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Worn and Weaponized Witchcraft (Part VII)

Check out the previous 20 magical armors in Part VI

Some of the armors below utilize some of my house rules from my House Rules document.

Light     5000

An armor of Light emits a 30ft radius of bright light on command until extinguished. It will retaliate against attackers within 5 ft. for 1d6 radiant damage in a flash of white light.

Lightning Rod 9000

The Lightning Rod is a +1 steel breastplate with rivulets of copper and gold winding down the center of the chest and around a large inset ring of platinum. Magic spells cast against targets within 20ft of the wearer are redirected to target the Lightning Rod. The wearer gets +2 on saves against redirected spells. Each spell successfully saved against fills the platinum ring with one third of a charge. Once it reaches a full charge, lightning builds up on the surface of the armor and the wearer must spend an action on their next round to wave their arms at a target or the lightning will fire at a random target within 30ft. The 30 ft. line of lightning deals 5d6 electricity damage with a DEX save (DC 14) for half damage.

Lion’s Shield   10000

A large lion head juts forth from the front of this silver, +3, large shield. As a bonus free action each round, the shield can be mentally commanded to make a bite attack using its wearer’s attack bonus to deal 1d8+5 piercing damage. Three times each day, the golden maned beast can be commanded to roar. Creatures within 20 ft take 3d6 intimidation sonic damage, as per Better Battle Tactics. If not using such a house rule, those creatures must make a WIS save (DC 12) or become frightened for 1 minute. After the lion has roared thrice in a single day, it closes its eyes and fall asleep, unable to perform its bite attack again until the following day.

Living Crystal 1000

Crystals first discovered by mountain dwarves grow slowly around any shape. Dwarven smiths made a craft of forming these crystals into armor and tools. Living Crystal armor is made of these crystals. Having been locked into its final form by dwarven alchemy, if this armor is broken while even one single piece remains, the largest surviving shard will regrow back into the full suit of armor over one week if submerged in a suitably sized pool of mineral water.

Living Wood   500

Originally practised by Elves, the art of growing delicate saplings into living tools, structures, and armor is enjoyed by many druidic craftsmen as well. Living Wood armor has bark as tough as steel and will regrow from even the smallest fragment. The pieces of a broken, Living Wood armor will germinate and sprout from fertile soil, growing into full suits of armor on the next full moon. While all the pieces will grow into full armors, only the first piece planted will hold true, while the others wilt away when uprooted.

Luck Mail     19000

This +3 chainmail has a few coins melted onto its chain links and a whole host of knick-knacks and jewelry around its neck; one piece is devoted to each god or demi-god of fortune and fate. Luck Mail confers a +1 bonus to all rolls the wearer makes.

Magic Resistant 7500

This enchanted armor or shield is covered in a fine coat of almost-invisibly-tiny feathers. Magic and liquids of most sorts slide right off the armor. The wearer gains advantage on saves against spells of 4th level and below and also imposes disadvantage on attack rolls against the wearer for magic spells of 4th level and below.

Magic Trapping   8000

With a reaction, the wearer can trap a spell targeting them. They make their save with advantage. If both saves are successful, the spell is captured by the armor or shield instead of affecting the wearer. Magic Trapping can store up to three spell levels at a time. Stored spell levels can be used to replenish spells or spell-like abilities by expending an amount of levels equal to the restored spell’s level. Attempting to store more levels than the enchantment can hold causes it to overflow with arcane magic, dealing 1d4 damage to the wearer for each extra spell level. The extra spell levels are lost.

Manta Ray Poncho 1000

Manta Ray Ponchos are grey-blue leather squares with a central head hole and a double-pointed hood. The poncho is equivalent to leather armor. The lower, back corner twists up in a long tail when the poncho is worn. Pulling the hood up over the head, the wearer gains a swim speed equal to their fastest movement speed and can breath water.  The Poncho can be used for a total of 10 minutes each day.

Masochist’s Bindings 6000

An assortment of chains, black leather straps, and iron manacles make up this +1 studded leather equivalent armor. Unless the wearer is a trained escape artist or skilled with ropes, the armor takes 30 minutes to don or remove. For every five damage the wearer has taken since their previous round, they get +1 attack and damage on all of their attacks. This bonus is doubled if the wearer has half or fewer of their hit points remaining.

Masterwork 150

Fine craftsmanship of armor reduces armor’s encumberance by one category in terms of its penalty for skill checks and raises its quality, making it less likely to wear out or break. Often, masterwork armor bears the name of its creator and the creator’s personal flourish or style.

Metamagic 2500

As its lesser cousin, Metamagic armor allows its wearer to cast spells through it for a metamagic boon. The particular focus of the armor is chosen upon its creation. Twice each day, the wearer may cast a 4th level or lower spell with the metamagic boon of the armor.

Metamagic, Greater    12500

Arcane sigils’ geometry burn invisibly to the naked eye. Twice each day, the wearer may cast a 6th level or lower spell with the metamagic boon of the armor. Metamagic Armor may be attuned to one of the following metamagic effects in this non-exhaustive list: quickening allows the spell to be cast as a free action, widening the spell doubles it physical dimensions, delaying a spell stall the spell for a set number of rounds before it activates, and reach increases the range of the spell.

Metamagic, Lesser     500

Pockmarked with half finished runes and carved geometric shapes, this armor is attuned to one principle of metamagic by its creator. Once a day, this armor can focus the casting of a magical spell of 2nd level or lower through the armor’s metamagic focus. Metamagic Armor may have been attuned to one of the following metamagic effects in this non-exhaustive list: maximizing maximizes all variable effects, empowering increases all variable effects by 50%, extending doubles the duration, silencing makes a spell require no verbalization, stilling removes any movement requirements from casting, and heightening the spell increases the effective spell level and relevant DC’s but does not increase the spell’s effects. While casting a spell through the armor the wearer mentally traces out the runes and shapes on the armor.

Midas’ Touch  15000

This golden +3 plate armor confers a bonus and a curse. All other creatures that attack the armor with melee weapons or touch the armor must make a CON save (DC 15) or take 3d6 necrotic damage. Enemies dying to this attack are gilded in gold but decay to dust internally. A golden husk is worth 100 SP per HD of the dead creature. The armor can only create 5,000 SP each day, beyond that the gold created is just shiny, yellow clay. The wearer can not eat or drink while wearing the Midas’ Touch, any food or drink they touch is covered in gold and transformed into ash. The golden, food-shaped shells are worth 1 SP each. The suit can only be removed with a wish spell or a remove curse spell cast as a 6th level spell.

Mirrored  30000

Mirrored armor or shields are coated in an alloyed mix of quicksilver and steel that never loses its polish or shine. With a reaction, the wearer can reflect a spell targeting them. They make their save with advantage. If both saves are successful, the spell is redirected to target the caster, leaving the wearer unaffected.

Mithril   2000

Mithril metal is a light, green alloy originally made by Elves, but the secret of its manufacture is now fairly well known: highly purified steel is mixed with equal parts mithril ore heated over a flame stoked with coal and copper shavings. Armors to be made of Mithril must also be masterwork but they are a lighter metal and such armors count as being one armor category lighter for all purposes except armor proficiency.

Movement Bonus 10000

Cheetah skin stretches over the thighs or calves of this armor, holding the enchantment embodying the animal’s patent abilities. Movement Bonus armor increases the wearer’s movement speed in all movement forms by 20 ft.

Movement Bonus, Lesser 1000

A small rabbit-foot charm hangs off the ankle or leg of this enchanted armor. The wearer’s movement speed in all forms is increased by 5 ft.

Noisy    500

Creaky, clanking, purposefully loud armor, Noisy armor imposes a disadvantage on stealth checks for the wearer but grants a +2 bonus to the stealth checks of others who would be heard by the same listener. The armor is designed to create varied noises at intermittent and chaotic intervals, perfect for covering up the accidental noises created by others trying to sneak.

Here’s a link to the next 20 coming up in Part VIII.

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