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Thaumaturgy, Trinkets, and Tools (Part XIII)

We’re in the home stretch, with only two more posts to finish out my brainstormed list. With this series coming to a close for now, I would very much appreciate any feedback you have. To show you how much I appreciate the feedback, I will write up something of your choice (that has a similar effort level as 3-5 magic items, encounters, monsters, etc).
As usual, here is the link to the previous twenty magical trinkets.

Snaring Rope 18000

Steel threads run through this thin silk rope. Snaring Rope is a 100 foot long living rope. It weighs only a few pounds and can be commanded to tie, knot, move, and hook itself as an animated rope, moving up to 30 feet each round. It can also be called on to entangle, bind, and immobilize a creature within 5 feet of itself. The snaring rope has an AC of 18, from both its toughness and agility, and the targeted creature must make a Dexterity save (DC 16) or be restrained. On subsequent rounds, the creature must make an opposed grapple check versus a +6 bonus at the beginning of each turn, or be immobilized and rendered helpless. They must continue with these checks until they either escape or become immobilized. A success by more than five or a successful opposed grapple check made as an action allow the creature to escape the Snaring Rope. The rope has 100 hit points. If it is reduced to 0 hit points, the rope falls to pieces and loses its magical properties. It can carry up to 500 pounds and drag five times that much, given a strong anchoring point to pull from.

Solar Hood     4000

A Solar Hood grants its wearer some revitalizing benefits while in the sun. The blue-black hexagonal crystals covering the top and back of this shiny cloth hood heat up to a soothing warmth in the direct sun. The wearer of the hood regenerates one spell level worth of magical energy for each hour they spend in the sun. These spell levels can be used to recharge a single use of an equivalently powerful magic item, spell slot, or supernatural ability. Each spell level may instead be absorbed to gain 1d8+2 temporary hit points. Using the magical energies in the Solar Hood takes only a free action. The hood can only store up to four solar hours of energy at a time, and they degrade at a rate of one solar hour each day.

Songbird in a Box 50

A tiny lead bird is chained to the inside of this box. Once opened, the bird will quietly listen carefully for the next minute, hopping at the end of its tiny chain. After that, scratching the underside of the bird’s neck causes it to repeat, exactly, the minute of sound that it listened to. If the box is shut and reopened, the bird will attempt to listen to a fresh minute of noise, losing its memory of the previous minute, unless its fine lead feathers are stroked gently upon opening.

Spell Clicker   500

A simple metal box, the Spell Clicker clicks more loudly and frequently the more magical auras and effects are near. The intensity and frequency of its clicks scale inversely with the distance from these magical effects.

Spider Cloak 15000

Delicate, white, nearly invisible threads are woven into the beautifully symmetrical spider-web patterns of the Spider Cloak. Draped about the shoulders, the cloak is so light it hardly feels as if one is wearing it at all. The wearer of the cloak is immune to all poisons and webs of spiders and their closely related monstrous cousins. Additionally, the wearer can speak with spiders as Speak with Animals and spiders have a naturally friendly or helpful disposition towards the wearer. With a wave of the cloak, the wearer can cast Web as an action, at will. They may use this ability to instead attach a silken thread to a solid surface within 120 feet as a free action. Wearing the Spider Cloak grants the wearer an astounding understanding of rope and thread; they gain a climb speed of 60 ft on ropes and webs, have advantage on checks related to ropes, and treat a fall as 50 ft shorter if they are holding an anchored rope or web.

Spider Mule    7500

Copper spider legs extend out from a flat platform. The Spider Mule can carry up to 1 ton of bags, boxes, and items on its nested hooks and shelves while moving at its full speed of 30 ft/round. It follows basic instructions: follow, come, go (in a direct path to the spot pointed at), and stay. The longer they function, the more they begin to take on small behavioral quirks: following too closely, needing extra prodding to go near water, fetching anything the owner drops, curling up next to their owner at night, etc.

Spider’s Rod 9000

This hollow onyx tube is adorned with loose silk threads. Etched into these bands are indecipherable runes. Twisting these runes lets the wielder call forth a spider from the end of the black tube as a standard action. Adjusting these runes allows the wielder to control the size, type, and coloration of the spider. The spiders have the normal abilities of a poisonous, hunting, or burrowing spider of their size. Up to 6 HD worth of spiders(s) can be summoned forth from the Spider’s Rod as an action, with up to 15 HD total at any one time. These spiders are under the control of the holder of the rod. Upon death or a touch of the rod, these spiders disintegrate into a puff of silk threads. In addition to summoning spiders, if the wielder has any ability to turn, control, rebuke, or command creatures of a given type, that ability can also be used on spiders. The spiders obey the verbal commands of the wielder, given in a whispering, clicking language, and the wielder understands the responses of their spiders likewise.

Spy’s True Face 33000

White ceramic covers the users face in a blank humanoid mask. A Spy’s True Face can store the likenesses, personality ticks, and dress of a dozen people, and allows the wearer to shift between them as a move action. They are indistinguishable from the original. This can be done quickly as a free action but the disguise leaves out a few minor details, necessitating a disguise check. Likenesses can be gleaned from as little as a momentary glance at the target’s face and body. Accents, speech, and personality quirks are copied by hearing them speak as few as 10 different words. Basic physical and minor supernatural abilities are copied as well in this disguise, but must be seen being performed to be stored with the likeness. Armors and worn items meld with this new form after shapeshifting, and are inactive. The wearer can store their own appearance in order to make it easier to access their worn items and equipment.

Staff of Charming   2000

A Staff of Charming is a purple-heart crooked staff topped with rainbow bird feathers. This staff grants a bonus to charm spells. A creature that has been charmed by the wielder must make a Wisdom save (DC equal to the spell’s DC) or not view their previous mind-alteration with hostility. The wielder can cast the following spells by using a spell of equivalent or higher level: Friends or Charm Person.

Staff of Diplomacy 5000

The Staff of Diplomacy is a well worn, oak bough carved with elaborate calligraphy for the word “friend” in innumerable languages, some long dead. Any creature that can speak more than five languages gains a bonus spell slot of the highest spell level they can cast while they wield this staff. A spellcaster can use this staff to cast the following spells using an equivalent or higher level spell: Sanctuary, Detect Thoughts, and Tongues. Additionally, the wielder of this staff rolls Charisma checks to surrender, parley, or begin negotiations at advantage. If using Better Combat, they deal +5 damage on Diplomacy-based nonlethal attacks.

Staff of Fear    3000

Brown moss and knots of sharp thorns hang from this bent and gnarled dead-wood staff. A Staff of Fear grants a bonus to fear based spells. A creature that has been affected by a fear effect of the holder must make a Wisdom save (DC equal to the original fear effect) or regard the staff holder as one step more favorably out of fearful aversion. This reaction change lasts for as long as the original fear effect did. Other actions may change this as normal. Typical scales for this are Hostile, Unfriendly, Indifferent, friendly, helpful. The wielder may also cast the following spells using an equivalent or higher level spell: Bane or Fear.

Staff of Humanity    10000

A leather grip bisects this strong oak staff, while iron caps on both ends make it easy to lean on this staff for support. The Staff of Humanity grants a bonus spell slot of the highest level a human wielder can cast and lets the user cast the following spells using an equivalent or higher spell slot: Heroism, Mirror Image, Haste, and Mordenkainen’s Faithful Hound.When the staff holder makes trades, the other party is considered one step friendlier for the purposes of calculating prices and bargaining. Reaction rolls are made at a +1, skewing random encounters to be initially less hostile and more friendly.

Staff of the Tides    7500

The Staff of the Tides is a pink and blue coral shaft, approximately 5 feet in length, Grants merfolk, merrow, Kuo-toa, and sahuagin wielders a bonus spell of the highest spell level that they can cast. Wielders of the staff can cast the following spells using an equivalent or higher level spell: Create or Destroy Water, Pass Without Trace, and Control Water. Additionally, when the wielder swims through water, water follows the staff, creating a wave or current that pulls other creatures. Creatures within 5 feet of the wielder’s movement through water must make a Strength check (DC 14) or be moved 5 feet in the direction of the wielder’s movement. The wielder’s swim speed increases by 20 feet as water parts easily around the staff and its holder.  

Steam Pipe
Okay, more probably like this though

Steam Pipe     4000

This bronze tube, fixed inside a nest of whirring gears and knobs, lets loose a constant trickle of warm steam. When its conical cap is levered off the open end of the tube by its handle, a strong blast of steam billows forth continuously, filling 25 cubic feet of air with hot steam each round. If the Steam Pipe is held open, the steam cloud expands each round radially or in the direction the end is pointed. A creature that ends its turn in the steam takes 2d6 fire damage. The created steam cools rapidly, with each gout of steam lasting only one minute before condensing back to a warm water. The steam itself provides concealment against non-adjacent creatures and total concealment against any creature further than 20 feet away.

Stony Silence Glyph      18000

This bamboo stamp has a raised, hollow circle with a single, eldritch character, “Silence”, in the middle. A Stony Silence Glyph can utilize any substance as its ink, so long as it remains legible after stamping. Once stamped on a solid surface, the magical glyph enforces a magical silencing effect within 30 ft. Any hostile creature that attempts to speak or cast a spell within its radius is accosted by a conjured stone hand that attempts to clamp over their mouth. Creatures that attempt to communicate or cast spells using other methods will find those appendages arrested by a stone hand as well. They must make a Dexterity save (DC 15) or take 2d6+4 bludgeoning damage and be singularly affected by a Silence spell. This effect ends when the glyph ends or if the stone hand is destroyed. The hand has 30 hit points, and resistance to non-bludgeoning damage. Half of the damage dealt to the hand by any strikes or blows is also dealt to the muffled creature. If multiple glyphs are overlapped, they combine their effects, forming one area of effect that has radius 10 feet larger, deals an additional 1d6+2 damage, and has stone hands with 10 more hit points. If three or more glyphs are overlapped, any hostile creature that makes noise in the area of effect is accosted by a stone hand on the source of the noise, such as footfalls, clanking armor, etc. Up to three glyphs can be placed each day and up to five glyphs can exist at any one time. These glyphs last for a week, until the ink used becomes illegible, or it is the oldest glyph when a sixth glyph would be placed, whichever comes first.

Storm Parasol   2000

Unfurling this black and grey swirling parasol has a high chance of encouraging inclement weather. Each time the parasol is opened, it increases the precipitation and wind speed by one step for as long as it is held open, to a maximum of a normal thunderstorm or heavy rain. The parasol can be used for an hour each day with no risk, with each opening of the parasol counting as a minimum of ten minutes of use. Every ten minutes of use after that hour has a 1 in 6 ripping the thin fabric apart, destroying the Storm Parasol. The wearer is unaffected by this increase in wind and weather.

Tired of just giving the same boring gem cuts?

Stormlord’s Gem    60000

Currently seated in a gaudy but non-magical crown, this trilliant sapphire sparkes with electricity inside its clear blue crystal. The one who holds this gem has great power over the weather. They may change it at will as Change Weather. This gem also makes its wearer and any number of creatures, buildings, or vehicles within 100 feet immune to non-magical weather effects. While outdoors in a storm, the Stormlord’s Gem constantly maintains a Call Lightning effect that can be directed as a free action once each round. It may likewise be directed to perform a Thunderwave as a free action once each round. Finally, the air around this gem swiftly swirls, any ranged or thrown weapon attacks against it or its wearer are made with disadvantage.

Stranger Signet       400

A Stranger Signet bears upon its copper band a single draconic rune meaning “Forgotten”. No matter how long or how intimately one may know the wearer of this ring, on first glance, they will not recognize the wearer for a brief moment. They instead think of them as a run-of-the-mill stranger or uninteresting acquaintance for those that find all strangers noteworthy. Anything more than a momentary glance or sighting in a crowd breaks this illusion.

I collect these, btw. They’re my favorite MTG cad.

Sundial of the Infinite 2500

A stone sundial the size of a compass allows its user some control over their own flow of time. The user may end their turn as a free action. This delays any saving throws, effects, death saving throws, effect durations, etc. This must be done before such a roll or saving throw would be called for. Magical effect’s durations decrease at the beginning of a turn, and a user must forego their entire turn to delay an effect decreasing its remaining time. The wearer may still be acted upon normally and can still take reaction actions, but do not gain new ones on skipped turns.

Sun Rod, Lesser     1000

This peeling yellow, painted wood rod casts a constant light as a torch out to 30 feet. The Lesser Sun Rod cannot be extinguished, but usually come with a black felt slip cover for when light is not desired.

Sun Rod   4000

A Sun Rod is a gold rod that shines brightly out to 90 feet. It cannot be extinguished, but has a black leather holster that allows no light through. Thrice each day, the Sun Rod brightens fiercely at its command word, “Sunlight”, extends its bright light radius out to 120 feet, and treats the 30 foot radius around the Sun Rod as sunlight. This effect lasts for 1 minute.

Sun Rod, Greater    16000

The swirling red-iron and gold handle of the Greater Sun Rod is topped by an animated ceramic ‘sun’. The Greater Sun Rod casts sunlight out to 60 ft and bright light out to 160 feet. A small cloth bag depicting a full moon can be slipped over the ceramic sun to block this light and instead glow with 160 feet of dim light that only the holder can see, similar to darkvision. As an action, the wielder can mutter “Flare”, and the ceramic sun will shoot forth a beam of searing energy where the rod is pointed. This deals 1d10 radiant and 1d10 fire damage as a ranged touch attack. Three times each day, the wielder can instead shout, “Nova!”, and the Greater Sun Rod shoots forth a 160 foot line of concentrated sunlight, for 3d10 radiant and 3d10 fire damage. A dexterity save (DC 16) reduces this damage by half. Undead struck by this ability automatically fail this save and take maximum damage.

Part XIV is up.

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