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Worn and Weaponized Witchcraft (Part V)

Part IV here

Let me know what you think of the series so far in the comments below! Anything you think is too powerful? Any magic armors you could never see yourself using?

Ensouled, Undead 9000

Vaguely humanoid skulls adorn the shoulders of this armor while a long necklace of obsidian coated animal skulls dangle from the armors neck. This ensouled armor’s necklace responds to its wearer taking damage. Upon taking 5 damage or more, a skull on the necklace cracks and releases a tiny, pale soul that seeks out the nearest foe to deal 1d4 necrotic damage. If the wearer takes 10 or more damage from a single source, the skull shatters instead, releasing two souls that will target the nearest two foes.  Creatures struck by this necrotic damage must make a CHA save (DC 13) or be marked by Death. Those marked by Death get a +2 damage bonus but receive +2 damage from all sources for 1 round. If no enemies are within 120ft, the souls squirm in midair while they rapidly disintegrate away.

Ensouled, Undead, Lesser 3000

Undead ensouled armor has bone motifs on its joints and straps. These are joined by a low hanging necklace of animal skulls that are wrapped around the neck of the armor. If the wearer should take 5 or more damage from a single source, one of the animal skulls breaks, and the whole array of skulls slide down with a new, fresh skull on the end. A small, pale ball of light flies out from the broken, falling skull. The soul dives at the nearest enemy, imploding on them for 1d4 necrotic damage. If there are no enemies within 120 feet, the soul writhes noiselessly while it disintegrates into nothingness.

Ensouled, Undead, Greater   30000

This armor holds fragments of vengeful, undead souls. Black shrouded skulls gnaw at the pauldrons of the armor while humanoid skulls take the place of the joints. Onyx eyed, obsidian runed animal skulls are woven into an extensive bead crochet that hangs about the neck and shoulders. Taking 3 damage from one source releases one spirit, 5 damage releases 2 spirits instead, and 10 damage or more releases 3 spirits. These spirits come forth from the mouths and eyes of the animal skulls, shattering one for every three spirits. These spirits will launch themselves at the nearest foes, dividing themselves up where possible, to deal 1d6 necrotic damage to each enemy. These enemies must make a CHA save (DC 15) or get a +2 damage bonus but take 5 extra damage from all sources for 5 rounds. The souls of creatures killed while marked by Death linger for the remaining duration of the Death mark, dealing 1d6 necrotic damage each round to creatures within 10 ft of their point of death.

Ensouled, Water Elemental   9000

Water elemental ensouled armor is adorned with real shells, coral, and fish scales. The fish scales are studded to the armor by small glass baubles filled with sloshing, clear blue water. The armor gives shifting bonuses and penalties to its wearer like its lesser cousin, but the ‘high tide’ is lengthened by appending another step, +2 AC and +20 ft. of speed, to the end.

Ensouled, Water Elemental, Lesser 3000

Sea shell and fish scale reliefs adorn the limbs and torso of this armor. The wearer gets shifting bonuses like the tides. The wearer starts each encounter with -1 AC and -5 ft of movement speed. Each round, the bonus improves until it reaches its zenith, after which it returns down one step each round until it hits the bottom, where it repeats again. The steps are -1 AC and -5 ft of speed, no bonus or penalty, +1 AC and +5ft of movement speed, and finally +1 AC and +15ft of speed.

Ensouled, Water Elemental, Greater 30000

This wet, glistening armor layered with shells and fish scales has a living octopus mantle and is dotted with water bloated jellyfish. The small octopus holds tightly around the neck, while it shifts in colors, attempting to blend into the surrounding environs. Add two new steps to the bonuses the armor provides: +2 AC and +30 ft speed with a cold aura that deals 5 damage to enemies within 5 ft. +2 AC and +30 ft speed with cold aura for 5 damage to enemies within 5 ft and the wearer can fire a deluge of water for 3d6 cold damage in a 30 ft line as a free action once a round. The wearer starts at the “no benefits or penalties” step going upward instead of starting at the bottom. The wearer can breathe air from the octopus’ mouth when underwater. When submerged, the jellyfish undulate, helping the wearer move underwater and removing any water related movement penalties.

Ethereal Defenses 10000

Armor enchanted with Ethereal Defenses can apply its entire armor bonus against ethereal, shadow, or other extraplanar based attacks even if they would normally ignore material plane armor. The wearer can spend a reaction to gain resistance against damage from an extraplanar attack.

Etherealness  25000

Denoted by the faint, pale white-green light that this armor gives off, the Etherealness enchantment allows the armor, along with its wearer and their equipment, to shift to the ethereal plane. When ethereal, only its magic bonus applies against material attacks, but only magical attacks can hit the wearer, even then only at half damage. The armor can turn ethereal for a total of 10 minutes each day. The armor can also turns the wielder’s items ethereal, up to their maximum carrying capacity.

Etherium 10000

Etherium is made via a special refining process using astral silver in ethereal forges. This metal defends against any bonuses that other creatures might gain on attacks against the wearer by jumping between planes, blinking, shadow jumping, astral projecting, etc. Etherium armor ignores the first five damage taken from a creature that has shifted planes in the last five rounds. Medium armor made of etherium costs twice as much but protects against the first ten damage. Heavy armor of Etherium costs triple but protects against the first twenty damage.

Fellhide   4000

A loose collection of rags, wrapped around tanned fey skins and wings, twitches and giggles when not worn. Treat Fellhide as clothing that confers a +1 magical armor bonus. When falling, the rags flow behind the wearer, allowing them to glide slowly, 15ft per rd horizontally and 5ft down. Once each day, the wearer may shake the rags loose of dust, casting Sleep centered on the armor as a 1st level spell with DC 11.

Fiery     8000

Fiery armor is oily and occasionally sends off small embers.  Attackers within 60 ft. are struck by a thin bolt of flame for 1d10 fire damage if they hit.

Flowstone    2500

Flowstone armors are made of smooth, flowing magma rock formed over larger, immobile sections of normal armor by lavamancers. The stone responds to anger and violence, conferring +1AC normally but instead providing +10ft movement speed when the wearer is bloodied.

Fortified  2000

The fortification enchantment combines with clever design to add further protection to the most vulnerable areas of the armor. The wearer ignores ½ of the critical hits received.

Fortunate     10000

Like its lesser cousin, fortunate armor is a source of good luck. The appearance of the enchantment varies wildly based on the local superstitions of the mage that enchanted it, but they all focus on lucky symbols and engravings. The wearer gains two rerolls to be used on attack, skill, or save D20 rolls. Once each day, a reroll can be used to make an opponent reroll an attack.

Fortunate, Greater 100000

Greater Fortunate armor showers the wearer in good luck: attractive companions, free meals, astounding coincidence, and always being in the right place at the right time. The wearer also gains four rerolls like its lesser cousins. These rerolls can be used on any D20 roll, including using a reroll to force an opponent to reroll an attack against the wearer, an opposed skill against the wearer, or save against the wearer’s abilities.  Once each day, the armor will pull the wearer from certain death, granting an automatic ‘20’ on a death saving throw or removing all death and dismemberment dice.

Fortunate, Lesser  1000

This armor’s enchantment is usually bound to a lucky coin, insignia, or marking to a god of fortune. Whoever is wearing this armor is frequently the subject of mundane swings of luck: a lucky hand at cards or being in just the right place to avoid a splash from a passing cart. The wearer gains one reroll that can be used on a skill or save D20 roll before the success or failure of that roll is determined.

Foul     50

It is hard to tell if this armor is enchanted to be this way or if it is simply the paragon of filth. Foul armor is filled and covered in rot and filth. Insects and other small vermin regularly make their homes and nests in this armor. This armor smells so strongly of rot that predators will prioritize wearer the lowest among food choices. Vermin and scavengers conversely will prioritize the wearer the highest among possible food sources.

Frozen 8000

Frozen armor chills the wearer dangerously if thick underlayers are not worn. Attackers within 60 ft. take 1d10 cold damage from a blast of frigid air if they hit.

Gaudy 500

Very expensive gildings, carvings, reliefs, accoutrements, badges, ribbons, and other embellishments drench this armor. This armor is still functionally the same but is now suitable to wear as noble clothing, not appearing out of place in a high class establishment. It may attract unwanted attention for its expensive look. Add this modifiers cost to the armor’s base price when determining the cost of any repairs.

Giant Hide    1000

Made of cured hill giants’ skin, this magical leather armor allows the wearer to increase their strength score to 21 for a total of 15 rounds each day. During this time, they are able to throw large rocks for 2d6 bludgeoning damage with a range of 60ft. Giant kind does not take kindly to those who have Giant Hide armor.

The list is continued on Part VI.

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