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Worn and Weaponized Witchcraft (Part IX)

Here is the finale, with the last 29 magical armors! After the holidays I’ll get cracking on rounding out my magic item collection with Trinkets!

If you’re just tuning in, here is the first Magical Armor post and the first Magical Weapon post.
As always, let me know what you think in the comments below. Are there any items from other games you’d like me to convert or make rules for? Any video game, art, or psychotic fever dream inspiration you’d like to share?

Retributive, Greater    25000

Greater Retributive armor hits back with a blast of damage when attacked, dealing 1d10 damage to all within 5 ft of the attacker if the attacker is within 100 ft. It strikes back with the same damage type as the attacker. A platinum, silvery scale in inset in the torso of the armor, heavily weighted to the right.

Retributive, Lesser     250

the Lesser Retributive enchantment deals 1 damage to any attacker within 5 ft. Deals the same damage type back as the attacker dealt. In coppery paint across the torso is a simple balance scale, tilted to the left.

Reviving 18000

The first time the wearer is dropped to 0 hit points or fewer between each short rest, the armor returns them to 1 hit point and allows the wearer to heal as if they had taken a short rest. This short rest does not count for any purpose except for regaining hit points. A yellow orb on the upper torso tracks the health of the wearer, scrolling across the chest from a bright yellow and blue ‘sunrise’ to a red-orange and purple ‘sunset’. The orb begins at sunrise when the wearer is at full health, but draws nearer to sunset as the wearer nears death. When the wearer drops to 0 hit points, the orb briefly dips down in a sunset, but then rises back when the wearer is revived.

Rhino Hide   2500

A cracked-leather, black +1 Rhino Hide armor is created from the hide of large horned beasts of exotic lands known for their fearsome charge. Rhino Hide adds +1d6 damage to melee attacks made in a turn after having moved at least the wearer’s base movement speed.

Save Bonus +1    250

Armor with this enchantment confers a +1 bonus to one save, chosen during the enchanting process, and often has a small trinket: A salt crystal for constitution, a sealed phial of ink for intelligence, or a polished pearl for charisma.

Save Bonus +2    2500

This enchantment confers a +2 bonus to one save chosen during ensorcelling. Trinkets on this armor might include: a stiff piece of yew wood for strength, a fox paw for dexterity, or glass owl eye for wisdom.

Scintillating Shield 6000

Shifting rainbow colors splay across the glossy surface of this +1 shield’s face. Three times each day, it can be used to summon a 10 ft x 10 ft plane of force within 10 ft. The barrier lasts for 1 minute and calling it forth is a free action. The plane of force molds around fixed objects. The plane of force cannot be place where it would intersect with moving creatures or objects.

Shadow Ink 5000

Dark, inky shadow-creatures enslaved by Void Lords in the Plane of Shadow mine this blackish-brown, flowing metal. Its sale to outside planes makes these lords rich and fuels their dark machinations. Smelted with material plane iron to form stable metal, Shadow Ink draws darkness to itself. Shadow Ink armor confers advantage on stealth checks, it can cast darkness as the spell 3/day, and can perform up to 120 ft of Shadow Jumping each day. A Shadow Jump is a Dimension Door but only from one shadow to another. Shadow Ink costs twice as much when used to make medium armor but its range of Shadow Jumping is 160 ft each day. Heavy armor costs thrice as much but can perform 200 ft of Shadow Jumping each day. Shadow Ink armor must also be Masterwork.

Shattering    3000

Armor with this enchantment is spider-webbed with a great deal of cracks. After being hit, the armor shoots a 15 ft cone of nearly translucent shards, centered towards the attacker, for 1d6 force damage.

I had a sweet picture I wanted to put here that inspired this item. It is a scribbly, angry mess of fur and teeth that I thought Scrap Princess had drawn but I couldn’t find it, so maybe it was drawn by someone else? I think it had to do with a mutation where your chest cavity opened up with a giant toothy maw covered in fur. If you know what I’m talking about I’d really appreciate the link.

Shield Maw 4000

A nasty, boar-toothed, ragged beast-mouth juts from this +1 shield. The shield has a mind of its own and will lunge out to bite at anything that draws near. The shield gets one reaction at the beginning of its wielders turn. It uses its reaction to bite at the first creature to come within 5 ft of its wielder, enemy or ally. It attacks at +6, dealing 2d6+3 piercing damage on a hit.

Shifter’s Plate 6000

The Shifter’s Plate is a +1 plate mail with verdigris thorns, vines, and animals caricatures. The plate mail adapts to fit its wearer’s new forms, conferring its armor bonus and magic effects no matter the shape of its wearer. Upon shifting forms, the wearer heals 1d6 hit points.

Shocking     8000

Occasional jumping sparks arc across the armor’s surface and then race down into the ground. Attackers within 60 ft that hit the wearer are struck by a bolt of electricity for 1d10 damage. If the armor is submerged, all creatures in that body of water within 50 ft of the armor take 1d10 electricity damage each round, including the wearer.

Silver    900

Tiny silver rods the size of sewing needles dot this armor, tracing out the major arteries of a humanoid figure. They pull magic away from sensitive organs and body parts. Reduce magic damage taken by 4 and reduce the duration of hostile spells by ½. Medium armors cost twice as much to outfit with silver and heavy armors cost triple.

Sizing   250

The armor with this enchantment will magically resize itself to fit the bodies of creatures up to two sizes larger or smaller than the original size of the armor. The resizing takes 1 minute for each size category it must change. When not worn, it returns to its normal size over the course of a few hours. Creatures of roughly similar body type as the original creature will be accommodated, but extra limbs or radically different body shapes will not be accommodated.

Sizing, Greater 1000

Greater Sizing enchanted armor will reform itself to fit the body of any creature within four size categories of the original armor, including outlandish or awkwardly shaped creatures. The resizing takes 1 round for each size category it must change, this wait time is doubled for radical body type changes. The armor stays at this size and shape until a new creature touches it to resize it.

Smoky 1000

Slightly charred and blackened, wafts of smoke drift off the armor. Three times each day, the armor can be dusted off with a vigorous swipe to call forth a smoke cloud. The cloud has a 10 ft radius and lasts for 10 rounds or until a strong breeze dissipates it. Lesser air currents can move the smoke cloud. The thick smoke provides concealment.

Spell Storing   12000

Silver ink sigils cover the right forearm of a Spell Storing armor or they cover the inside face of a Spell Storing shield. The wearer can store up to 7 spell levels in this armor or shield to be used to replenish spells or spell-like abilities. Storing a spell or spell equivalent is as simple as casting the spell into the armor. Restoring a spell with the stored spell levels is a free action. Extra spell levels above the maximum are dispersed uselessly into the surrounding environment, randomly causing a prestidigitation type effect.

Spellguard Shield   2500

This small +1 steel shield is a bulwark against spells. It has a faint glimmer that extends well beyond its small steel profile. By using the faintly outlined, immaterial tower shield surrounding the small steel shield, the wielder gets a +2 on saves versus magic. The wielder can use their reaction to extend this bonus to another creature within 5ft, extending some portion of the glimmering outline to that creature.

Spiked 500

Spiked armor and shields deal an automatic 1d6 piercing damage each round to any creature that grapples with the wearer or restrains the wearer as these magical spikes align to stab those enemies.

Spined Shield 8000

This +2 heavy wooden shield is adorned with a thick nest of porcupine spines. It functions as a spiked shield for bash attacks, dealing 1d8 damage, and as an action can fling a handful of spines at a foe within 30ft. The launched spines deal 1d6 piercing damage. Any attack with the shield requires that the target make a DEX save (DC 14) or have a few spines stuck in their skin, imposing a -1 to all rolls until an action is spent to pull them out. They deal 1 damage when pulled out unless a Heal check (DC 12) is made. The spines automatically regrow themselves as quickly as they are used. If plucked out or fallen, the spines rapidly deteriorate into 3-6 inch bits of limp twine.

Springwood 200

Springwood is a springy, young wood preserved alchemically. When used in shields, the shield’s concave surface becomes springy. Set on the ground, a Springwood shield can be used as a launching pad to add 10 ft to the leaper’s jumping distance. Their flexibility allows Springwood armor to ignore the first armor damage received each day.

Stealthy   1250

Stealthy armors are designed with well oiled joints, padded buckles, and other small changes such that they no longer impose disadvantage on stealth checks. Heavy armors cost twice as much to modify in this manner.

Steel Scarab   12000

This +2 plate mail starts as a fist-sized, blue, steel beetle. If its head is pressed, the beetle explodes into iron bands and plates, covering the activator instantly with a full, sapphire-blue suit of +2 plate mail. The mail can be collapsed into its beetle form by pulling off the helmet while uttering the command word “Disrobe”. The Steel Scarab’s joints are so finely joined that they are waterproof. The helmet’s face plate can be closed, with the wearer sustained by an internal supply of oxygen and able to see thanks to magical crystal ‘eye’s on the outside of the helm.

Tailored   300

Attended to by fine craftsmen and modified to fit current fashion trends, Tailored armor is more appealing to the eye and flattering. The wearer gets +1 to social checks with civilized people.

Underworld Chitin  1000

Dark chitin mysteriously sourced from the weird creatures of the underdark by shady merchants to equally disreputable tanneries offers numerous advantages for the unscrupulous. In addition to offering advantage on saves against contact and injury poisons and advantage on saves when applying poison, Underworld Chitin has a chance to absorb contact or injury poisons used against it. If both rolls on the save against that poison are successful, the armor absorbs one use of the poison to be used at the wearers choosing. Only one poison dose can be stored as a time. Absorbed poisons do not affect the wearer in any way. Medium armor can hold a second dose of poison but costs double. Heavy armor can hold three doses of poison but costs triple.

War Plow 7500

The War Plow is a large +1 breastplate with a single, foot-long, jutting prow. The wearer can make a charge attack, moving up to their full speed in a straight line, dealing 2d6 damage to each creature in that line. After moving, they may make attacks and actions as normal.

Wild 4000

Wild armor has small vines, animal fur tufts, and shifting monster parts moving around or on it out of the corner of the eye. Wild armor shifts forms with its wearer, continuing to apply its armor bonus and magical effects in the new form.

Ysgaxil’s Symbiote 15000

A large, white slug, of a breed created by Ysgaxil, will attempt to attach itself to the nearest living creature. While unintelligent, it’s heavy breathing when unattached sounds like a small child whispering, “Protect me, Mister”.  It will disengage from a dead host and will move 5 ft each round towards the nearest living creature. Once on a living creature, it will attach with its suckered mouth onto the back of that creature’s head, and begins covering them in a thick coat of light grey gel. The Symbiote drains 20 Max HP while worn but the thick gel acts as +2 Plate armor while requiring no proficiency to use. Weaker creatures with fewer than 21 maximum hit points are left with 1 hit point, but the Symbiote will leave this host for a stronger one as soon as possible. The gel takes damage for the wearer before breaking and leaving the wearer exposed. The gel has 15 HP and will be replaced with a new layer if the old one is damaged and the wearer has not been attacked in the last two rounds. The symbiote gel pushes off and unhooks other armors. The Symbiote is also covered in the same gel layer, but underneath has an AC of 18 and 30 hit points. It has advantage on saves against area attacks.

Ysgaxil’s Symbiote, Greater  50000

Like its lesser cousin, this symbiote drains its wearer but provides protection in return. Whether this is a deliberate improvement by Ysgaxil or an out of control magical breed like the Owlbear, this white slug is as long and thick as a lance. After attaching to the back of a creature’s neck, it wraps around their shoulders like a pet snake. It drains 30 max HP on attaching, and builds a gel armor that functions like a +4 plate mail. This light grey gel has 20 hp, and the gel will be replaced after two rounds of not being hit after it has been damaged. The Greater Symbiote’s gel, when hit with magic for the first time each round, will fully absorb the magic targeting the wearer. The Greater Symbiote has an AC of 20, 50 hit points, advantage on saves against area attacks, advantage against magic, and a movement speed of 10 ft. The gel pushes off and removes other armors.

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