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Thaumaturgy, Trinkets, and Tools (Part V)

So, it looks like things have been going pretty nicely with my travel and I’ve had some time to get blog posts done. Know any other blogs that have some interesting magic items? Send me a link or post one below.

Part IV.

This is what a theodolite is, btw.

Engineer’s Theodolite 600

This small bronze tripod and lens are marked all over with numbers, measurements, and angles. Using this during construction makes buildings and similar large object require 5% less material. Gazing upon an existing structure, it can be used to aim siege weapons to devastating effect, allowing them to attack with advantage to deal an additional damage per die. Alternatively, by pointing out the weak points in a structure, those directed by the user of an Engineer’s Theodolite deal double damage with tools used against analyzed structures.

Eternal Servant 3000

Donning this silver, engraved ring and its large, multi-faceted amethyst inset summons a ghostly butler to one’s side. The well dressed, tall, well-groomed human butler will serve the wearer of this ring unfalteringly and without question. His goals will be the intent of his orders, and he almost always chooses the most unorthodox way of achieving his master’s edicts. The ghost is visible to others and his skills are that of an expert in fields related to anything a butler, cook, groundskeeper, steward, and servant should know. Supposedly, Eternal Servants are the result of once noble houses making deals with dark patrons, but it has never been substantiated.

Everlasting Rations 4000

Reaching into this empty burlap sack will retrieve one ration worth of jerky, hard tack, and dried fruits. The small bag that can produce up to a dozen rations each day.

Eversnuff Box 300

This is a small tin that produces up to 10 pipefuls of mediocre dried tobacco each day. It produces just one ounce each time it is empty when the box is snapped closed.

Everspinning Gear 7500

Slowly but surely this etherium gear relentlessly spring. The square toothed gear, five feet in circumference or about 1.5 feet in diameter, completes one rotation every second. The central axis of its spin is a 3 inch square hole. A strength check (DC 30) or 2 tons of weight is enough to stop it, but it then attempts to turn the other direction. With a blockage it will infinitely cycle back and forth, the small vibrations of its teeth hitting back and forth will eventually grind down its restraint. It is only safe to pick up using a rod through the middle, doing otherwise exposes the holder to the unstoppable rotation of the gear.

Explorer’s Compass 1000

When this compass beat up, gold-leafed bronze compass is opened up and faced to a map, its red and black pointer will turn blank, appearing on the map where the user is standing. The lines and text of the map will animate, reorienting to face the direction the map holder is facing. Facing the open compass towards the map again returns the map to its original state and the compass pointer returns to normal. While the pointer is on a map, the compass does not function, instead spinning idly about a blank face. Inaccurate or misleading maps show the pointer location as where it would be according to the scale of the map and not according to where the user actually is.

Explorer’s Kite 4000

A brightly colored, silk flying fish kit tilts at the slightest breeze, tethered by a thin rope and well-worn wooden handle. When one flies the Explorer’s Kite, they get an intuitive sense of the land around. They are aware of what types of terrain are in the surrounding 20 miles, as well as any major landmarks. Make a Dex check each time it is used in strong winds or the kite will breaks free and drift away on the winds: light winds (DC 10), medium winds (DC 15), strong winds (DC 20), storm winds (DC 25), and tornado/hurricane/monsoon (DC 30). In a lightning storm, there is a 50% chance any strike within 100 ft is redirected to the kite and its holder, this destroys the kite and deals 6d6 electricity damage, no save.

Explosive Glyph 3000

An Explosive Glyph is a engraved slate stamp. Raised stone runes cover the surface of this 4 inch black square. Slathering on any coloration or pigment then stamping it on a surface leaves an Explosive Rune effect behind up to three times per day. It deals 3d6 damage in a 20 ft burst when it is read. Alternatively, it can be stamped on a piece of parchment. When that parchment is lit, the glyph explodes automatically for its corresponding damage and radius. Additional stamps may be placed overlapping one another, joining them together into a larger explosion. This adds 1d6 damage and 5 ft of increased range to the base damage and radius. These runes last for as long as the ‘ink’ remains dry and legible or until too many stamps are placed. Up to 5 stamped runes can be functional at a time, including overlapping runes. Runes placed first deactivate first when this maximum is reached.

Extractor 10000

Extractors appear to be a large tun cask formed from a single stone, layered with a vast geometric pattern, and topped with continuously burning candles. Stoked with one stone, twenty pounds, of magma, this magical boiler drains off the magical essences and rare alchemical ingredients of magical items, distilling them down to their component parts. One stone produces enough heat for sixteen ounces of Essence. This process rips apart non-magical materials, turning it into a non-descript lump of rocky slag. From valves hidden in the patterns, these essences can be stored in metal flasks. A magic item produces one ounce of Essence for each 1000 SP it would take to craft the item. This essence can be used to craft new items or sold to enchanters. The bodies and flesh of magical creatures can also be distilled for an amount equal to one tenth of an ounce per HD. This process requires their most valuable and magical parts of a creature otherwise it fails to produce any Essence. Creatures exposed to the slag or the Extractor too often may develop mutations. Each exposure to slag or the Extractor while it is running increases the chance of gaining a mutation by 1% on the next visit, with that value decreasing by 1% a week.

Fan of the Seasons 4000

This silk folding fan depicts the four seasons one after another: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Sharp transitions separate each season, such that a single twig may be both frozen with winter at one end and blooming in spring at the other. Swiping this fan from one side to another temporarily progresses the local area by one season. This change occurs for the immediate mile surrounding the fan. Multiple fans change it successively. This season change lasts for one day. The fan can be used three times each week but each use after the third in a week has a 25% chance of leaving the fan in tatters, destroyed. In expansive indoor or underground spaces, this effect takes the nearest season approximated by averaging surrounding area to changes it to the next approximate season, changing the temperature by +/– 30 degrees Fahrenheit, with the dividing line at 60 degrees, and +/- 40% humidity, with a dividing line at 50% humidity. Winter is cold and dry. Spring is cold and wet. Summer is warm and wet. Fall is warm and dry.

Fan of the Stormfront 5500

This huge, spiked paddle-fan of bamboo allows its user to swipe downward to create a number of weather effects. The Fan of the Stormfront has five charges that refill each day: 1 charge for Gust of Wind or Fog Cloud, 2 Charges for Call Lightning, and 3 Charges changes the weather of the surround 3 miles into a powerful, windy storm, depending on the terrain. These storms may include a lightning storm, sandstorm, or blizzard. The storm lasts for 2d10+4 hours. The stormy weather ability can only be activated outdoors in plain view of the sky. If the fan is outdoors in strong, natural winds, it has 6 charges instead of 5 for the next week.

Farsight Goggles 2000

These eagle motif goggles spin in their sockets, extending and retracting the goggle lenses, allowing the user to focus and see clearly up to twice as far as normal. The wearer takes no penalty on ranged attacks at less than maximum range.

Fez of Lashing Wounds 2500

Fez of Lashing Wounds are red felt fezzes with a long, fraying string tassel. With some mental energy, the wearer of this fez can control the string on the hat. This is mostly useless, but twice between each short rest, it movement affects an enemy as if they were struck by a great invisible whip. As a free action, the wearer commands invisible lashes of force, striking a target within 60 ft. and line of sight for 1d6 force damage.

Fire-hearth Stone 500

This single, large stone can be added to a campfire to increase its warmth and protection. After 3 successive nights of keeping it warm in a campfire, it holds a residual warmth with it. Further campfires containing it make for a warmer, more pleasing camp, giving +1 comfort. Sprinkling a warmed hearthstone with holy water and replacing it within the campfire will confer a +1 on rolls against undead while within the campfire’s light. One use of holy water will last about 8 hours, or all night, whichever is longer. If the hearthstone is left un-stoked on any night, it must be warmed up again with 3 consecutive nights of a campfire’s warmth.

Flying Carpet 8000

A Flying Carpet is an intricate, Persian style rug that flies. It is a 15 ft by 10 ft thick carpet that can move up to 60ft each round. While it flies, it can only hold up to 500 pounds. In order for its user to fly the carpet, using a free action, they must have one hand gripping the carpet.

Flying Carpet, Greater 18500

This elaborate Persian rug is stylized with platinum threaded clouds. The carpet is larger than its lesser cousin, being a full 20 ft by 15 ft. In addition it can move up to 100 ft each round under its owner’s mental command, taken as a free action on their turn. It can support up to one ton before faltering and gliding back to the ground. The owner cannot control the carpet unless they have knowledge of the carpet’s location, sight, sound, memory, etc.

Folding Curtain 4000

The Folding Curtain is a black, 25 ft by 25 ft, cloth tarp that can roll up a number of items to store them in an extra-dimensional space. Anything that can be completely covered by the tarp can be stored in this variably sized extra-dimensional space. It always weighs 20 pounds and can be rolled up into a compact roll of cloth.

Forked Tongue 150

This tongue piercing holds two dove-tailed silver plates to the tongue. It is magically enhanced to not interfere with talking and to appear as a normal tongue piercing to others. At a thought, the gilded tongue warms and confers advantage on up to one d20 check each day. This check can be of any check related to speaking such as oratory performance, haggling, or negotiation.

Gauntlets of Ogre Strength 400

Heavy lead plates are sewn onto these leather gloves, making them incredibly heavy. If the wearer’s strength score is less than a 15, it becomes a 15, otherwise the user gets +1 to damage rolls on strength based attacks.

Gem of Seeing 6200

Staring through this green prism gives its user True-Sight after a few seconds, automatically seeing through illusions and invisibility effects. It even functions well enough to see creatures on other planes not normally visible but crossing through the material plane, such as through who astral project, ethereal jaunt, or shadow jump. It functions continuously, but looking through the prism for more than 5 minutes in one day requires a CON save (DC 7 + minutes used) each minute or the user becomes nauseous and blind for 1 minute and further use of the Gem of Seeing instantly makes the user blind and nauseous for another minute.

Part VI is now up!

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