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Thaumaturgy, Trinkets, and Tools (Part II)

Part I is right here.

Barkskin Brooch 9000

A lacquered, fist-sized knot of oak hangs from a simple silver chain. When worn, it turns the wearer’s skin to bark, conferring a +2 natural armor bonus, and a layer of bark grows over their skin. If the wearer is standing on fertile soil under sunlight when they take a short rest, they regain 1d8+2 hit points as small green leaflets bud out from the bark and small roots extend down into the soil. The user rolls twice and takes the better of the two results if they drench themselves in at least 2 water-skins of water during this short rest.

Bat Hood 10000

The deep black of this flowing cloak stops just short of the ground. The hood of this cloak bears two triangular bat ears. While the hood of this cloak is up, the wearer gains +2 to perception checks. If the wearer grasps the two tail ends of the cloak in their hands, the cloak becomes two membrane wings attached to the wearer’s arms. These black, slightly transparent wings allow the wearer to fly for up 5 minutes each day. The Bat Hood lets its wearer glide with these wings as long as any fly time remains.

Beauty Rest Pillow 200

A Beauty Rest Pillow is often commissioned by one of two very different customers: a young maiden seeking to impress an eligible bachelor or an older man trying to prop up his faltering attractiveness. The pure white silken pillow is stuffed with the downy feathers of exotic, colorful birds, and these colors can be seen through the soft cloth of the pillow. After spending a night sleeping with this pillow, the sleeper gains advantage on one charisma check the next day, after they see the roll but before determining the result.

Beguiler’s Cloak 7000

Radiant blues and greens sparkle along the trim of this pale, silvery cloak. The Beguiler’s Cloak gives a +2 bonus to both Charisma and Intelligence. It also increases, by 1 round, the duration of any enchantment or illusion spell its wearer casts or activates.

Beguiler’s Cloak, Master 18000

Master Beguiler’s Cloaks ripple softly even in still air, creating waves of blue and green rays reflecting off the trim of the shimmering silver cloth. Illusory images, creatures, words, and terrains twirl in and out of focus among these colors. The wearer gains +4 Charisma and Intelligence. Illusion and enchantment spells cast or activated by the wearer last 50% longer, rounding up.

Belt of Fire Giant Strength 27000

Belts of Fire Giant Strength are made of large cast-iron buckles woven and bolted together in a single-file chain girdling the stomach. Long threads of red, ember-filled twine run through and around the bolts and buckles. Fire giant hair stays hot and strong long after being shorn. If the wearer’s strength is below 21, it becomes 21, otherwise it gets a +4 bonus. The wearer is treated as proficient with large, bulky improvised thrown weapons, such as large rocks or logs. In addition, the wearer takes no penalty from wielding weapons one size larger for that type of improvised thrown weapon. The wearer gains resistance to fire and cold.

Belt of Hill Giant Strength 3000

The wide leather band of this lifting belt is encircled by a band of woven hair. Grimy, dirt filled hair for this belt is taken from hill giants. If the wearer’s strength is below 17, it becomes a 17, otherwise it gets a +1 bonus.

Belt of Stone Giant Strength 9000

Graying, cracked leather has been cut out into a wide band and trimmed with a stone-fiber thread. The stone fibers are hairs taken from a stone giant. If the wearer’s strength is below 19, it becomes a 19, otherwise it gets a +2 bonus. The wearer is treated as proficient with large, bulky improvised thrown weapons, such as large rocks or logs.

Belt of Storm Giant Strength 60000

Flat panes of quartz crystal, filled with arcing purple bolts of electricity, are tied together with blue-purple strands of silk. The hair of storm giants is one of the softest materials known to the material plane, but it quickly dulls even the sharpest steel that cuts it. If the wearer’s strength is below 25, it becomes a 25, otherwise it gets a +6 bonus. The wearer is treated as proficient with large, bulky improvised thrown weapons, such as large rocks or logs. In addition, the wearer takes no penalty from wielding weapons up to two sizes larger for that type of improvised thrown weapon. When they strike a foe with a bulky, improvised thrown weapon, they deal 3d8 sonic damage to all creatures within 20 ft of that enemy. Those that take sonic damage must make a CON save (DC 12) or be stunned for 1 round. The wearer is immune to electricity and cold.

Birdseye Raven 6000

A simple onyx raven statuette about 4 inches tall turns into a living, stone raven on command. The user then looks into the raven’s eyes then shuts one eye after which the raven comes alive and the user controls the raven’s flight. The wielder sees in their closed eye what the raven sees. A Birdseye Raven can move up to 60 ft each round with good maneuverability. It also has 18 AC, 10 hit points, and resistance to slashing and piercing. The raven turns back to stone when the user opens the controlling eye.

Blasphemous Staff 15000

This gnarled, blackened staff is carved with obscenities and blasphemies of every known god and cult, constantly shifting. Any cleric or priest that wields the Blasphemous Staff takes 10d6 psychic damage each round unless they renounce their faith. Any being of standing with any god would receive great blessings from their deity for destroying this staff. If the staff is wielded by a creature hostile to the gods and that has a hatred of believers, their spellcasting abilities are improved. They may draw from both the Wizard and Cleric spell lists for their spells, while also gaining an additional spell slot of each spell level they can cast. Each time a spell is cast from a spell list the character would not normally have access to, roll 1d100 + spell level. On a result of 100 or more, the gods have noticed the Blasphemous Staff, roll 1d6: A powerful religious order or numerous murder-cults have now been instructed to kill the player, an earthquake strikes in 1d4 rounds, whatever the player tries to eat or drink in the next day turns to rotten maggots, the player rolls at disadvantage for the next day, the player has ominous dreams, or the gods squabble, doing nothing.

Blizzard parasol 6000

When opened, this light blue parasol increases the wind speed by one category, drops the temperature by 10 degrees, and increases the chance of precipitation by 30% in a 1 mile radius. Opened indoors, it drops the temperature in a 60 ft radius by 20 degrees. The wearer is unaffected by the additional weather intensity. For each hour it is held open after the first, it has a 1 in 6 chance of falling to tatters.

Bone Robes 3000

Bone Robes are one of many styles of purple, black, or green robes that necromancers have in-sewn with bones and onyx gems. The wearer can summon or control an additional 4 HD worth of undead creatures. If the robe is removed, the wearer chooses which undead they lose control of or are unsummoned.

Boots of Elven-kind 400

Soft pliable leather Boots of Elven-kind are folded neatly on themselves such that they have only one small seam. Some are decorated with natural motifs or delicate Elven calligraphy, while others are left unadorned to show the quality of the leather. These boots allow the wearer to move noiselessly through natural environs and confer a +1 bonus to stealth otherwise.

Boots of Speed 3000

These thick leather, knee high boots are trimmed in gold leaf and are each adorned with a pair of tiny golden wings. Boots of Speed increase the wearer’s base movement speed by 20 ft. For 3 rounds each day, the wearer may choose to act under the effect of Haste.

Boots of Striding and Springing 500

Designed in the style of the coastal athlete, leather straps of the Boots of Striding and Springing bind the wearer onto olive-wood soles. Wearing these boots increases one’s movement speed by 10 ft and double one’s jump distance and jump height.

Bountiful Staff 500

A Bountiful Staff is a green, vine-wrapped, ash-wood staff. Commonly made by hedge-mages and lay-healers, it is a boon to nature focused spellcasters. By utilizing their own spells, this staff can cast Druidcraft, Shillelagh, and Entangle by expending a spell of equivalent or higher level. Harvesting or hunting while holding this staff increases the yield by 1 ration.

Bracers of Defense 3000

Strapping in to the thick leather and quilted leather of the Bracers of Defense immediately coats the wearer in a thin field of force. The magical force acts as +1 leather armor which requires no proficiency, however this armor bonus does not stack with other armor the user might be wearing.

Bracers of Mage Armor  6500

These bracers, if they can even be called such, are an intricate arrangment of black cords spiralling out from a bound amethyst gem. When tied around the arms, the gems sit just over the wrists. As long as it’s wearer has at least one spell of 1st level or higher still available, the bracers provide a continuous Mage Armor spell on the wearer. This effect still functions but does not stack with normal armor.

Bracers of Mage Armor, Greater 24000

The Greater Bracers of Mage Armor are two black-silk tubes that constrict to fit snugly around the forearms of its wearer. They are topped with a large hemispherical amethyst that sits atop the wrists. As long as it’s wearer has at least one spell of 1st level or higher still availabe, the bracers provide a continuous Mage Armor spell on the wearer. For each higher spell level still available, that magical armor bonus is increased by one point. AC.This effect still functions but does not stack with normal armor.

Update: Here is Part III.

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