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Single-Use Substances and Spelljunk (Part V)

Part IV.

Escape Plan 750

What appears to be a normal button fastener can be snapped open with purposeful force. The hollow button contains a powerful mix of abjuration and vapor stimulants. Broken, it releases a faint garlicky vapor that invigorates the user. The Escape Plan obscures the wearer by 50% and grants a 50 foot speed boost. The obscuring effect fades by 10% each round and with each attack the user makes. The speed boost lasts for 1 minute and by 10 feet for each attack made.
Don’t overdose

Essence of Life 5000

A black and white spiral shell houses a squirming, ten-tentacled leech responds to a warm-blooded touch. Held up to the mouth, the Essence of Life steals the user’s hit points, 1d6 hit points each round. When it is cracked open, the foul, rotting salty smell of its organs restore as many hit points the Essence has consumed. The Essence of life digests 1 stored hit point each hour. After consuming a total of 100 hit points, the Essence of Life buds off into ten larval mollusks. These mollusks, if they survive predation, will grow into Essence of Life in 1d3 years.  

Evard’s Black Bomb 650

Squirming, tickling black koosh-ball explodes with a loud squish when it hits a hard surface. Thrown up to forty feet, it expands like a coiled black snake into a rude mass of black tentacles. Thick strands of mucus string between the waving pseudopods. Any creature that enters within a 10 foot radius of the center trigger a grapple attempt with a +5 strength bonus.
Explosives, Crude 400
Crude Explosives are a small ceramic barrel shrapnel bomb made with a combination of alchemical and magical processes to launch a burst of stone and metal offal. It deals 4d6 damage to creatures within 30 feet but only ¼ damage to objects. A Dexterity save (DC 14) for half damage. Crude explosives detonate 1d6 rounds after the fuse is lit.

Explosives 1000

Inside the lantern-sized wood barrel lies a deadly payload. A massive shrapnel burst of sharpened metal bits and jagged rocks deal 8d6 slashing damage to all creatures in a 50 foot radius but only ¼ of that damage to objects. A Dexterity save (DC 15) will reduce the damage by half. Creatures receive one point of ongoing bleed damage for every 5 damage taken from the blast. Those that failed their saves get a -2 penalty on their death saving throws until their bleed damage is healed. The explosives go off 1d4+1 rounds after the fuse is lit.

Explosives, Refined 5000

A deafening explosion precedes a cloud of sharpened ceramic needles and sharpened metal coils bursting from this fist sized metal canister. 1d3+2 rounds after the fuse is lit, the explosive deals 15d6 slashing damage to all creatures in a 60 foot radius. Objects only take ¼ of this damage. The magical shrapnel inside will curve around cover, negating everything short of total cover. A Dexterity save (DC 17) reduces the damage by half. The deep, vicious wounds from this bomb inflict ongoing bleed damage equal to one quarter the damage taken from the blast. Bleeding creatures have disadvantage on their death saving throws until their bleed damage is healed.

Feather Token

Feather tokens originated from the moltings of Harzus i’Otun, demi-god of birds of prey. Every thing he ate became a feather on his gargantuan, four-winged form. Most feather tokens today are recreations. Harzu i’Otun’s feathers are mostly found near great craters, the remnants of towns and mountains swallowed up. It is rumored that his brightest and largest feathers hold mighty beasts, artifacts, oceans, and continents.


Feather Token Fan 100

This tiny white-grey feather transforms into an elaborate wooden handled ostrich feather fan that can create a continual minor wind within a 30 foot 90 degree arc or single, strong blasts of wind in a 60 ft line every 1d6 rounds. Each new activation of the fan has a 1 in 20 chance of irreparably destroying the fan.

Feather Token Air Buffalo 8000

A beige feather bears upon it a wide brown arrow. If the user breaks the feather and stands back, a Huge, saddled giant beige buffalo will grow forth. This buffalo has the inexplicable ability to fly with average maneuverability and can carry up to four tons. It has enough space for 5 medium sized creatures to ride comfortably. It won’t attack in combat but can slam and gore attackers to defend itself. It will only go inside with a very difficult handle animal check (DC 25), and even then will still be ornery. Each day, the Air Buffalo must be kept fed and well groomed, costing 50 in supplies each week.  Failure to keep the buffalo happy means the buffalo will get grumpy and leave. HD 5 (60), Huge, AC 15, Slam/Gore, +7/+6 (2d6+3,1d8+2), Move 30 ft/ Fly 60 ft.


Feather Token Boat 500

This large white feather transforms into a lightweight but sturdy swan feather boat complete with long stemmed feather oars. The boat can hold up to 2000 pounds yet it weighs only 5 pounds.

Feather Token Great Bird 10000

Cracking this pebble-grey feather causes it to transform into a loyal dove the size of a horse. With  The dumb, but well meaning bird can carry a small creature easily and a medium creature at half speed. It take orders like a small child, and can relay basic scouting information, albeit with a simple version of charades and cooing. HD 3 (20), Large, AC 14, Beak/Talon x2, +4/+2 (1d6+2,1d4+1), Move 10 ft/ Fly 80 ft.

Part VI.

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