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Geomorph Design Contest: Traps

In order to avoid missing the deadline this time, I got my entries done a bit early… only to find out the deadline had been pushed back. Better early than late, right? I am starting to get the hang of using different layers to backup my work from dumb mistakes, using selection tools, and some of the editing tools in GIMP. Going forward, I think I’ll try to find a new technique to try for next week to keep pushing my boundaries.

Go check out the other entries here!

“Give It a Whirl”

This is part one of a two-part geomorph that rotates and changes walls. The trap in it is when a character attempts to get themselves inside the treasure room. They may then find they have no way out, pounding on the walls and shouting to be let out. It looks like an unfortunate adventurer found this one out the hard way.

The bottom left bears a statue of a man whose head bears four faces orthogonal to each other. The head rotates along with the room: smiling, sneering, crying, and surprised.
“Twist and Shout”
“Jump Around”

Wall sconces light up a few areas of these rooms, with one remaining unlit as a red herring. The portals here teleport whatever is on top of them every minute, swapping what sits on the paired portals. The only exception to this is the green portal which is unidirectional, leaving the creature stuck. An arcana check could temporarily reverse the teleporting circle, or at least some mining equipment could break a creature free. The stone tablet in front of the green and orange portals reads “Those who pursue life will only find death. It is those who stoop to enjoy the small things will find life.”. Below, a connecting corridor is made dangerous by a trio of three angel statues that shoot forth continuous blasts of elemental energies. These can be disabled with using the hidden switch inside the secret room off of the orange teleportation circle. The desk and bookcases contain various arcane texts and a few scrolls of appropriate level. A thorough search will reveal a book on teleportation circles that will give the players advantage on arcana rolls relating to knowledge about where the teleportation circles lead, how to modify them, and identifying them.

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