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Thaumaturgy, Trinkets, and Tools (Part XII)

We’re getting up there and I’m excited to get finished with this series, as I have some great ideas for some blog posts. I’ve got a series planned for The Complete Zoology of Elementals, a post for the completion of Giant’s Bay, some short stories that came to me in a dream, and more!

Part XI.

Rod of the Snake      25000

This hollow jade tube is banded with wide strips of iron. Etched into these bands are indecipherable runes. Twisting these runes lets the wielder call forth a snake from the end of the jade tube as a standard action. Adjusting these runes, learned most likely by trial and error, allows one to control the size, type, and coloration of the snake. The snakes have the normal abilities of a poisonous or constrictor type snake of their size. Up to 8 HD worth of snake(s) can be summoned forth from the Rod of the Snake as one action, with up to 20 HD worth of snakes total. These snakes are under the control of the holder of the rod. Upon death or a touch of the rod, these snakes disintegrate into a vaguely green dust. In addition to summoning snakes, if the wielder has any ability to turn, control, rebuke, or command creatures of a given type, that ability can also be used on snakes. The snakes obey the verbal commands of the wielder, given in a hissing language, and the wielder understands the responses of the snakes likewise.

Rod of Wonder 20000

Rainbow-colored bits of glass cover the wooden Rod of Wonder in a scintillating mosaic of color. Pointed at a target, or the wielder, and squeezed, the Rod of Wonder creates a random magical effect up to five times each day.
Roll a 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d12, and 1d20. These dice determine the effect of the Rod of Wonder
1d4 Chooses the target. 1-3 the target is what is pointed at. On a roll of a ‘4’, the wielder of the rod is also affected, if they aren’t already pointing it at themselves.
1d6 Determines the unit of time of the effect. 1-3: Rounds, 4-5: Minutes, 6: Hours.
1d8 1d10 Are used differently by each effect as needed.
1d12 Determines the actual number of time units of the effect.
1d20 Determines the effect.
Shrink target one size category. Two sizes if (1d8)+(1d10)>12
Grow target one size category. Two sizes if (1d8)+(1d10)>12.
Change target’s clothing and skin color (1d8): red, blue, purple, green, yellow, black, white, orange. If (1d10)>7, the effect is permanent.
Flashing lights shoot forth in a (1d8)*5 ft cone. Target must Con save (DC 10 +(1d10)) or be blinded and dazed for duration.
Gain (1d8)/2 random mutations, rounded up. If (1d10)>7, the effect is permanent.
A beam of flame pours out for (1d8) d6’s worth of fire damage each round in a line from the rod to the target. Affected creatures can make a Dexterity save (DC 10 +(1d10)) for half damage.
Acid spews forth, leaving a (1d8)+(1d10)*5/2 (round up) ft puddle. This deals 3d6 acid damage to any creature that ends its turn there for the duration.
Target is healed for (1d8) + (1d10) worth of hit points each round of the duration.
Target receives a +(1d8) bonus to all rolls for the duration.
Target receives a –(1d10) penalty to all rolls for the duration.
Target is confused for the duration, a Wisdom save (DC 10 +(1d10)) ends. (1d8) *10% chance of not doing anything each turn. If the target attacks, they must choose randomly from amongst viable targets.
A deluge of copper coins pours forth, (1d8)*(1d10)*10, each round for the duration or until a new effect is triggered. This deals 1 damage per 10 coins in a 15 ft cone. Dex save (DC 14) for half damage.
Worthless wooden coins pour forth, (1d8)*(1d0)*10, each round for the duration or until a new effect is triggered. This deals 1 damage per 50 coins in a 5 ft cone. Dex save (DC 14) for half damage.
The target’s sex is flipped, immediately changing their physical form for the duration. If (1d8) is even, their gender also flips. If (1d0) is even, their sexual orientation also flips (even asexual flips to pansexual, etc.). This
stuns the creature for 1 round while the changes take place. If (1d8)+(1d10)>15, the effect is permanent.
Target’s hair, facial hair, fur, claws, nails, teeth, etc all grow as if they had gone (1d8) months without trimming. They regrow if trimmed during the duration.
Target receives (1d8) + (1d10) damage each round of the duration. This damage cannot reduce them below 1 hit point.
The target is Polymorphed into a random animal for the duration.
The target is Polymorphed into a random adult dragon for the duration.
The target is disrobed and disarmed of all items and possessions, leaving them in a neat pile (1d8) feet away. A Charisma save (DC 10 +(1d10)) allows them to keep their clothes and armor on. The items continually slip from the hands of any creature that tries to pick them up for the duration.
The Rod of Wonder flies to the hand of the targeted creature, heals them for (1d8) + (1d10) damage, and allows the that wielder to roll twice on any Rod of Wonder activation for the duration and choose either or both of those results, choosing the order in which they occur if they would override one another.

Runner’s Anklet        4000
A Runner’s Anklet is a plain iron chain that fits loosely around a creature’s ankle or wrist. While worn, the wearer’s movement speed is increased by 10ft. Additionally, if they move their whole move action in a straight line, their movement speed for that move action is increased by another 20 ft and they impose disadvantage on any attacks of opportunity that move action triggers.

Rust Monster’s Grasp       14000

This massive rusty gauntlet is large enough to fit over an already armored hand of a human sized creature. The Rust Monster’s Grasp instantly rusts any metal object it touches, including ones own worn armor if care is not taken. It rusts and corrodes up to 5 pounds of metal each round.

Sandstorm Parasol   6000

This beige parasol can be unfurled and twirled to change the weather. Activating this parasol as an action makes it drier (-30 % chance of precipitation), 10 degrees warmer, and increases the wind by one category in the surrounding mile when outdoors. The combination of these factors may kick up a dust or sandstorm in already dry conditions. Each hour of use after the first has a 1 in 6 chance of leaving the parasol in tatters. Using the Sandstorm Parasol indoors raises the surrounding 60 ft’s temperature by 10 degrees, creates a warm breeze, and drops the humidity drastically. The wearer is unaffected by these weather changes.

Scarlet and Blue Ioun Stone        9000

Split in two halves, this red and blue diamond rotates about its center randomly while floating just over the wearer’s left shoulder. The wearer gets a +2 bonus to their Intelligence.

Scholar’s Spectacles         7000

These thick rimmed glasses sit heavily upon their wearer’s face, constantly drooping to the end of their nose. Scholar’s Spectacles grant a +2 bonus to both intelligence and wisdom. In addition, the wearer need only spend half as much time copying spells, writing scrolls, translating languages, or learning new skills. The material and expense costs of those tasks do not change.

Scholar’s Spectacles, Master         18000

Master Scholar’s Spectacles are half inch thick glasses set in golden rims. Also, small rods hold additional lens of to the side of the main lenses, allowing them to be swung into place for further magnification. The wearer gets a +4 bonus to both Intelligence and Wisdom. In addition, the wearer need only spend one quarter the normal time copying spells, scribing scrolls, translating written languages, or learning new skills from written texts.

Scouting Wand 500

A scouting wand is fletched arrow missing its head. Throwing the wand into the sky, causes it to take flight and allow the thrower to see, from a birds eye view, a six mile radius circle centered up to ten miles away. After five minutes, or after the thrower recalls it, the wand returns. The wand can be used this way twice each day.

Seer’s Crystal Ball    65000

A Seer’s Crystal Ball is a solid hemisphere of glass set in a silver rim, with the bottom see-through. Gazing upon it, the user can remotely see: from a bird’s eye view of a 5 mile radius up to 100 miles away, from a known point where the user has stood previously, or look through the ball itself through the bottom to be able to see magic and identify it exactly. The crystal ball can be used freely for the first 10 minutes each day, but each minute after that requires a Wisdom saving throw (DC equal to the number of minutes used that day) or the looker gets vertigo and spends the next minute vomiting. Additionally, any sight spells cast using the ball as a focus have their range doubled. Any rolls for those spells are rolled with advantage. This includes any spell that alters a creature’s vision, allows the caster to see something, etc. Finally, any targeted spell with a specific range has that range increased by 50% while the wearer holds the Seer’s Crystal Ball.

Sharpening Scabbard       20000

What at first appears to be a simple loop of leather, will actually resize itself, once touched, to fit as  a scabbard for its owner’s weapon. Any weapon drawn forth from this scabbard will see itself sharpened and made much more dangerous. Such a weapon increases its critical threat range by 4 points, granting a normal weapon a critical hit on a 16-20 for example. This bonus threat range decreases by 1 point after each critical hit, until eventually it returns to 0. The scabbard can only sharpen a weapon three times each day. A Sharpening Scabbard can even fit improvised or unusual weapons, but nothing larger than what the wearer can wield in two hands.  

Shrinking Boat 7500

The Shrinking Boat is a scale replica of a boat, reduced to the size of a large backpack and weighing 50 pounds. With a command word, the boat grows to its full size, given enough space to accommodate it. The base Shrinking Boat is only a six person rowboat complete with oars and small anchor; however, larger ships are possible but cost more. A river barge costs 150000, a small galley 20000, a large galley 40000, a sailboat 50000, and a galleon 100000. It is rumored that a shrinking Astral Ship exists, and even shrinks its passengers down to miniature size as well, but it has never been recorded.

Shrinking Forge        1500

This tiny forge is shrunk down to doll-size, allowing it to fit in a large bag or backpack. It can hold a whole set of blacksmithing tools, an anvil, up to 100 pounds of metal, and a few hours worth of fuel along with it when it shrinks. It always weighs 50 pounds when shrunk down, no matter how many tools, how much fuel, nor what amount of metal it carries with it. When grown to full size, it needs a full 20 foot cube of space to unfold. The forge has all the tools one might need for blacksmithing, forging, smelting, and metalwork.

Siege Engineer’s Survey   9000

This staff mounted viewing glass has precise angles and measurements carved into its elaborate bronze mounting gears. If one spends a full minute surveying a structure within 500 ft. and then captains a piece of siege equipment, that siege equipment has advantage on both its attack and damage rolls against the surveyed structure. In addition, using the viewing glass to sight previous attack from the siege weapon grants double the usual bonuses to an attack from repeated misses with a siege weapon.

Siren’s Lyre            9000

Played softly, this four stringed lyre produces a soothing tone, like a mother cooing to a newborn crossed with a lover cooing to her mate. The Siren’s Lyre produces a charming effect on enemies that hear it. Enemies within 300 feet must make a Wisdom save (DC 14) or spend their next move action coming as close as possible to the lyre player. A creature that makes this save is immune to the Siren’s Lyre’s song for an hour. Any creature of the opposite gender/sex that attracts it to the player make this save at disadvantage. Three times each day, the lyre may cast Hold Person or Hold Monster on a creature affected by its song. The lyre doubles any earnings from a professional performance due to the quality and beauty of its music. Playing the Siren’s Lyre is a move equivalent action.

Slippers of Spider Climbing         400

Sticky, silken stockings hold fast to any surface they touch. The wearer of the Slippers of Spider Climbing may move at their base land speed along the walls, ceilings, or other surfaces, so long as they are not wet or otherwise too slippery or icy that a spider could not climb them. The stockings will not fit over armored boots.

Smoke Djinn’s Bottle        6000

The bronze incense burning lamp, the Smoke Djinn’s Bottle, appears indistinguishable from a Genie’s Lamp. However, when Smoke Djinn’s Bottle is opened, smoke pours forth unceasingly. The smoke fills a 1000 cubic feet of air with smoke each round, or less if not fully unstoppered. The smoke provides concealment against targets less than 10 feet away and total concealment against any targets further than that. If the bottle is rubbed, perhaps by one who mistook this item for a Genie’s Lamp, the bronze lamp shakes and pours forth smoke for one minute, unable to be stopped or blocked. The smoke is thick and creatures can only breath in it for as many rounds as half their constitution score, afterwards they begin to suffocate.

Snakestaff      3000

A Snakestaff is a long wooden pole with a  carved jade snake wrapped around its top, eyes gleaming with red glass. A Yuan-Ti that wields this staff gains an extra spell slot of the highest spell level they can cast. Any spellcaster wielding the Snakestaff may cast the following spells using an equivalent or higher spell: Comprehend Languages, Alter Self, and Hypnotic Pattern. Also, at a command, the Snakestaff transforms into a large python under the command of the wielder. If the snake dies, it returns to its staff form and cannot be called forth for a week. In snake form, it can be healed normally. Any creature that can speak with snakes can access the staff’s abilities while it is in snake form.

Snakestaff, Great Viper     12000

Like the Snakestaff, the Great Viper Snakestaff grants a bonus spell slot to Yuan Ti and also allows its wielder to cast spells. This greater staff has a jade snake wrapped up and down the entirety of the staff, with the snake holding a large ruby in its mouth at the top. The spells that can be cast through this staff using an equivalent or higher spell are: Comprehend Languages, Alter Self, Hypnotic Pattern, and Stoneskin. The staff can transform into a huge constrictor snake at a verbal command, and follows the verbal directions of the staff wielder. If the wielder can talk to snakes, they can access the staff’s abilities even while it is in the form of a huge constrictor snake. If the snake dies, it returns to staff form and cannot be called forth for one week. In snake form, it can be healed normally.

Serpent Staff, Monstrous   28000

Bearing upon its jade rod a massive, frilled and exotic snake-like beast, the Monstrous Snakestaff is the peak form when compared to its lesser cousins. This staff grants any Yuan-Ti wielder a bonus spell slot of the highest and second highest spell levels they can cast. Also, the staff wielder can cast the following spells using an equivalent or higher spell: Comprehend Languages, Alter Self, Hypnotic Pattern, Stoneskin, Modify Memory, and Flesh to Stone. The staff itself can be commanded to turn into an ancient and monstrous snake. The serpent is over sixty feet long, with dark black and gold scales lining its thick, muscular body. The terrible beast’s maw is lined with razor sharp teeth, and when it moves, a thin coat of golden slime covers its scales. This snake is intelligent, but allied with the ‘wielder’. Any creature that can speak to snakes can access the staff’s abilities even while it is in snake form. If the serpent dies, it returns to staff form and cannot be called forth for one week. In snake form, it can be healed normally.

Monstrous Serpent HD 18+4 (160 HP), G, AC 22, S 24, D20, C18, I 16, W 20, Ch 12, ATK 2 (+10 Bite x2, Constrict*), DAM 3d6+7, 4d10+20. MOV 60/SWM 100/CLM 60. SAV F18. *If the Monstrous Serpent hits with a bit attack, it makes a grapple check to wrap around the target. Grappled enemies take constrict damage each round on the serpent’s turn until they escape. Creatures that touch the Serpent’s scales are exposed to a contact poison, Constitution save (DC 15) or take 3d6 poison damage each round until a save is made. Attacks against the serpent by creatures susceptible to fear effects are made at a -1 penalty, no save.

Up next is Part XIII.

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