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A Mid-January Update

Quick heads-up, I’ll be doing a substantial amount of travel for work over the next two weeks. I figure things on the blog could go one of two ways. With lots of down-time, I might post very frequently. If things go terribly wrong, I might be too busy to keep on my regular schedule of about 2-3 posts a week. We’ll see how much I get done regarding: more miniature ideas, a 2nd hex for Tenkar’s Landing, my extensive magic items list, and gearing up for the 2015 One Page Dungeon contest to hopefully do a better job than I did in 2014.

My itinerary
Ohio, and then I can come home

Anarchist Readings and Doings of the moment:

I had a nice little discussion with Stephan Livera over at Peace and Markets about that left-right property rights idea I had talked about possibly writing about here. Naturally, he was well read and linked me to some solid articles debunking the idea of a common middle ground between use-based property rights and appropriation property rights. If you aren’t following his blog, you’re missing out. He regularly links to current events, discusses them with a liberty perspective, and backs up his arguments with academic sources.

I’ve really been digging into Tom Wood’s podcasts during my commute to work. He is a well read and regularly brings on subject matter experts in a whole range of topics that aren’t just limited to libertarian and anarchist philosophy. The best part is, his podcasts are free! The worst that happens is you waste your entire commute being bored, oh wait…

I still listen occasionally to Freedomain Radio on my daily drive (it is also free, coincidentally). Stefan Molyneux has done a lot of great work, focusing more heavily on the personal application of liberty, including relationships and self-actualization. If that’s your preferred flavor of podcast, give him a try. I’d suggest starting around podcast 150-200 or so, as that’s where he really starts to hit his stride but before he has a big backlog of references that might be intimidating to a new listener. I also listen to fewer podcasts because he is pretty active with current videos on his YouTube channel.

Still reading through random pages on SlateStarCodex. Scott Alexander is a wonderful human being whose calm rationality and well-researched positions make his essays so enjoyable to read. Here are some of my (non-exhaustive) favorites.

Human Iterations wrote about the target audience of traditionally anarchist protest. I’ll be hitting F5 waiting for another gem about practical anarchy from this blog.

I’m also thinking about buying BitCoin and starting a Fiverr account, offering maps, adventures, and magic items. What do you think? Do you have experience with either of these two? Are you interested in them, but want someone else to try them first and give a review?

Thanks so much for reading my blog. I appreciate the support. Take a few seconds to follow my posts, share with a friend that might appreciate what I do here, or comment below.

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