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Mythoard: DIY Easy Unboxing Technique

Step 1: Sign up for Mythoard.

Step 2: Open up your mythoard when it arrives in the mail.

While the content of this little piece is only somewhat interesting, I am a huge fan of the three hole punch style of it. This will fit nicely into a three ring binder for easy access to its small table on the back of random trash items. It would be nice to see more DM style handouts like this in future mythoards. Personally, I don’t run many complete modules written by others (I use them for inspiration mostly) but I do like having small tools like this.

I like the small town feel of this little adventure, as it can really be insterted into any town without any major consequences. Maybe I don’t read enough, but I hardly see this sort of demon trick cliche adventure hook. It is a cool alternative to the usual tavern job posting or treasure hunting, but is still well-worn enough that players can quickly understand what to do.

The Dungeoneers journal is a quick read with plenty useful tools, tricks, fluff stories, and mini adventures. I found the Political Intrigue section to be an outstanding creation guide to making political intrigue on the fly or improving my characters options for establishing political intrigue within their territories. All in all, a nice reprint of an old magazine. Being on the younger side, it is cool to see old source material like this to help expand my skills horizon.
The Gygax Magazine! Some sections of note from this magazine are the fully fleshed out AntiPaladin and the full spread for the One Page Dungeon Contest winner from 2014. Even the ads in it are pretty useful, as they pointed out some game workshop websites I want to check out for crafting materials and miniatures.

My favorite parts of this month  are the dungeonographer dice from and these fantastic little magnetic monster tokens from I supported the Inkwell kickstarter for the city/town version of those dice, making it a pleasant surprise to get the cave spelunker dice. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this type of thing.

My overall impression this month? They are really stepping up their game. This has a wide variety of adventures, magazines, tables, and stuff. I just signed up for a six month subscription and I’m excited to see what comes next. As a side note, they have just uncapped their enrollment, so if you’ve been unable to sign up, now’s your chance!

4 thoughts on “Mythoard: DIY Easy Unboxing Technique

  1. The Dungeoneers Journal is an original. Check out the rust on the staples. Mythoard is the jamzzz!


  2. Sweet jimmy jamz, I do believe you are right. That makes this even cooler!


  3. Right yall are. Those bad boys have been chilling in a box as long as I have been alive(exactly as long actually.)! There's more on the way too. Thanks for signing up spreading the word! Enjoy!


  4. Right yall are. Those bad boys have been chilling in a box as long as I have been alive(exactly as long actually.)! There's more on the way too. Thanks for signing up spreading the word! Enjoy!


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