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Thaumaturgy, Trinkets, and Tools (Part XV)

This post will conclude my series on wondrous magic items, I can’t believe we are already at the end of my long list of brainstormed magic items. If you want to see more magic items, check out my previous two series on Magic Armor, Magic Weapons, or wait until I begin my Disposable Magic Items series next! I have to say I had the most fun on this series out of the three because I can be more random with my effects and cliches than I could on things that still have to be considered weapons or armor. I can only imagine what insanity will come up with magic items that don’t even need to be permanent…

The previous 20 are right here, Part XIV. Check out my other posts here, and let me know what you think with a comment, +1, or on a post on your own blog.

Vainglory Mirror      8000

This hand-held oak bordered mirror appears to be a Wise Mirror, but it specializes in giving false answers and false encouragement. If it is asked a question with the “Mirror Mirror…” command word of its cousin, it gives whichever answer will cause the most problems for the user, giving the right answer to hide its true nature when necessary. One who knows it for a Vainglory Mirror can turn these powers upon their foes with the phrase “Who is the greatest of them all?” The mirror will reply coldly with a phrase describing the targeted foe with a subtle backhanded compliment. The foe must make a Wisdom save (DC 15) or be unable to notice any damage they receive for the next 2d6 rounds, seeing those attacks as near misses or successfully avoided. The mirror can only be used once each combat in this manner.

Valkyrie Helm 6000

This full helm is adorned with a pair of large, silver wings that arc up and back. As part of the wearer’s attack action, they may move up to 10 feet in any style of movement in which they have a movement speed. Their attack(s) may take place at any point along this movement. Any healing performed on the wearer while they are below 3 hit points is doubled. If the wearer dies in battle wearing this helm, their soul is rumored to be automatically allowed access to a warrior god’s afterlife if they so desire.

Vein-sight Goggles   6000

The Vein-sight Goggles allow their wearer to see through solid material as if it were foggy glass to a limit of 60 feet. The leather-strapped Vein-sight Goggles have solid metal lenses and faint etchings on the lens’ faces. The goggles provide penetrating vision but pure metals are completely opaque to them, while less pure metals are visible as proportionally opaque glass. It is hard to distinguish non-metals seen in this way, with the user taking a -10 penalty to perception skill checks related to non-metals. Using these for more than 5 minutes in a day requires a Constitution check (DC 5 + minutes used) or the user becomes nauseous for 1d6 minutes and some of their hair falls out.
Vibrant Purple Ioun Stone 15000
A bright, royal purple, three-pointed-crown-shaped stone circles spins just above its users head. The user can store up to three spell levels worth of spell or spell-like abilities in this crown as a free action. Calling the magic back out requires the normal action it would require to use that ability and it is done using the ability modifiers of the creature that stored it.

Volcanic Staff    7500

This ashen staff smouldering with lines of fire grants a bonus spell slot of the highest spell level a creature can cast for as long as it is on fire, this ability can only grant up to one bonus spell slot each day. Spellcasters may use this staff to cast the following spells using an equivalent or higher spell level: Burning Hands, Scorching Ray, Fireball, and Wall of Fire. The wielder of this staff has resistance to normal fire damage and heat related effects. Fire spells they cast against creatures with resistance or immunity to fire deal 1 damage per damage die that ignores that resistance.

Wand of Binding     3000

This black wand is tipped at one end with a white knob and adorned with a single black buttons. The Wand of Binding creates a stringed connection between any two surfaces it touches while the button is pressed. This string follows the path of the wand tip, as straight or winding as the wearer makes it, to the final surface it is touched against. The surface bond can only hold up to 100 pounds while the rope itself acts as mundane silk rope. Only 100 feet of ‘rope’ can be created with one activation. Touching the wand again to a surface bond breaks the bond and tapping it thrice upon one of its own ropes dispels the rope.

Wand of Enemy Detection 300

When the owner’s adrenaline kicks in at the start of combat, they can call upon the magic in this segmented steel wand to push them slightly faster, gaining +1d8 to their initiative roll for that combat. This wand can be uses three times each day and need only be in contact with its owners skin. Creatures without a discernable biology gain no benefit from this wand.

Wand of Magic Missiles 500

A Wand of Magic Missiles is a sleek silver wand topped with a pointed, marquise-cut amethyst. Squeezing its handle is enough for it to send out a burst of pure magical force at the target it is pointed at. This functions as a Magic Missile spell for one bolt of 1d4+1 force damage. The wand can be activated up to seven times each day as an action.

Wand of the Battle-Medic  300

A Wand of the Battle-Medic is an ivory rod topped with an oval-cut ruby. Squeezing its soft, white cotton handle and touching it to a creature’s wound causes healing energy to flow forth. This functions as a Cure Wounds spell for 1d6+2 points of healing up to three times each day. Even after this magic is exhausted, the wand still provides a soothing pain-killing effect granting a +2 bonus to any healing checks.

Wand of The Generous Host   200

A Wand of the Generous Host is a two tined golden fork with a round-cut sapphire pommel. Sticking this wand into a ration worth of food, multiplies it into an additional 1d4 rations of the same type, as the wand user is able to distribute additional portions without diminishing the original ration. This effect can only be activated twice each day.

War Rune 12000

This flat, golden badge about the size of a deck of cards can be affixed by a sharp pin or metal rivet to ones armor or clothes. The War Rune allows its owner to turn their spells and spell-like abilities into a bonus towards their combat prowess. Expending a spell grants +1d8 temporary hit points and +1 attack and damage on weapons per spell level of the spell expended. The channeled magical energy also increases the non-magical component of their armor class to a minimum of 10 + the spell level. This effect lasts for one round per level of the spell or equivalent magic effect expended. Channeling the magical energies requires as long as the magical effect itself would require to activate. The wearer may also channel any non-harmful ongoing enchantment’s energies into the War Rune as a free action, dispelling the effect and empowering the wearer.

Warning Glyph  1800

Slathering any substance that remains legible once dry on this marble stamp allows it to place a magical rune to warn of intruders. Up to three stamps can exist at any one time, with newer stamps replacing older ones after this limit is reached. Placing a stamp creates a warded 30 foot radius circle, that triggers a loud cacophony of bird noises that can be heard up to 500 feet away for 1 minute if any creature enters  the circle. Creatures that were touching the Warning Glyph as it placed the stamp are ignored by the warning magics. These stamps last until they are illegible, replaced by newer stamps, or for one month, whichever comes first. If additional stamps are placed adjacent to or overlapping the first, their magic combines to create a single, more powerful warning enchantment. With two stamps, the radius increases to 60 feet, the cacophony of birds can be heard as far away as 1000 feet, and the warning magic is automatically triggered if the glyph is destroyed. With all three stamps placed together, the radius of the circle further increases to 120 feet, the circle’s list of ignored creatures can be modified with a touch, and the warning also alerts the Warning Glyph holder telepathically of the intruder.


Watch Owl      1000

This stuffed owl will clamp down on any suitably sized perch it is placed on and watch for suspicious activity. With a beige dial set in the back of its head, the Watch Owl can be set to different sensitivities at which it will begin to loudly *Hoot*. These sizes include inanimate objects as well as creatures: tiny, small, medium, or large. The Watch Owl looks for any movement of the set size or large, as a passive perception of 15, with darkvision out to 60 feet in a 180 degree arc in front of it. If it sees any movement, it hoots loudly for a minute or until its head is softly stroked, calming it.

Water Djinn’s Ewer    9000

This pure sapphire ewer is capped by an ornate crystal stopper. The Water Djinn’s Ewer sloshes with clear blue water. With its lid turned open, it can be poured forth endlessly, creating as little as a pint of water each round to as much as a high pressure blast of 10 gallons each round. This is approximately 10 cubic feet of water each minute. The blast of this water strikes a 30 foot line each round for 1d6 nonlethal damage and pushes those creatures back 5 feet unless they succeed in a Strength save (DC 14).

Watersight Ring      3500

The Watersight Ring is a wide, smoked-quartz band that sizes itself to fit on a creature’s largest finger. The wearer of this ring can see underwater as if they were under clear and sunny skies. When deep underwater, the ring also provides darkvision out to 60 feet. This ring also removes any visibility penalty in muddy or obscured waters and liquids treating total concealment as concealment and concealment as normal vision.

Weather Vane   1000

Holding this flat, metal, bird-shaped Weather Vane at least twenty feet from the ground outdoors allows the user to forecast the weather. The user becomes aware of the weather up to three days ahead, with a 20% chance of misreading the divination magic, giving an incorrect prediction.

Whiptail Hairband   500

Attaching this metal-beaded length of horse-hair to one’s hair allows them to make whipping attacks as a free action. The wearer of the Whiptail Hairband may make an attack with their magically lengthening hair against a foe within 15 feet. This attack automatically hits a foe and deals 1 non-lethal damage.

Winged Boots   5000

White feathers adorns the ankles of the white, leather Winged Boots. Any flying or flights effects the wearer has have improved maneuverability, increasing by one step: clumsy, poor, average, good, perfect. Additionally, the wearer may fly with poor maneuverability with a speed of 60 feet for 10 minutes each day. When the entirety of this duration is used, the boots no longer contribute to the wearer’s improved maneuverability.   

Wise Mirror     2500

An item mirroring children’s tales, this oak bordered hand mirror must be activated by saying “Mirror, Mirror on the wall…”. Following this activation, the user can ask the mirror a yes or no question that an Augury spell could answer. It has a 20% chance of not being able to answer that question, instead making a sarcastic or insulting comment. Each day, it may be used continuously until it fails to give an answer, after which it will answer no further questions and merely gives sarcastic replies.

Ysgaxil’s Curious Antidote 12000

Inside this glass phial lies a sleeping, bulbous leech about the size and rough shape of a human foot. Attaching Ysgaxil’s Curious Antidote to ones flesh allows a creature with spells or spell-like abilities to expend the associated magical energies to gain temporary mutations. Expending a spell allows the user to gain a number of random mutations. The leech bulges and gulps down this released magical energy, vomiting back scurrying growths of flesh back into the host that become mutations. The user rolls for as many mutations as levels of the expended spell. From this selection, the user must take half of these mutations (rounded up). These mutations last for as many minutes as the number of levels on the expended spell. Activating this effect takes as long as the expended spell or spell-like ability would take to cast. Additionally, any ongoing magical enchantments affecting the wearer can be fed to Ysgaxil’s Curious Antidote. If that effect had a save associated with it, the user must pass a saving throw against that spell, with advantage, in order to feed the magical energies to the leech.

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