon. Released weapons fall to the ground when the holding duration ends. Up to four weapons can be held at a time and the wearer gets +4 on defensive grapple checks.

Ensouled, Inevitable, Lesser 3000

This armor sprouts numerous gears, pipes, and wires interweaving along its exterior. When attacked, these parts shift to latch onto the attacker. Attackers must make a DEX save (DC 13) or find their weapon or natural weapon stuck on the armor for 1 round. The armor can have two weapons stuck on it at any one time, with additional weapons having no chance of becoming stuck. Very large or strong creatures could lift or move the player and swing them around too, but the wearer gets a +2 bonus on defensive grapple checks or for saves to hold their ground.

Ensouled, Inevitable, Greater     30000

In sync with the moving teeth of the gears and over the webs of wires, a mixture of tiny and small constructs move over the surface of this armor, hiding in crevices and compartments. Objects near the armor become more ordered: painting self-level or fish swim in orderly lines. The DC for a weapon getting stuck is upped to 16 and the armor can hold any number of weapons it has caught. Attackers that fail their DEX save will have their weapons stuck for 3 rounds. Even ranged attackers can find their weapons ‘stuck’ as the tiny constructs launch themselves onto the attackers weapon if they are within 120 ft, where they will interrupt and attack the weapon’s holder. Stuck weapons’ holders take 1d6 nonlethal damage each round from the bludgeons and shocks of the tiny spider machines. A new save can be attempted as an action each round. The wearer gets +4 and advantage on defensive grapple checks. “Law” Attack catching and subduing.

Ensouled, Infernal 9000

Infernal ensouled armor has more intricate lancet with a controllable dial. In addition, the helm or shoulders of this armor have crystal horns. While only one contract can be made each round as a free action, the wearer can choose to spill 1 or 5 points of damage worth of blood. With 5 points, the crystal horns fill with blood like the channels on the surface of the armor. 1 damage lets the wearer use a lesser contract with a duration of 1 round. 5 damage lets the wearer create a lesser contract with a duration of 2 rounds or a medium contract for 1 round. Contracts deal 10 damage to creatures within 30ft that break them. Unintelligent creatures take half damage. “Do Not attack”: enemies must not attack the wearer, “Stay Still”: enemies must not move more than 5 ft of their own power. “Cower” enemies must end their turn prone.

Ensouled, Infernal, Lesser 3000

All across the torso of this enchanted armor there are deep grooves and channels making up harsh, infernal runes. Inside the armor’s neck or arm there is a recessed lancet. If the wearer presses into this lancet, they take 1 damage and fill the infernal channels up with blood where it glows a deep red. Adjusting these runes, the wearer can call forth one of three contracts that enemies with 30ft must follow or take 3 damage at the end of their turn as their flesh is cut and split with tiny runes and letters. “Stay Away”: enemies must not come within 5 ft of the wearer. “Come Close”: enemies must end their turn closer to the wearer. “Attack”: creatures in 30ft must attack at least once on their turn. When active, creatures can feel this armor’s magic as an uneasy feeling. Intelligent creatures receive a mental command that communicates the effect of the magic. Against unintelligent creatures, they only take half damage from breaking the contract. Contracts last for 1 round, and a contract can only be created once a round as a free action.

Ensouled, Infernal, Greater   30000

Like its lesser cousins, the greater infernal ensouled armor is engraved with blood channels and hosts a pair of crystal horns, but it also has short black pipes that jut from the the back above the shoulder blades. The lancet can be used to bleed 1, 5, or 10 points of damage. Blood first fills the runed channels, then at 5 points fill the crystal horns, and lastly after 10 points, red skeletal wings of blood form from the back pipes. These effects last as long as a contract is in place, with the wings conferring a fly speed of 40 ft.  In addition to the abilities of its normal and lesser cousins, greater infernal armor can utilize 10 points of damage in order to create a lesser contract for 5 rounds, a medium contract for 3 rounds, or a greater contract for 1 round. Enemies within 50ft that break the contract take 15 damage while unintelligent creatures take 7 damage. “Die” enemies must take damage. “Betray” enemies must deal damage to one of their allies. “Pay” enemies must drop their most valuable possession or spend their whole turn working towards dropping it if it requires more than one round to remove.

Ensouled, Rilmani 9000

On a Rilmani ensouled armor, the painted hourglass of its lesser cousin is replaced by a raised glass hourglass filled with black and white sand. Any working timekeeping device within 1 mile of the armor keeps perfect time. The wearer may drop their initiative by up to five points as a free action each round. With 20 points, the wearer may use a reaction to take a free turn after the current turn ends. If the wearer was at the bottom of the initiative order before dropping their initiative, they increase by 20 initiative points but lose their next turn.  The wearer gets +4 initiative.

Ensouled, Rilmani, Lesser 3000

This armor holds a single hourglass painted on the front of the torso, with a white top half and a black bottom half. As a free action once a round, the wearer can lower their initiative by up to four points, which will take effect on their next turn. This stored up time slowly switches the black and white painted hourglass like falling sand until it flips completely at the maximum of 20 stored initiative. The wearer can spin the hourglass upside-down as a reaction to take a free turn after the current turn ends. If the wearer was at the bottom of the initiative order before dropping their initiative, they increase by 20 initiative points but lose their next turn.  The wearer gets +2 initiative.

Ensouled, Rilmani, Greater   30000

The timepiece of the the lesser Rilmani armors is gone, replaced by a floating, immaterial hourglass that floats in front of the chest of the wearer, encircled by a geometric pattern of radially symmetric circles and squares. Time near this armor intermittently slows and hastens, causing unattended objects to act weirdly. The wearer can slow their initiative by up to 7 points as a free action each round but if they was at the bottom of the initiative order before dropping, they lose their action on their next turn but increase by 20 initiative points. With 20 stored up initiative points, the wearer can use a reaction to take a free turn after the current turn ends. During this free turn, the wearer is hasted. Otherwise, the wearer gets +4 initiative and has advantage on initiative rolls.

The next post, part V will be right here.

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