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Thaumaturgy, Trinkets, and Tools (Part I)

Next up on the menu are all the miscellaneous, reusable magic items covering everything from jewelry to knickknacks. I intend to fly through them at a pretty aggressive pace like my magic armor series. If you want to see my other magic items series they are: Envisioned Eldritch Equipment and Worn and Weaponized Witchcraft. I’ve also got a few one-offs, Magic Items from Technology and Magic Items from the Dictionary. After I finish this series up, I’ve only got one more major group of items to hit, disposable items, and then I will work to compile them all into a nice pdf. Without further ado.

A Hero’s Welcome 300

This wine-red, thick silk tablecloth will magically create dishes, silverware, and candles upon itself once unfurled and laid flat. Upon the serving platters and pitchers on the tablecloth, A Hero’s Welcome will summon a delicious feast along with strong drink. The roast fowl and hog flanks, combined with the hearty breads, vegetables, and soups are enough to feed 12 hungry men. The feast can only be called forth once a day. The meal changes according to local cuisine and by the cycle of the moon.

Acquaintance Ring 800

A pair of colorful string bands wrap delicately around the finger. If one spins the ring around their finger while speaking clearly, they may pass a message of up to 13 words to the other ring of the pair. The recipient feels a faint constriction in their ring and must likewise spin the ring to receive the message. The minor magic linking the two rings can only send one message every few minutes.

Air Djinn’s Decanter 8000

The Air Djinn’s Decanter is a sapphire-blue crystal vase stoppered with a lead encircled cork. Once twisted open, the decanter will produce a stiff breeze and enough air for 32 medium sized creatures. If the top is closed halfway, it will slow to a gentle draft with enough air for 8 medium sized creatures.

All-Weather Hood 100

This flat square of thick beige wool with a central hole and a fold of cloth making up a hood. This poncho can even be worn over other cloaks and still function. When worn, it provides resistance to the elements: its wearer ignores penalties from normal precipitation and can treat the temperature as 5 degrees warmer or cooler than its actual temperature. The All-Weather Hood also provides +1 comfort for the purposes of reducing comfort penalties from the weather.

Amulet of Adaptation 8000

The emerald inset in this bronze amulet has been carved and dotted with black paint to resemble the eye of a chameleon. When the wearer moves, the eye slowly swivels about, observing everything. An Amulet of Adaptation adapts its wearer to their environs. After 5 rounds in an environment, the amulet will transmute its wearer. In the water, the wearer grows gills to breathe water but loses the ability to breathe air. In the air, they grow lungs but lose any ability to breathe without air. In dim light, they gain low light vision but also a sensitivity to bright light. In bright light, lose any light sensitivity and lower light visions. In extreme temperatures, the wearer’s body will grow a thick coat of fur and blubber or alien cooling fins accompanied by profuse sweating in order to regulate their body temperature back to normal. In moderate temperatures, the wearer loses any temperature adaptations. In addition, the wearer will take on the coloration of their surroundings, after 5 rounds in an environment, the wearer, including their equipment, will change in coloration to match the environment. This effect adds +2 to any stealth rolls. Removing the amulet returns the wearer to normal over 5 rounds.

Angel Down Bedroll 500

Rumored, falsely, to be made from the downy feathers of angels gifted to mortals when an angel comes of age. The exotic feathers in this bedroll make for a soft, comfortable night’s rest. +1 comfort at night.

Animated Cart 20000

Three steel wheels line each side of this large metal cart. Resembling a mine cart, an Animated Cart has no handles or yoke. Instead, this cart follows simple verbal commands with the same level of intelligence as a cunning dog. All such carts understand ‘come’, ‘stay’, ‘go’ (to the spot pointed at), and ‘follow’. Some owners have taught their carts more complicated tricks. Being as smart as they are, they are only able to understand the four basic commands plus 3 bonus commands, with newer commands replacing one of their existing three bonus commands. If an Animated Cart has had a single owner for many months, its decor and personality begins to mimic its owner’s style. The cart moves 40 ft/ round and can hold up to 4 tons in its boxy body. It is 8 feet long, 6 feet wide, and 6 feet deep. The cart is unaffected by difficult terrain, slopes less than 60 degrees, and gaps or height differences of less than 4 feet thanks to its flexible, independent wheels.

Any Mug 400

This simple blue ceramic mug is inscribed with gold, “All you can ever drink”, in Dwarven. An Any Mug can create a mug full of any non-magical liquid worth less than 1 SP. They often go missing due to their owners getting piss-drunk and losing

Archaeologist Staff 2000

An Archaeologist Staff is a simple sandstone rod, about 5 feet long, topped with a simple glass orb. Along its length, numerous tools are embedded: a trowel, many brushes, a magnifying glass, and a chisel. These tools allow the wielder to use their proficiency bonus on a skill check to unearth, carve, or remove items from stone or earth. In addition, spell casters may channel their spell energies through the staff to cast spells by giving up the magical energies of at least a certain potency. Detect Magic or Auger using at least a 1st level spell. Identify using at least a 2nd level spell.

Architect’s Harp 15000

Massive oaken arms pull apart 100 fine steel strings on this harp carved with reliefs of flying ramparts, soaring minarets, and sweeping walls. In the hands of one proficient with the harp, invisible laborers can be called forth by stroking the strings. With careful attention, the harpist can control this invisible force to do work equivalent to 500 unskilled laborer-hours or 50 skilled laborer-hours each day, broken up between the two in whatever ratio desired. Only construction type work can be accomplished by the harp. The work is completed over the course of two hours of playing. In the hands of a skilled harpist, the harp’s effect can be extended beyond that limit, but each additional hour requires a difficult skill check (DC 12 + the number of hours the harp was played today) or the strain will be too much, splintering the harp. Each additional hour provides another 250 unskilled or 25 skilled laborer hours. The strings fly loose when it breaks, dealing 6d6 slashing damage to everything within 20 ft. of the harp.

Archmagi’s Robe 85000

A starry black sky splays across this robe to match the sky above. The inside of this robe is sewn with magical threads depicting symbols for every school of magic, and some unidentifiable symbols. The wearer gains one spell slot in the highest, second highest, and third highest spell levels that they can cast. When casting a spell, the symbol corresponding to its school of magic warms and the DC of that spell increases by 2. These symbols also warm in the presence of other magics, as if the wearer had a continuous Detect Magic spell they were actively concentrating on. Any creature that cannot cast at least 5th level magic spells that touches the robe will be stunned for one round and take 3d6 force damage as if clenched by a giant fist. Finally, each day, seven stars on the sleeves of this robe will glow brightly. By claiming the magical energy of some of these stars, Archmagi Robes can create the following magical effects: 1 star Dispel Magic, 2 stars Invisibility or Fireball, and 3 stars Stoneskin.

Arthropod Belt 4000

Arthropod Belts are a thick leather belt with 4 spindly chitin legs jutting out from the belt at ordinal angles. Once the belt is cinched tightly shut, the legs jolt to life and twitch wildly for a few seconds before aligning themselves to touch the ground at the same height as the wearer’s feet. The wearer gains an additional 10 ft of movement speed and their jumping distance is doubled. The spider legs grant a 10 ft climb speed.

Artisan’s Best Friend 1000

The tight leather belt of the Artisan’s Best Friend is bonded to a single, soft, clay arm. The lanky arm is controlled mentally by the wearer but only has strength and dexterity scores of 7.

Artisan’s Smock 1250

Tucked away in the brown tanned hide of the dusty smock are numerous, tiny, extra-dimensional storage pockets. These convenient tool pockets along with a minor haste enchantment speed crafting work along. Crafting while wearing this apron is sped up by 10%.

Assassin’s Hood 18000

Assassin’s Hoods are ‘liberated’ black hoods from executioners of assassins that are enchanted for a still darker purpose. While wearing the hood, Darkness spells can be created at will, with up to two Darkness spells can be active at once. If attacking with advantage, an Assassin’s Hood adds 2d6 damage to all attacks..

Athlete’s Gloves 12000

Skin tight, finger-less white gloves are painted with black stripes. The wearer’s strength, dexterity, and constitution stats become 15 if they are 14 or lower. Any of those stats that are 15’s or higher increase by 1 point instead. The Athlete’s Gloves grant advantage on climb, athletics, acrobatics, dance, grapple, and any other sport related checks.

Attracting Stones 50

Attracting Stones are drawn powerfully to each other. The pair of stones are colored with one painted red and the other blue. Red stones attract to the blue stones, but alike colors repel if more than one pair should meet. Attracting stones also stick to and attract metal. In any case, they cannot apply more than 5 lbs of force.

Bag of Holding 500

A Bag of Holding is a drawstring leather pouch girdled by parallel bands of white leather. Opening the bag reveals an extra-dimensional space.  The opening of the bag can open up to 2 feet wide.These bags always weigh 10 pounds and take up one inventory space but they can fit two inventory slots worth of goods inside (or 100 pounds). The internal space is almost a 5 ft. cube. Take care with sharp objects, if they pierce the bag, its whole inventory is dumped out.

Bag of Holding, Greater 13000

A Greater Bag of Holding is a leather pouch girdled by parallel bands of white leather and trimmed with gold leaf. The bag can open to a diameter of almost 5 feet, revealing an extra-dimensional space. This bag always weighs 20 pounds and takes up one inventory space but can fit eight inventory slots worth of goods inside (or 800 pounds). The extra-dimensional space is approximately a 10 ft. cube. Take care with sharp objects, if they pierce the bag, its whole inventory is dumped out.

Bag of Tricks, Lesser 1000

A felt bag with felt animal patterns stitched to the outside is filled with small red and white fuzzballs. Tossing one up to 30 ft away turns it into a small animal loyal to the thrower. Roll 1d6 for the animal type. 1: A rat, 2: A small bird, 3: A house cat, 4: A tiny snake, 5: A small turtle, or 6: A frog. Roll 1d6, on a 1 or 2, the bag of tricks is mysteriously empty of marbles for the rest of the day.  These animals last for 5 minutes or until killed.

Bag of Tricks 4000

A felt bag with felt animal patterns stitched to the outside is filled with silver and blue fuzzballs. Tossing one up to 30 ft away turns it into a small animal loyal to the thrower. Roll 1d6 for the animal type. Roll 1d6, if it is a 1, the bag of tricks is mysteriously empty of marbles for the rest of the day. 1: A badger, 2: A bird of prey, 3: A jungle cat, 4: A viper, 5: A tortoise, or 6: A poisonous frog. These animals last for 10 minutes or until killed.

Bag of Tricks, Greater 15000

A Greater Bag of Tricks is a felt bag with gold-trimmed, felt, animal patterns sewn to the outside. It is filled with gold and purple fuzzballs. Tossing one up to 30 ft away turns it into a large animal loyal to the thrower. Roll 1d6 for the animal type. Roll 1d6, if it is less than 3, the bag of tricks cannot be opened again until the current animals are gone. 1: A wolverine, 2: An eagle, 3: A lion, 4: An anaconda, 5: A hippopotamus, or 6: A small dinosaur. These animals last for 30 minutes or until killed.

Here is Part II.

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