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Baron Nashor, the Miniature

I’m back from the holidays with a long post. Here is a DIY guide to how to make your own Baron Nashor. I made this guy as a gift for my cousin for Christmas. Let me know what you think in the comments below!
Edit 1/7/2015: I put together a monster statistic block if you want to toss Baron Nashor, Worm Regent in one of your games.

The first step is to build up a strong base. I probably went overboard by using a cd sandwiched between two pieces of carboard and using floral wire, but in the end Baron was very stable and bottom-heavy.

 The basic body shape is constructed up with toilet paper tubes, crumpled up paper, hot blue, and PVA glue.

 Next up is the teeth, claws, and face of Baron made with air dry clay. This was my first use of air dry clay, but as I can now tell you, PVA glue works really well with fixing any cracks or broken off pieces.

 Adding some teeth and tusks with toothpicks.

 After it is dried, I added some superglue to make sure everything stayed in place after I hot glued the big pieces on to the tube body. If you are making this, use PVA glue as the bonding/strengthening agent, it bonds much better than superglue and hot glue.

 The next step is to build up a more organic looking body with toilet paper and watered-down PVA glue. The toilet paper smooths out the sharp lines of the different tubes and as the glue dries, provide a strong outer shell.

 For the next step of adding scales, shell, and other details, wait until the toilet paper is thoroughly dried otherwise the hot glue will just pull away. You can see here the head pieces, back spikes, and front armor. I cut these out from a very thin cardboard.

 Here you can see the reinforcing PVA glue I added after the tusks came off while applying the back spikes. It dried clear and smooth, making the air dry clay much stronger.

 I added masking tape around the sides of the cardboard to hide the corrugation. I secured it down with PVA glue. Better tape applied more expertly would hide more of those tape bumps you can see here.

 Next, I filled the mouth with hot glue and made some hot glue eyes with small drops of hot glue on parchment paper that I PVA glued to the Baron’s face.

 Now onto a black base-coat of spray pain and an undercoat of purple on the body of Baron Nashor.

 As the purple dries, I slathered on a light, blue-green for his front body armor.

 Then I added an ivory white for his tusks and teeth.

 As the purple base finished drying, I drybrushed on some light purple to highlight the texture of his body and scales. I also started painting the light green of his eyes, his red mouth, and the grey-red of his back spikes.

 With the final touch of his scar and painting up his base, Baron Nashor is finished! How did I do? Any steps you want me to elaborate on? Any suggestions for what I should make next?

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