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Thaumaturgy, Trinkets, and Tools (Part III)

Read Part II here.

Brawler’s Belt 7000

The Brawler’s Belt is a thick, fraying length of rope tied around the waist. It is dotted here and there with a few dried drops of blood. The wearer gains +2 Dexterity and +2 Strength. When they wield no weapons or they wield improvised weapons, those attacks have their damage die increased by one size.

Brawler’s Belt, Master 18000

Braided, twine ropes with the combined width of an apple wrap around the wearer. The simple knot is topped with a hexagonal golden emblem bearing a clenched fist. The wearer gains +4 Dexterity and +4 Strength. They are considered proficient in attacks without a weapon as well as with improvised weapons. They make those attacks with advantage and their damage dice for them are increased by one size.

Cat Whisker Gloves 7000

These gloves are black, skin tight, and thin enough to see through. Their elegance is disturbed by errant threads poking out at odd angles. Their wearer gets +2 Dexterity and +2 Wisdom. If the wearer touches the ground, wall, or another solid surface, they gain tremorsense out 5 ft. on that surface. The sense is clumsy but still enough to feel movements of gears behind walls, even if it can’t pinpoint the exact location.

Cat Whisker Gloves, Greater 18000

These greater gloves are black, skin tight, and thin enough to see through. Symmetrical rows of fine black hairs streak out nigh invisibly, twitching and swaying. Their wearer gets +4 Dexterity and +4 Wisdom. If the wearer touches the ground, wall, or other solid surface, they gain tremor-sense out 20 ft. along that surface. The sense is fine enough to pinpoint the number of night crawlers in a rotten log, or detail the movement of tumblers in a safe.

Cat’s Cradle 400
A simple loop of magical string that can be looped around two hands in particular patterns. After doing so, the string turns into one of a number of mundane objects with a single slipknot dangling from one end. A Cat’s Cradle remains in this new form until the slipknot is loosed, turning the Cat’s Cradle back into a mess of string. A few of the forms are noted here: Manger forms a watertight cup, Diamonds forms a net that can safely capture and contain an object no larger than a fist, Cat’s Eye becomes a glass lens that magnifies five fold, and Grandfather’s Clock transforms into a miniature clock that accurately details the time. Other patterns can be discovered.

Chalice of Clairvoyance 4000

A strong focus for scrying and vision spells, this wide mouthed tin chalice only works when filled to the brim with liquid. A Chalice of Clairvoyance empowers scrying spells. When filled with clean water, it increases the duration of the spell by 50%. Filled with fine wine, it also adds 2 to the DC if relevant. Fresh blood in the chalice adds both of the previous effects but also treats the spell as if it were cast at one spell level higher. Other liquids may have different or more powerful effects.

Chatting Mirror 4000

These two hand mirrors made of polished birch are linked together. When held, the bust of the person holding the other mirror can be seen and heard as the reflection in the mirror. This allows the two mirror holders to converse as if standing right next to one another, no matter their distance or planar separation. If only one mirror is being held, both reflect normally as simple mirrors.

Clear Ioun Stone 1000

This small glass sphere floats daintily in orbit around its wearer. If worn for at least a day, the wearer’s normal food and water needs are satisfied magically.

Clever Abacus 2500

A simple walnut abacus with colored and polished sandstone beads on tin rods. Using this abacus to help calculate ones finances, the accuracy of this abacus cuts costs by 5%, up to 100 sp per hour of clerical work. This could mean lower henchman costs, keep upkeep, or trade good prices. For spellcasters, the abacus can also be used as a foci. For spells or magics that create or modify physical substances, the abacus increases the volume, weight, or area by 5%. This might let a wizard dig more with a Move Earth spell or create a slightly larger Stone Wall, for example. Once a spell or financial situation has been assessed with the abacus, no further abacus work will further increase it.

Cloak of Elven-kind 350

The Cloak of Elven-kind is a light green, hemp cloak that subtly takes on the colors and patterns of its surroundings. When outdoors, the wearer gets +2 to stealth if they draw the cloak about themselves and stay still.

Cloak of Invisibility 70000

This cloak confers Greater Invisibility on the wearer as a free action by drawing the cloak around their body. It is a simple brown cloak lined with black crushed velvet on the inside.

Cloud Staff 7500

A white and blue painted Cloud Staff let’s its wielder cast weather related spells through the staff. In addition, with a small tap of the red-fluid-filled, line-marked glass vial staff-topper, the wielder can call forth a small cloud to hover over their head. This cloud creates a personal bubble of mundane weather: a cool breeze, light rain, snow flurries, or a warm wind. Spell casters holding the staff may use equivalent or higher spells in order to cast the following spells using the staff instead of their own spell list: Fog Cloud, Gust of Wind, or Sleet Storm. Weather related spells cast while holding the staff last one additional unit of time.

Collector’s Robes 20000

Collector’s Robes are long, fluffy cotton robes of many different styles and (always garish) colors. Dotting the outside and covering the inside of this robe are numerous pockets of all sizes and types. Most of these are mundane pockets, but some are linked with extra-dimensional pocket spaces. The robe always weighs 10 pounds. Of its extra-dimensional pockets, it has a dozen 1 ft cube spaces, a half dozen 2 ft cube spaces, and two large 4 ft cube pockets. The robes make it easy to access any of these items, reaching for one puts it conveniently at the top of the pocket when it is searched for. They often come with random items, and it has a 25% chance of having a non-unique item worth less than 100 sp if the pockets are searched for a full minute. Items stored in extra-dimensional spaces do not suffer the passage of time.

Conjurer’s Closet 6000

Two large ebony wardrobes are made as a pair. When a person or object is shut inside one wardrobe, it appears in the other. If there is not enough space in the other wardrobe when the first is shut, no teleportation occurs.

Creepy Doll 2000

A tiny ceramic doll of a little girl is clothed in tattered white silk clothing. It’s face is cracked and chipped; black hair tied up into braids. The doll cannot be destroyed. Any spirit or creature that would possess another creature’s body within 60ft of the doll must make a WIS save (DC 20) or possess the doll instead. The doll can be purified and the possessing spirits destroyed as normal. No possessor cannot leave unless they spend their turn to successfully make a WIS save (DC 20). The Creepy Doll, when possessed, has an AC of 14, a movement speed of 15 ft, attack bonus of +4, and has proficiency with all improvised weapons. It can speak, has a STR of 8, and a DEX of 12. For each spirit possessing the doll beyond the first, the doll gains +4 STR and DEX. Unless one spirit is significantly stronger than the others, such as one spirit having twice as many Hit Dice as another, they vie for dominance. They make opposed CHA checks with proficiency to determine which spirit controls the doll on any given turn, with the doll acting on the initiative order of the dominant spirit.

Crystal Ball 100000

Crystal Balls of a useful caliber are made from perfect glass spheres without even the smallest, microscopic imperfection. Lacking in any flaws, the perfect sphere is nigh immune to shattering and damage, ignoring all damage except when it is more than 50 damage from a single source. For those able to cast any spell, they may cast any divination spell of 1st level and below, as long as it is of a spell level no higher than one they can cast themselves. The Crystal Ball may be used up to three times each day. For each day that has passed with the Crystal Ball remaining stationary, the glass becomes darker, peering into the void itself. The maximum spell level that can be cast increases by 1 for each day, up to a maximum of 5th level on the 6th day it has not moved.

Crystal Heart of Light 200000

A bright, diamond, head-sized crystal cut in the shape of a heart. The heart must be charged up by pure, unfiltered sunlight. For every consecutive day of sunlight, sunrise to sunset, it is exposed to, the Crystal Heart of Light stores more vibrant energy. Every day without sunlight, it loses some of this stored energy, one day’s worth. The heart has only 1 hit point and an AC of 14. It can only take damage from a purposeful, directed, destructive action against it.
After one day, it shines brightly in the dark, casting out bright light for 100 ft and dim light out to 200 ft.
After three days, it also gains a 50 ft cleansing aura that imposes disadvantage on all rolls by undead and all dead corpses within 50 ft are blessed by a Gentle Repose at noon.
After seven days, the cleansing aura increases to a 200 ft radius. Necromancers within 1 mile are dampened in their abilities. The number of  necrotic undead that can be created or controlled is decreased by 2 HD.
After fifteen days, the cleansing aura expands out to 500 ft and the dampening effect spreads to 2 miles away from the crystal heart. The light gives off daylight out to 250 ft and another 250 ft of dim light beyond that.
After thirty days, the heart can touched to corpses affected by Gentle Repose to create up to 30 HD of blessed undead. Holy undead are purely mechanical in function, having no attachment to the deceased soul. They are healed by radiant damage but vulnerable to necrotic damage. Their flesh becomes whole, if pale, and they are clothed in pure white silk robes and a faceless, white ceramic mask. They cannot speak but understand all commands. They serve the wielder of the Crystal Heart of Light unquestioningly. This effect uses 10 days worth of solar energy.
At maximum charge of three hundred days, the cleansing aura extends for 1 mile, the dampening of necrotic undead increases to a 5 HD reduction within a 5 mile radius.

Dark Blue Ioun Stone 5000

The Dark Blue Ioun Stone is a 6 inch concave lens that swirls around its wearer. Between the reflections off its flat side and magnification through its lens, the user gains advantage on all perception checks, +2 on initiative, and +2 on their passive perception.

Deep Red Ioun Stone 9000

The deep crimson of this long, thin prism spins around its wearer and around its own axis. The wearer gets +2 to their Dexterity score.

Diplomat’s Jawbone 4000

Gold and jewel gilded jawbones of famous negotiators are worn over the jaw or on top of the collar bone. Honeyed words flow smoothly out of the mouth of the wearer, conferring a +2 bonus to Charisma. In addition, the wearer of the Diplomat’s Jawbone may reroll one Charisma based skill check each day, but they must take the new result even if it is worse.

Part IV is now up.

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