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Looking for Magic Items? Pick up a Video Game: TF2

So here’s a post I’ve had bouncing around my head for a while. I’ve often thought of how I might try to convert items/weapons/effects from some of my favorite games into my favorite rpg’s. For this post, I’ll show how this can be done with eight weapons from Team Fortress 2.

Beggars bazooka – This cobbled together hunk of wood, bone, and metal holds up to three bolts. When not being reloaded, it fires all loaded bolts as a single attack with no more than one bolt fired at any one target (unless large or larger). Oddly, it allows its wielder to load much more quickly, loading an extra bolt for free after the second consecutive bolt loaded.

Baby Face Blaster– This wrought iron, blunt-nosed hand crossbow that increases your speed by 1 ft each round for each damage you have dealt in this combat. The speed boost maxes out at twice your normal speed.  The bonus drops to 0 ft when you jump or fall prone. While on one’s person, the bow inflicts a -10 ft speed penalty.

Crusaders Crossbow – The glowing bolts fired from this fat wooden crossbow heals 1d6 HP + 1 for every 10 ft of distance it has traveled upon impact with an ally (treated as a touch attack against a willing target). Against enemies, deals damage normally.

Dead-Ringer – A golden ring with a faint blue glow wrapping around its length. As a free action, you may clench the ring, as long as you hold it, the next hit has its damage reduced to 1. This attack appears to kill you and it drops an illusory corpse. You are actually turned invisible for 1 minute or until you attack. This effect can be activated 1/day.

Dispenser – A red or blue, boxy, stone totem that can be staked down once per day. It provides passive healing of 1 hp per round to all allies within 10 ft. This boost is lost when it is picked up and regained when it is planted on the ground. While carried, the totem is destroyed if its carrier dies. It can be used for a total of 5 minutes each day. There are rumors of a greater and epic version of this totem that heal greater amounts and restore lesser abilities daily abilities of the totems allies.

Peg-Leg – This salt soaked, chipped peg leg is a powerful replacement leg for captains and dread pirates. It lets them charge across a crowded and sea tossed ship. During any charge attack, the user may may up to two 45 degree turns.

Buffalo Steak Sanvich – Hell hound flank fills your belly with heat and rage. Eating it grants the effects of rage, -2 AC but +4 attack and damage on melee attacks. This lasts 1 minute. A day later, you vomit up an uneaten Buffalo Steak Sanvich.

Rescue Ranger – This copper, gnome-sized crossbow brings a stationary object struck by its bolt to your hands. The sudden split in the universe knocks you spiritually and physically off balance, giving advantage to your attackers’ damage rolls until you set down the object for at least 1d4 rounds to let it adjust to its new worldly position. The only limit is what you can lift.

1 thought on “Looking for Magic Items? Pick up a Video Game: TF2

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