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Thaumaturgy, Trinkets, and Tools (Part VI)

Work has been pretty good so far. Long hours, but enough time at night to get some blog posts up. Without further ado, here is Part VI. The previous post, Part V is here

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Genie’s Lamp 150000

This brass, scented-oil lamp, when rubbed, calls forth a trapped Djinn. The Djinn is bound to its summoner to grant three Wishes according to the wording of the request. Djinn are usually clever about twisting the wording of a request to discourage creatures from using such lamps, especially  greedy and selfish ones. After granting three wishes, the Djinn is freed and returns to their home plane. Lamp owners rarely make it to their third wish before the lamp is lost or stolen, or they are killed by an errant wish or one seeking the lamp for themselves. An empty Genie’s Lamp lit with incense worth at least 10000 SP forces any Djinn that can smell the incense to make a Will save (DC 18) or become trapped in the lamp. Using a trapped Djinn is considered neutral or even good to Djinn kind depending on the wishes requested because it frees one of their kin. However, trapping a Djinn earns the enmity of all Djinn-kind once the trapped Djinn gets free. Djinn will never grant a request for more wishes, or those that could reasonably result in free wishes, but pending the wording of the request, may turn the user into a Djinn, trapped in their own lamp to grant wishes to whoever rubs the lamp next…

Ghost Caller’s Pipes   6500

Sounding these assorted, mismatched, metal tubes spreads eerie and resounding low-tones through the air. Undead of all types that can hear the sound will head directly for the pipes, except for undead with specific orders preventing such action or those unable to reach the sound through means apparent to their intelligence level. Intelligent undead must make a Will save (DC 12) each round or spend all their actions moving towards the pipes. The sound carries for 200 feet and through up to 3 feet of solid material or 6 feet of loose material. Undead dislike the sound and will attempt to destroy the pipes once they are within reach. If the pipe’s owner can summon or control undead, they can do so to 3 HD more undead. These 3 HD are used first when counting towards their owner’s undead HD limit. Any undead they lose control of while holding or after losing the pipes become immediately and viciously hostile.
Giant Staff   12000
A staff made for giants, the Giant Staff is a thick tree stump that smaller creatures can only barely hold with two hands and a strength score of 15 or higher. It grants Giants an additional spell slot of the highest spell level they can cast. A spell caster can use the staff to cast spells by using an equivalent or higher spell of their own: Longstrider, Enlarge/Reduce, Spirit Guardians, Stoneskin, Bigby’s Hand.

Giant’s Braid   50

A single plait cut from the scalp of a giant. Braided in to one’s own hair, it provides some luck against being crushed by rocks. The wearer has advantage on saves against being crushed by rocks and takes one less damage per die from falling rocks or earth. Giants think of plaits as superbly lucky and will never cut one off of their own accord, they often respond to those wearing a Giant’s Braid by stoning them to death, which the braid poetically offers no protection against.

Girder of the Cephalopod   3000

This purple-red, octopus-leather girdle becomes grows tentacles when tied and cinched shut. The wearer gains four tentacles at ordinal angles from their torso. These tentacles are 10 feet long and are fully controlled by the wearer, as if they had been born with tentacles jutting from their midsection. They each have a damage die one size smaller than the unarmed damage of the wearer. As a single attack, they may attack with all four tentacles with proficiency. The suction cups on them grant a climb speed of 10 ft, while the tentacles themselves increase the wearer’s swim speed by 50 ft. When out of the water, the wearer must pour one waterskin over the girdle every hour else the tentacles will dehydrate and retract. They stay this way until the wearer is fully submerged in water. Other climates can require water as often as each round or as little as every hour.

Glyph of the Reaper    40000

This slate glyph bears a complicated rune that when squinted at can appear to be a robed figure, armed with a scythe standing over three skeletons. Slathered with any ink like substance or pigment, this slate can be stamped to animate corpses and damn the living. One stamp will kill creatures below 3d8 health instantly and then reanimate any corpses within 5 feet to zombies or skeletons as appropriate. Three overlapping stamps will increase that radius to 10 feet, increase the instant death threshold to 5d8 hit points and instead animate those corpses into intelligent skeletons and zombies. Five overlapping stamps instantly slays all living creatures within 15 feet with less than 50 hit points and then reanimates up to one creature as per Revive while the rest are returned as intelligent zombies and skeletons. All undead created this way, up to 20 HD worth, are under the control of the glyph maker. Unintelligent undead are mindless destroyers when uncontrolled, while intelligent undead seek to gain control of the glyph for their own use. Revived creatures act normally but have a vague resentment of their reviver. Up to five stamps can be placed each day, and up to ten can retain their magical powers at any time. Stamps last as long as the dye used is legible or until newer stamps replace them.

Gnarled Staff of the Tree-folk     12000

This is a large, overgrown, mossy sapling. Treefolk get an additional spell of their highest level while using this staff. The staff is actually alive, but hibernating, such that any who can speak to trees can wake it to have it walk with them instead of having to carry the large staff. It requires two hands and a strength of 19 to carry otherwise. It counts as being wielded as long as it is within 30ft and line of sight. Spell-casters can use the staff to cast the following spells by using an equivalent or higher spell of their own: Hail of Thorns, Moonbeam, Conjure Animals, Aura of Life, Awaken.

Gnomish Noise-box    150

This small noise box can be set to make a clambering, metallic, noise. It can be set to one of three settings: go off immediately, go off 1d6+1 rounds, or go off in 1d6+1 minutes. Gnomes using this device are privy to the actual delay amount rolled, but still cannot set it to a specific time or cancel it once it is set.

Gnomish Staff     10000

A quarterstaff neatly sawed in two decorated and loaded down with knick-knacks, whatsits, and thing-a-ma-bobs. Gnomes gain an additional spell of the highest spell level they can cast. Illusion spells cast while wielding this staff gain one additional sensory output: touch, sight, smell, taste, sound, etc. Poking this staff through an illusion, if the wielder is aware that it is an illusion, instantly makes it apparent, to all who see the Gnomish Staff wielder, that the prodded object is an illusion. A spell cast can use this staff to cast the following spells with an equivalent or higher spell: Grease, Animal Messenger, Major Image, Polymorph

Goat Hoof    100

The severed Goat Hoof increases the speed of its wearer in the case of ties. The wearer is treated as 5ft faster in a situation in which they would normally tie with an opponent. While the bloody stump isn’t observably preserved in any way, it never seems to rot. There is a 3 in 6 chance that superstitious folk will suspect the wearer is evil.

Goblin Staff 6000

This muck covered and gnawed staff is carved from the leg of a large insect and has bones, coins, sticks, rocks, and other junk tied to it with what one hopes isn’t humanoid-leather (it isn’t, or at least not all of it is, anyway). Goblins gain one additional spell slot of the highest level spell they can cast. While wielding this staff, creatures’ sense of smell improves, conferring advantage on any check relying on a sense of smell but imposing disadvantage on any penalties due to smell. Spells cast with advantage deal an additional 1d6 damage of their type, last 1 round longer, or have a DC 1 higher, the first of this list of effects, in order, that applies to a given spell is the one that applies. A spell cast can use this staff to cast the following spells with an equivalent or higher spell: Witch Bolt, Darkness, Stinking Cloud, Giant Insect

Gordian Knot  300

Gordian Knots are thick balls of coiled and knotted rope. They are hopelessly knotted, so much so that removing any individual knot does nothing to reduce the overall knot itself. Oftentimes, other fibers, hairs, and threads get themselves caught in one of these growing messes. Once each day, one of these balls can be tossed at a creature as an Entangle spell affecting only that creature until it escapes or the knot takes any slashing damage. Once a knot receives slashing damage it falls to pieces, hopelessly destroyed, leaving behind 3d10 pieces of rope which are each 1d10 feet in length along with numerous rope scraps.

Halfling Staff   10000

This small walking stick has a hooks and slings carrying a miniature utensil kit, a small frying pan, fire-starting kit, and a few pouches for food. Halflings using this staff get one bonus spell of the highest spell level they can cast. This staff creates a small amount of food for each Halfling meal time in its pouches, equivalent to one ration a day. The fresh food and the staff’s aura adds +1 comfort (or x1 improved natural health regeneration) for the wielder and up to one dozen allies. Any spell that grants or improves a movement speed is improved by 10 ft when cast by the wielder of this staff. A spell caster using this staff may use an equivalent or higher level spell to cast the following: Tasha’s Hideous Laughter, Invisibility, Speak with Dead, Freedom of Movement.

Handmaiden’s Case    100

The Handmaiden’s Case is jokingly referred to as the only handmaiden that can actually keep a secret. When any jewelry is put in small, velvet lined box and the box is shut, the jewelry is polished and cleaned to peak condition.

Harem Pillow   1000

A soft pillow drenched with colors and fringes, these legendarily soft pillows are rare only because they’ve been single-mindedly pursued by a single collector to line the grand bedroom of his harem wives and husbands. A Harem Pillow adds +2 comfort to one’s rest, or +3 if it is shared by someone who is at least a close friend. Such a pillow is comfortable enough to even allow one to sleep standing up, head cocked to the side with the pillow between head and shoulder. That sleep will still be more restful than the king’s finest down mattress. It is whispered to improve one’s fertility, but it’s owners routinely deny such an effect.

Harming Glyph    6000

The Harming Glyph is a thick slate stamp engraved with otherworldly symbols depicting injury and suffering. Up to three stamps can be placed each day, with up to 5 at any one time remaining active. Stamps can be made with any substance that remains legible once stamped. Newer stamps replace older ones if this maximum is reached. Once a stamp is placed, all other creatures within 20 ft of the stamp see their skin bruise and split under continuous weak lashes of force. Creatures within 20 ft of a Glyph of Harming take 1d6 damage each round. Each additional stamp overlapping this one combines with it to increase their total damage by 1d6 while increasing the radius of effect by 10 ft. The stamps last as long as they remain legible, until new ones are made, or 1 day, whichever comes first. The maker of this Glyph is not affected by its damage until after they have left the radius the first time.

Hat of Disguise    200

A wide brimmed, beaten up old hat can, with a flick of the bent top cone, transform the clothes of its wearer and can make minor cosmetic change to the wearer. The hat, however, remains unchanged. This can include changes of up to six inches in height and 50 pounds of weight.

Hawk Eye Goggles 1200

Hawk Eye Goggles are thick lenses sitting on a thin metal frame about the wearer’s eyes. The wearer’s sight for near distances is vastly improved. Any skill check that requires focus on very detailed or fine objects is rolled with advantage, such as assembling a trap or appraising jewelry. In addition, the wearer can read nigh-illegibly tiny text, allowing twice as many spells per page in a spell-book or conferring the ability to hide secret messages with illegibly tiny text.

Hexing Doll 8000

A small straw man is bound together to look humanoid in shape with rusting iron wire. The Hexing Doll has needles jammed in its head and body. It has two distinct uses: cursing a specific creature using a stolen focus or weakly hexing a creature in sight. If the wielder of the Hexing Doll has a personal effect of a creature, attaching it to the doll allows the wielder to damage the doll in order to harm the target creature each round, a Will save (DC 15) ends this effect, rendering them immune to the Hexing Doll for one day. A item used on a creature cannot be reused, a new personal effect must be retrieved. This does 1d6 nonlethal fear damage to the hexed foe each round, imposing a penalty on their rolls equal to the fear damage they receive. While in sight of a target, the doll can be used to hex a target as a free action, imposing a -1 penalty on the target’s rolls as long as the doll is held pointed menacingly at the foe.

Hoarder’s Robes 9000

These robes have two dozen pockets of all shapes and varieties inside the lining of both sides as well as 6 pockets on each outer side. Each pocket of a Hoarder’s Robes can hold exactly one item, reshaping itself to a representative shape of that item. That same pocket can hold any number of that type of object in the same space: a pocket that holds a dagger can also hold a +1 dagger, a poisoned dagger, a broken dagger, etc. When reaching into a pocket, the exact item the wearer is thinking of is the first one they touch, allowing items to be drawn from the robe as a free action. Others that reach into one of the Hoarder’s Robes pockets receive a random item from that pocket instead. The robe always weighs 30 pounds, regardless of how many items are inside it. Items larger than the wearer of the robes or heavier than 200 pounds will not fit in the magical pockets.

I just posted Part VII.

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