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Baron Nashor, Worm Regent

I figured I’d pair some monster stats to go along with the miniature I made. I don’t play League of Legends so I’m basing this monster stat block off of the LoL wiki and my own artistic license, forgive me if I totally misconstrue.

Baron Nashor, Worm Regent
The Baron, in its current incarnation is a mere shadow of the true Baron Nashor, the God-Worm. Created from a molted scale and tales from those who had seen the terrible wrath of the God-Worm and lived. He is a 50 ft. purple worm with thick, aquamarine armor plates on his front and grey-red spikes jutting from his back. His huge mouth filled with rows of ivory teeth is flanked by two smaller tusked worms and topped by numerous eyes, one of which bears a deep red scar. Baron Nashor will take up residence in a marshy or grassy land, spreading out a subterranean network of worm tendrils to slowly change the environment. While the God-Worm ruled Serpentine River until the formation of the Summoner’s Rift, his simulacra draw upon his ancient powers to bend rivers to twist around and through their lands. Baron Nashor are savage guardians of their territory and lairs; all trespassers should be wary. Their territory and lair are thickly networked with sensitive worm tendrils that sense all intruders. Once one has dominated an area, a Baron Nashor will rarely move from their lair, preferring to use the network of worm tendrils to trap food and scout for trespassers carrying jingling coins.

The Baron’s Liar is a large sinkhole dug by his own subterranean worms and is almost 200 feet in diameter. The blue-earthed sinkhole is struck through with streaks of purple gravel. It is surrounded by thick, cloying vegetation and tall rocks dredged from the deep earth. These provide complete cover from the outside of the sinkhole.
While in his lair, Baron Nashor can control his subterranean network of worm tendrils to do one of the following each round at initiative 20:

His worms shake the earth around him, pushing all grounded creatures 50 feet back in a wave of blue-purple earth. Oddly, ongoing magical effects are also pushed back by 50 ft. Recharges on a 5 or 6.

With a calling roar, worms burst forth from the earth and cover Baron Nashor. The acid they exude drenches the Baron, and when the steamy, acrid cloud recedes, the Baron has regained half his HD in hp (11d10). The Baron’s Worms must feed and rest for a day before he can call upon this ability again.

At his command, the worms under a 10 ft radius within 200ft writhe vigorously, turning that earth into difficult terrain. Creatures in that area must make a Dexterity save (DC 15) or sink into the shifting gravel, restrained, until they or another creature within reach spends an action to pull them out of the loose gravel and soil. The ground remains difficult terrain until the Baron chooses to end the effect.

He may make an Earth Spike attack against a creature outside his sinkhole, as seen below in his Legendary Actions.

Regional Effects
The region around his lair will become unusually rainy, turning the land marshy. Rivers within 10 miles will bend and flood, arching their paths to pass nearer the Baron’s lair. The life-giving water and marshy terrain will become overgrown with lush vegetation, turning normal plants into mega-flora. Simple grasses become large enough to hide a fully grown human easily.

Worms and small insects explode in population in the mile around the Baron’s lair, but do not predate one another.

Baron Nashor: HD 22d10+50 (171), G, AC 21, ATK (+10 Large Bite, +7 Small Bite, Acid Shot, Acid Burst) DAM 4d6+10/2d6+5/8d6 Acid*/4d6 Acid, MOV 5’/Burrow 30’, SAV CL18, MORALE 12. *The Baron has a destructive magical aura that deals 2d6 damage to each foe within 20 ft, Void Corruption.

Baron Nashor has immunity to any effect that would move him. He does not move while in combat, and only rarely moves outside of combat.
He has a 20 ft reach.
If the Baron is attacked from behind or from an opponent outside of his sinkhole, he may use his reaction to make an Earth Spike attack against that creature.

Void Corruption: Each creature damaged by this aura each round gains a bit of corrupting void energy, which causes them to take additional damage. For each point of Corruption, a creature takes one additional damage from any magical or physical attack. Corruption burns away slowly, and  will last for five minutes unless further Corruption is applied, reinvigorating the Corruption and resetting this time limit. Any Corruption beyond 20 adds no additional damage.

Baron NashorSquare

As a free action, Baron Nashor may turn the gaze of his scarred eye on on an opponent he has dealt damage to this turn. He takes half damage from that opponent’s physical and magical attacks. This effect lasts for 5 rounds, after which the Baron may use this ability again.

Full Attack: As a single attack action, the Baron makes one Large Bite and two Small Bite attacks.

Acid Shot: Baron shoots a 5 ft wide, 100 ft line of corruption laced acid. 8d6 acid damage with a Dexterity save (DC 18) for half damage. Any creature damaged by this attack gains 5 Corruption.

Acid Burst: Nashor swells up and vomits a 20 ft cone of vile caustic. Three, 5 ft acid pools remain. Creatures in the cone or ending their turn in an acid pool take 4d6 damage and are slowed for 1 round. The pooled corruption lasts for 5 rounds. Any creature taking acid damage from this effect gains three corruption.

Legendary Actions:
As a legendary monster, Baron Nashor gains two Legendary Actions at the beginning of his turn that can be used at any point before his next turn. Those actions can be used to make a Large Bite attack or the following actions:
Tentacle Knockup: He slams the earth from below and knocks all creatures in a 15 ft burst up 50 ft in the air. Those creatures land prone. A successful DEX save (DC 18) knocks the creature 50 ft away instead, leaving them standing.

Earth Spike: Baron calls a spike through the earth from his network of worms and strikes, dealing 2d6+5 damage to all creatures in a 5 ft burst. Those that take damage from this attack must make a WIS save (DC 15) or be stunned for 1 round.

Baron Nashor hoards coinage of all types, metals, and denominations in his vast network of worms. Upon his death, his worms tunnel up to the surface, dissolve the Baron’s corpse in seconds, and then flee, leaving behind vast sums of coins that they unearth in their haste. The worms leave behind 10d6 piles of coins, with each of these made up of 3d20 x20 copper, 1d20 x 10 silver, 1d10 x 5 gold, 1d8 x 5 electrum, 2d6 platinum, and 2d10 exotic coins, and 1d6 coin-like objects. Where the worms flee to is unknown, as any who have slain a Baron Nashor have been quite predisposed with collecting the dispersed coins. More valuable, however is the magical boon bestowed upon those that defeated the Baron. Those who defeat this great worm are marked with white and purple slash upon their brows. The Hand of Baron boon increases the physical and magical damage of creatures bearing this mark. The bonus is +5 damage on all their attacks, with this boon lasts one month. Additionally, any minions, hirelings, underlings, or summoned creatures of those bearing the Baron’s mark are possessed of supernatural vigor and determination. Those minions gain +10 ft movement speed, +10 maximum hit points, +2 attack and damage, and +2 on saves. These bonuses only apply when the minions are within 100 ft and line of sight of their master who has the Hand of Baron boon. No effect can increase the duration of this boon.

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