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Thaumaturgy, Trinkets, and Tools (Part VII)

I just counted out how many I have left and this isn’t even the halfway point! Stay along for the ride and take some time to leave me a suggestion or request for a magic item you’d like to see.

Part VI is here.

Horn of Destruction, Lesser    4000

A silver horn that when blown does 3d6 sonic damage to one target within 60 feet, with a Dex save (DC 14) for half damage. Inanimate objects take double damage from this horn. It can be used twice each day; each further use has a 25% chance of catastrophically resonating then blowing up, dealing a 6d6 sonic damage to itself (destroying it) and to its user. Objects destroyed are left cracked, bent, and useless.

Horn of Destruction  21000

The Horn of Destruction is a platinum horn that deals 6d6 sonic damage in a 60ft line, with a Dex save (DC 16) for half damage. This damage is doubled against inanimate object. It can be blown three times a day, with each use after that having a 25% chance of destroying the horn, dealing 10d6 sonic damage to its user. Hitting the same target in successive rounds adds +1 damage per die for each previous round the target has been struck in a row. Destroyed objects shatter into tiny pieces.

Horn of Destruction, Epic  45000

The epic version of the horn of destruction billows sonic energy out of its etherium body. When blown, it deals 10d6 sonic damage against any number of targets within a 60ft cone, with a Dex save (DC 18) for half damage. Inanimate objects take double damage from this horn and any not destroyed by this damage must make a save (DC 12) or be destroyed. It can be blown three times in a day, with each further use after three having a 25% chance of exploding the horn. This explosion destroys the horn and deals 20d6 sonic damage to the blower and everything within a 5 feet. With a performance check (DC 5+ sum value of the target objects in thousands of SP) the user can leave destroyed objects in the form of their component parts: metal ingots, wooden boards, rope, etc. Striking the same target in successive rounds adds +1 damage per die for each previous round the target has been struck successively. It also increases the DC of the objects’ save by one.

Illusionist’s Deck    8500

This deck of cards can be pulled from, with each thrown card creating a full illusion of a summoned monster. There is a 25% chance that it is no illusion and the summoned monster is very real. The deck can be pulled from five times each day, with the summoned/illusory creature lasting for 2d6 minutes. The creature is under the complete control of the Deck’s wielder, changing hands as the deck does. Illusory creatures move as normal but deal no damage and if they would take damage, the illusion is broken. Creature types (at random): Fat Rabbit [2], Gelatinous Cube [3], Insect Swarm [4], three Ghouls [5], four Kobolds with traps [6], Minotaur [7], Drake [8], Skeletal Cyclops [9] Roc [10], Large Elemental [Jack], Diva/Archon [Queen] , Demon/Devil [King], Adult Dragon [Ace], and Doppelganger* [Fool] Roll randomly for the type of creature when called for. The Fool’s doppelganger comes as a parodied version of the Illusionist’s Deck user, which has all of the same abilities and items as the user that it will use in the least effective, but maximally comedic manner possible. These items are inseparable from the doppelganger and disappear if removed.

Immovable Rod       8000

This Damascus mix of adamantine and iron is formed into a rod. With the push of its button, the Immovable Rod cannot be moved with anything less than a DC 30 strength check or 2 tons of weight. Moving it while it is engaged causes it to malfunction for 1d6 minutes before it recovers and can be used again.

Incandescent Blue Ioun Stone  9000

An Incandescent Blue Ioun Stone is an upside-down, bright-blue pear that spins above its owner’s head once released. It provides a +2 bonus to wisdom.

Infinite Box     7000

The Infinite Box is an ebony and ivory trunk, 4 ft wide by 3 ft deep and 3 ft tall that has many wooden boxes stacked inside, 1 ft x 1 ft x 1ft. An endless number of these pinewood boxes can be pulled out of this chest. The boxes have 10 hit points each, weigh 5 pounds, and can support up to 100 pounds.

Infuser   20000

This device is a large stone oven seamlessly made from a single piece of white marble, struck through with veins of gold and platinum. One with magic senses can see the invisible lines connecting these veins, which turn the seemingly random assortment of precious metals into an  intricate geometric design. Placing an item in the furnace, stoking the infuser with magma, and feeding it magical Essence, allows its user to enchant that item without need of any required spells, except for a read magic spell to see the magical controls along the side. This requires one ounce of Essence for each 1000 SP it would normally cost to craft this item, fractional amounts of Essence can be used. Some non-magical slag is left behind where the Essence was fed in along with a thin coating on the infused item. Unprotected exposure to this slag or the infuser while it is running gives an increasing chance of developing a mutation. After the first exposure, each exposure is 1% more likely to inflict a mutation. This mutation chance decreases by 1% each week.

Interplanar Shackles  28000

These shackles bind a creature in place, physically and spiritually. It is rendered immobile and paralyzed. These can only be applied to a helpless or willing creature. The creature can only be moved by another creature pulling them along, allowing them to hobble, float, fly, swim, or burrow only as quickly as their leader. The one holding the shackles or any rope/chain attached to it can Silence the shackled at will, no save. They may also use Suggestion at will, but the creature gets a save. If they make their save, they cannot be affected by Suggestion for an hour. The owner of the Interplanar Shackles may also cast Geas on a shackled creature once each week, with old Geas effects fading when a new one takes hold. The shackles may be made immaterial at the will of the owner, allowing the shackled creature to move freely until they are made material again.

Iron Horse       15000

The Iron Horse is an iron golem in the form of a horse that will bear up to 5 tons and obey the verbal commands of whoever is wearing the matching, steel-horseshoe necklace. It will not tire nor need any upkeep. Iron Horses understand any languages its owner does. Larger sized Iron Horses cost an additional 5000 for each increase in size category. Their abilities and stats change accordingly. IRON HORSE: HD 14-4(80 HP), L, AC 18, ATK +9 (Stomp) DAM 1d8+4, MOV 60’, SAV F10* *Iron Horses have the same magic immunities as iron golems.

Iron Maiden    20000

This 10 foot tall iron golem is sculpted in the form of a beautiful maiden down to the last detail of each shimmering strand of metallic hair. Upon her ring finger is a simple golden band. She will obey the verbal commands of whoever wears the matching golden band upon their ring finger. IRON MAIDEN: HD 18(120 HP),H, AC 20, ATK +12 (Slam, Capture*) DAM 3d6+6, MOV 40’, SAV F14** *The Iron Maiden’s chest opens like a huge mouth and swallows a medium sized creature or smaller. She can deal 2d6 piercing damage each round to a captured creature as a free action.**Iron Maidens have the same magical immunities as iron golems.
Iron Maidens have the specialized function of capturing enemies or in some cases, escorting their master safely inside her chest. Captured enemies can be repeatedly stabbed with rapidly moving spikes and must deal 20 damage to the Iron Maiden torso in order to break free. The golem rapidly closes those holes each creature must fight its own way out. Damage can be dealt to an internal creature in the same manner, by opening a hole in the Iron Maiden with 20 damage targeted on her torso.

Ironbones Amulet   7000

Ironbones Amulets are made with a thick iron chain welded to a thick chunk of raw iron ore that hangs heavily around the neck. The wearer gains +2 to both their Strength and their Constitution. In addition, they are treated as if they were one size category larger opposed grapples, sliding, moving, or other cases where the wearer would gain a bonus if they were treated as a larger size, excluding weapon damage.

Ironbones Amulet, Greater      18000

The Greater Ironbones Amulet is a thick chain of iron ore blocks hanging an iron ingot around its wearer’s neck. The wearer gains +4 to their Strength and Constitution scores and count as one size larger for their weapon damage and two sizes larger for any other purpose in which it would confer an advantage to be heavier or larger. The wearer is made much more dense and their weight increases by 50%.

IvoryWood Bough, Lesser    2500

Ivorywood grows only inside the protected and cultured groves of druidic circles. In return for its protected growth, the tree absorbs magic from the word and occasionally drops a few of its branches to be wielded as foci by druids. Druid spellcasters using this 1-3 foot stick of snow-white wood as a focus for their spells get +1 damage per die, increase their spell’s duration by 1, and increase their attack bonus or save DC by 1.

Ivorywood Bough   7500

Like its lesser cousin, this ivorywood makes a strong focus for druidic and ranger spells. This larger branch comes from an ivorywood tree that has grown large in its druid grove. It adds +2 to the attack or save DC of the spell, increases any damage by 2 per damage die, and increases the duration by 2.

Ivorywood Bough, Greater       20000

When an ivorywood tree reaches the end of its long life, it peels itself open, exposing its gleaming white heartwood to the druidic circle the cared for it. The thick piece of heartwood grants a +3 bonus to the attack and save DC of spells cast using it as a foci. Also, those spells deal an additional 3 damage per damage die and last 3 units of time long, depending on the spell’s duration units.

Jade Crown    12500

This is the crowning piece of the four items of the Jade God, an ancient emperor-god long since ascended. The Jade crown gives +2 charisma for the purposes of calculating hirelings/followers for each jade item worn. It also increases the maximum level of any follower or hireling to one level below the wearer, or allowing a follower of the same level if all four items are worn. Once per day per jade item, the crown can cast Mass Suggestion with a DC of 14. When all four jade items are worn, this crown grants all hirelings and followers a +2 bonus on all rolls.

Jade Scepter 2500

Any creature the Jade Scepter touches takes 1d6 poison damage for each jade item its wielder is wearing. When all four Jade items are worn, the scepter can be touched to the ground to call forth a Snake Swarm as a free action, but only four such swarms can exist at any point in time. These swarms obey the verbal commands of the scepter holder. Swarms can be dismissed with a touch as a free action.

Jade Scroll    6000

Peering into the delicate green stone paper of the Jade Scroll allows its owner to see into the future, as Auger, at will. It also gives its holder limited future-sight, allowing them to reroll one d20 for each jade item they wear. When all four Jade items are worn, the scroll lets its owner turn one d20 roll into a critical success, a ‘20’, once each day. These rerolls must be used after the roll but before the result is announced.

Jade Signet    500

The weakest of the four jade items, the Jade Signet grants the ability to use Arcane Mark at will and also to cast Knock or Hold Portal once per day per jade item each by tapping the locked or unlocked door with the signet. The emerald and jade ring bearing the serene face of a young child gains a faint glow when all four jade items are worn. When in this state, the wearer can cast Dimension Door by turning the signet ring bearing hand in the air as if it grasping a doorknob. They may perform any number of dimension doors but only for a total distance of 100 feet each day.

Jailer’s Rod    10000

This flat rectangular bar topped with a cast iron tip has a thick leather grip and strap. It deals no damage even with the most furious strike, but any creature touched by the cast-iron end must make a WILL save (DC 14) or be paralyzed for 1d6 rounds. Holding the metal part in one hand and turning the leather handle shoots forth a net from the metal rod’s end. This acts as a 5 foot burst attack on any point within 60 ft. Creatures in that area must make a DEX save (DC 14) or be immobilized. Creatures in the net must make a WILL save (DC 14) each round of be paralyzed for 1 round. Escaping the net requires 20 damage or a Strength/Dex check (DC 16). The net can be fired three times each day. Creatures normally immune to paralysis that have physical bodies are still affected, as this paralysis is the result of invisible bands of force clamping about a creature’s body and limbs.

And here’s Part 8!

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