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Lazy Linx

I was working on my entry for the One Page Dungeon contest, but got sidelined by the open call for adventure designers. I doubt I’ve got the chops or the background to succeed, but I’ll be damned if I will let this opportunity for practice pass me by.

While I work on these larger projects, go ahead and enjoy this compilation of links to some of my fellow bloggers, with a short snippet of what I enjoy most about them. If you read other blogs or sites with solid content, or write one, let me know in the comments or a direct email/message. I am always on the look out for more stuff to read!

5eGrognard: This grognard is a newer blogger, but he has been converting monsters and magic up to 5e from older generations of D&D, something that I appreciate as I only got into D&D with 3.5e. He’s also been toying with some rules variants that I’m enjoying, namely, lingering injuries.
False Machine: I steal the creative juices pouring forth from every digital pore of this blog. It has crazy good ideas, although they tend to be on the vaguely-insane or dark side of things (my favorite!). He is the source of my SAVAGES post.
Goblin Punch: Arnold does an amazing job with variant rules, variant races, and variant everything. His series on the secret, illuminati style backgrounds of the various demi-humans is reason enough to follow.
Hack & Slash: Courtney has written so much about the crucial elements of Game Master’ing that have helped me improve. This includes everything from player agency and the quantum ogre, to dungeon design and creating interesting NPC’s. In addition, he’s got an extensive series on the random generation of rooms, treasures, NPC’s, and so much more. His PDF on the Non-Player Character (not free, sorry) is solid gold.

Monster Manual Sewn from Pants: This blog started as a place to showcase the entire monster manual sewn from bits of cloth and has turned into a gold mine of weird and insane ideas (again, my favorite kind).

Rendered Press: Unfortunately, this blog is on hiatus currently, but just looking through the backlog there are so many posts of useful creative fluff, not the least of which are his series of entries for the Petty Gods compendium.
Rotten Pulp: What sold me originally was his reworking of an item tracking sheet, but I stayed for the Negadungeons and Follower morale variants.
Surf Archer: If you’re weird(er than a normal D&D blog reader) and like math way too much, this blog runs through an analysis of the numbers to tease out a formula for creating your own monsters and adventures along 5e standards. This is coming from a guy that enjoys tracking my budgets in excel, but the math that goes into these analyses is seriously intense and polished.

Ten Foot Polemic: Cool dungeons, fun rules variants, and great random tables of things lie here. I blatantly stole a bunch of the houserules from his houserules document.

Monster Hunter Nation: The setting, characters, and intrigue of Larry’s stories are an amazing look into oriental adventure settings. It is a write-up of what happens during a monthly game of Legend of Five Rings (I don’t know the game but the story series makes me want to try it).

1 thought on “Lazy Linx

  1. Good luck on your projects!Also, thanks for the shout out. You got some of my favorites already in your list, and some new ones for me to check out.


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