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Inkwell Ideas: Citymorphs. A kickstarter recieved

I got my Inkwell Ideas City/Village morph dice last week and I’ve been toying around with them. Not only will they make on-the-fly village generation easy in my games, but they are quite fun to keep in a desk drawer!

Here’s everything I backed, two sets of the city/village dice and a set of the ruins dice. From the kickstarter rewards, I got a few extra dice, the 3×3 holder, and a sample pack of Inkwell’s encounter and monster cards. I’d say that was a pretty good haul.
The detail on them hits just the right middle ground between being too small to see and too large to have interesting details.

Mezkar City has a forbidden quarter. Cartographers caught mapping it will have their hands removed. Those giving directions or telling tales of it will have half their tongues removed.
I rolled everything I’ve got into a large city or maybe a whole quarter of a metropolis? What’s in the missing area in the middle? Maybe its a block perpetually covered in darkness or a sewage pit. The possibilities with these dice are endless! I can’t wait until Inkwell gets back from GenCon and publishes the high quality .PDF’s so I can digitally save and modify some maps.
Overall, I see it being a useful tool especially for sandbox games where players may run far off course. If these .PDF’s are anything like the last ones, they should be exactly what I need to run whatever towns my players come across.

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