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Thaumaturgy, Trinkets, and Tools (Part IV)

Still plodding along with these. Part III is here. Let me know what you think of my magic items so far down in the comments below!

Diplomat’s Monocle 5500

A regal, Gold-leafed, iron monocle that when worn lets its wearer see lies as puffs of  smoke coming from the liar’s mouth. By turning it askew and focusing on one creature, the monocle casts Detect Thoughts. This ability can be used up to three times a day; after the last use, the monocle won’t spot any lies until the next day.

Displacer’s Cloak 19000

Shiny purple Displacer Beast hide cloaks are enchanted to retain some of the magical beast’s powers. The cloak confers a 20% miss chance on attacks against its wearer. A wearer’s blurred outline comes into sharp focus under True Sight.

Displacer’s Cloak, Greater 40000

The rare Greater Displacer’s Cloak is magically cured hide from a Dire Displacer Beast. It takes advantage of the beast’s greater powers to bestow a miss chance of 40% against attacks. This cloak grants the additional ability to increase the blur outrageously, resulting in almost total distortion for a 90% miss chance for up to 10 rounds each day. After all rounds are used, the cloak loses it’s base concealment effect for the rest of the day.

Distracting Chimes 17000

Such chimes are enchanted by mages with part of the ritual requiring three days of continual playing of the same short bar song. Casters within 60 ft of the chimes while they are being played, or up to 1 round after it stops being played, must make a casting check (DC 15) with a penalty equal to the level of the spell being cast or fail to cast their spell. Concentration requires a move action to instead of a free action. The Distracting Chimes can be played for up to 2 minutes (20 rounds) each day freely. Each round after that, the chime player must make a performance skill check (DC equal to half the number of rounds already played this day) or suffer a powerful migraine, imposing disadvantage on all d20 rolls for a number of rounds equal to how many rounds the chimes have already been played this day.

Divining Rod 600

A ‘Y’ shaped stick that when grasped with two hands points to the largest body of water within ½ mile. Note: creatures and plants have some amount of water inherent in themselves and may mislead the divination.

Doom Wraith Drums 30000

Doom Wraith Drums are made from stolen, black funeral garb stretched over tear soaked ebonwood drums. Banging on the drums makes a somber, sobbing noise. Enemies within 60 ft suffer a -2 penalty to all d20 rolls and damage rolls. If any creature dies while under the effects of the drums, it rises 1d6 rounds later as a dancing zombie. Such zombies are normal in all aspects with regular zombies, except that they are affected by the Doom Wraith Drums in reverse, gaining a +2 bonus to all d20 rolls and damage rolls. Up to 10 HD worth of zombies can be created and controlled by the drums, even when they are not being played. Undead that would cause the drums to exceed that limit fail to be raised. The drums can be played for 5 minutes, in 1 minute intervals, each day with no penalty. Each minute after this requires a performance check (DC 7 + minutes already played) or the wearer rises from their own drums, to begin dancing in a horrid, jerking manner for the next minute while the drums play themselves. While dancing, the user dodges attacks as normal and may speak, but must use all actions to dance.

Dragon Lung 10000
A gas bladder dragon lung has been sewn shut and secured with a gold stopper. It is magically connected to the Plane of Fire. The bladder is very hot and unprotected creatures take 1 fire damage each round from holding it. When uncorked as an action, its rapid deflation spews forth a 60 ft. cone of fire, DEX save (DC 14) for half damage. It inflates from its minimum of 1d6 fire damage at a rate of 1d6 every minute, to a maximum of 4d6.

Dragon Staff 20000

Scintillating scales line this platinum staff topped with a large glass orb. Inside the clear glass is a smokey, reptilian eye. Wielding the Dragon Staff increases one’s fly speed by 30 ft and mobility by one step. If the wielder has no fly speed, thin membranes spread underneath their arms, granting a glide speed of 30 ft per 10 ft drop. Dragons that wield this staff gain a bonus spell slot of the highest level they can cast. Spellcasters can cast the following spells using an equivalent or higher spell slot: Comprehend Languages, Enthrall, Elemental Weapon, Fear, Protection from Energy, Stoneskin, Legend Lore, or True Seeing.

Dreamers Robe 3000

This soft, white robe and up to one item in each of its five pockets travel with their wearer she dreams, astral projects, or otherwise leaves their body behind while their spirit travels. The two larger pockets are deep enough to hold a dagger sized object, the two medium internal pockets can hold anything smaller than an apple, and the breast pocket is just large enough for a deck of cards. Items brought into spirit form disappear from the robe’s pockets until the wearer returns with them. If the robe is removed from the wearer’s body, the spirit version of that robe and any items it brought with are returned to their physical form. Items left behind while in spirit form stay there, incorporeal and invisible. Spiritual items can be brought back to the physical realm by in reverse.

Druid-bough Holly 5000

A branch of holy wrapped delicately in a blanket of snow is an enchanted druidic focus. With the proper Druidic command phrase, “Life will find a way”, a spellcaster can convert a spells to an equivalent level Cure Wounds spell. Healing spells cast on a creature replenishes their hunger and thirst as if they had eaten and drank fully. Healing spells cast on plants and unintelligent animals heal an additional 3 hit points per healing die.

Dueling Wand 500

Dueling Wands currently in fashion are six inch, thin steel rods with a small leather wrist loop. Between swiftness magic and light, convenient design, they add a +1 bonus to initiative. Additionally, the wielder may convert any prepared action into a counterspell action.

Dust of Dryness 400

This dust comes in a small grey, crushed-velvet bag. Emptied into any liquid, it dries up to 100 cubic feet of liquid, or the entire container, whichever comes first. The process leaves behind a small, glass marble, shot through with the same colors as the absorbed liquid. When thrown or struck against a hard surface, it explodes, releasing its contents.

Dusty Rose Ioun Stone 2000

A Dusty Rose quartz cube circles around its wearer once then moves down, repeating this pattern down to a few inches above the ground, after which it reverses direction back to the top of their head, ad infinitum. It leaves behind a faint red trail of light, offering a +1 bonus to AC.

Dwarf Heart Forge 4500

What do you get when a Dwarven forge master dies, slow-roast his heart in his forge, and place it inside a block of coal? They say a dwarf’s heart never fully cools after they die. This elaborately carved, seamless block of coal, when stoked, is hot enough to fuel a normal forge, but it itself is never consumed. In an existing forge, it grants a +1 tool bonus. On it’s own, the Dwarven phrase, ‘Welcome Home’, will unfold the black block into a basalt forge and cast-iron anvil. The fire in this forge needs no fuel, but the subtle beating sound of a heart can be heard when one listens closely. The forge and anvil are sized for a Dwarf, other creatures may take a penalty to use them.

Dwarven Sight-Goggles 12000

These leather-bound, smoked glass goggles diminish the light the wearer see by one step, while granting darkvision out to 120 ft, even against magical darkness. Daylight becomes bright light, bright light becomes dim, and dim light become darkness. Effects that rely on sudden bursts of bright light do not affect the wearer. In addition, the wearer can see white-violet colors and striations in stones, metals, and gems that they could not see before. They have advantage on any crafting, appraisal, or dungeoneering check related to stones, metals, or gems. The wearer has immunity to all gaze attacks.

Dwarven Staff 10000

The Dwarven Staff is a four foot stone rod shot through with veins of dark metals. Dwarves gain a bonus spell slot of the highest level they can cast. Spell casters can cast the following spells using an equivalent or higher spell slot: Identify, Heat Metal, Glyph of Warding, or Stone Shape. Creating, summoning, or crafting metal, stone, or gem based objects is made with advantage while holding this staff.

Elven Boots 3000

Silken-soft slippers of fine green hemp make it so the wearer is as light as a feather. Their weight is reduced to 1/10th of what it normally be for purposes of falling through snow, walking on thin ice, triggering weight sensors, etc. In addition the boots are completely silent, conferring advantage on stealth checks.

Elven Staff 10000

Curling vines and leaves branch off of the 7 foot tall Elven Staff made of still-living oak. While held, branches grow up and around the holder’s hands, giving them advantage against being disarmed. Elves gain a bonus spell slot of the highest level they can cast, while half elves gain a bonus spell of the second-highest spell level they can cast. Spells that can be cast through the Elven Staff using an equivalent or higher level spell: Detect Magic, Moon Beam, Conjure Barrage, Dominate Beast. Natural animals and plant creatures of less than half the wielder’s HD initially react more positively to the wielder.

Endless Ooze Vial 9000

Endless Ooze Vials are small twisty glass things stoppered with blackened, metal corks. If unstoppered, ooze slides out in a perpetual, sticky rope, ounce after ounce. The ooze is acidic, dealing 1d6 acid damage each round, which builds up cumulatively as it is poured over the same target, to a maximum of 4d6 acid damage each round. Its acid eats through everything but glass, silver, gold, and platinum.  It is connected to the sludge, detritus filled border between the Plane of Earth and the Plane of Water.

Endless Tap of Ambrosia 9000

If this copper tap is stuck in any container and turned open, it will pour out a golden, glowing honey. Sweet to the taste, one flagon of ambrosia pours out each round, enough to heal 1d6 hit points if drunk immediately before it loses its shine and is reduced to honeyed mead.

Check out Part IV!

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