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Single-Use Substances and Spelljunk (Part IV)

Part III.

Dawn Powder 500

Finely ground glowing powder that when burned in a normal light source, that light source is treated as if it were true daylight. One use can be mixed with one pint of lamp oil, one torch wrapping, or mixed in to the wick of many candles. Larger or smaller light sources will use up a single portion of Dawn Powder proportionally faster or slower. (30 ft radius-hours). When imbibed, the powder lets its user automatically succeed on the next two death saving throws that they would fail within the next minute. Poured into the mouth of a creature that died in the last minute, that creature returns to life, dying, with two failed death saving throws. Weirdly, this was first discovered as a sedimentary waste created during a distillation of a blindness poison. Some have posited that the light produced by the powder is the stolen light that would be seen by the blind victims.

Dimensional Salt 1500

One a creature’s person or ingested, Dimensional Salt causes any and all teleportation attempts by the creature to fail. The salt only lasts for ten minutes once exposed to air or water before it breaks down. The light pink grains can be ground into a fine powder or mixed into an oily paint to likewise block teleportation through the covered surface. When mixed this way, the salt will last twice as long before oxidizing and can cover up to twenty square feet. The substance is the refined substrate left behind when gods move between planes.

Divine Incense 6000

Divine Incense is an amalgamated wax made from the melted down clippings, trimmings, hairs, nails, and skin flakes of demi-gods. A delicate balance is required in the choosing of materials, too weak a godling and no power can be gleaned from the incense. Too strong a god would leave potential users in a permanent coma. A properly tested Divine Incense, when burned, provides a temporary boost of one additional spell slot of each level. If multiple creatures inhale the smoke, a five foot radius, they all draw from the same pool of bonus spell slots. Each additional creature that inhales the smoke ensures that a little less of the smoke goes to waste, adding 1d3 additional spell levels worth of spell slots to the spell slot pool. Creatures gain no benefit from bonus spell slots of levels they could not normally cast. These bonus spell slots are lost once they are used or when the character has a dream or nightmare.

Dragon Bile 200

Collected stomach juices from a properly ripened dragon organ, Dragon Bile is a devastating acid. The chunky, black-green substance will eat through any substance at a rate of 3 inches per minute, consuming up to 1 cubic foot of material. Only precious metals and gemstones are unaffected. If it is, unadvisedly, spread on a weapon to attack, it adds 2d6 acid damage to each hit. The acid also deals this damage to the weapon on each hit and each round.

Dragon Bile, Refined 5000

Sufficiently old dragons may grow a second, more intense stomach to deal with a diet high in heavy metals, bones, and magic. This mucusy, yellow-green acid devours any substance it touches except for pure gold or flawless gems. Refined Dragon Bile is stored in a pure gold vial capped with a flawless diamond. The acid eats through 1 foot of material each minute, consuming up to 20 cubic feet of material. The acid eats too quickly through any weapon to be applied to anything except gold. On gold, the acid adds 5d6 acid damage on the first hit and depositing the acid on the struck target. Needless to say, do not chip the vial stopper.

Dread Mummy Dust 5500

This glass jar contains a dry, light purple dust collected from risen mummies. Anyone who inhales the gas must make a constitution save (DC 16) or contract mummy rot.

Drow Poison 75

A name given by ignorant overworlders for the myriad of different underdark poisons that all cause the same effect, horrific, blinding pain. Any creature injured with this poison must make a constitution save (DC 12) or fall unconscious from the searing pain for 2d6 rounds. At the end of this duration, the creature must make a Wisdom save (DC 10) or remain in a trance-like state for the next 2d4 hours as their body tries to soothe the pain.

Dying Hourglass 2500

Worn on a thin chain, the Dying Hourglass is a small oak hourglass with fine white sand inside. The hourglass, when turned, will require a full minute before the last sand grain drops. When broken, the hourglass returns its wearer to where they were one minute before. They are returned to the same state they were in at that time, with time winding in reverse, as time stands still for a split second.

Elixir of Truth 500

Elixir of Truth is made from the tears of the confessed sinner, blessed by a priest whose god values truth. Creatures that imbibe this potion must make a Wisdom save (DC 13) or be forced to tell the whole truth to any questions they are directly asked. Such a creature may not embellish, mislead, or intentionally obscure the truth, to their best knowledge, while under the effects of this potion. The effects last for 1 hour. If the affected creature is purposefully lied to, and knows it is a lie, that creature gets a new save against the elixir’s effects with disadvantage.

Elixir of Vision 150

Splashing this slightly salty elixir into one’s eyes grants increased vision for 30 minutes. The Elixir of Vision improves a creature’s vision by one step: normal vision to low-light vision and low-light vision to dark vision. The creature has advantage on vision based checks and has their sight range doubled. Once the elixir wears off, the creature’s eyes become red, bloodshot, and dry. This causes the creature to gain light sensitivity for the next hour. This duration can be cut short by ten minutes spending an action to hold their eyes open until they tear up, requiring a Constitution save (DC 10).

Part V.

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