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Five Link Friday: An Explosive Start

Scrapprincess posted up some hacks for those boring mainstream board games. My favorite is the last on the list, Omegabomb risk. It’s like risk but the world starts to blow up from the conflict. I can only imagine the metagame would involve baiting out enemies until everyone starts to worry about the world being gone. The only winning move is not to play.

BLOOD CARNIST – This is both an awesome name for a D&D class and is a very well articulated essay that hits reasoning I’ve been trying to articulate. It lays out a justification and understanding of eating meat, an interesting read.  Oh, and after reading it, I found it had been written by someone who I already follow, small world!

Maybe the Blood Carnist is a barbarian variant that gains the ability to harness strength from the creatures it eats. As the class levels up, the range of possible abilities increases as well as the number of simultaneous meats that can be digested. Maybe an anti-Blood Carnist could be like a Botanic Berserker, a plant based version that a Blood Carnist that violates their “only meat” diet restrictions and then decides to go all the other way. A Botanic Berserker devours plants to gain their power, like some sort of barbarian version of a hippy-druid.

I normally listen to Tom Wood’s podcasts on my drive to work for anarchist/libertarian philosophy. He always brings on interesting guests and has a strong, good-natured way of speaking that is fun to listen to. When he put up an offer for a great deal on hosting as well as some free publicity, I decided to take the plunge and nab my own website. What great timing that I had already been considering a move!

Check out his resources page if you want to see his short pdf on starting your own website!


Wyloch’s Armory

Wyloch is a relative new-comer to the 2.5d crafting scene but man is his terrain and accessory game on point. Go check out his videos if you’re into terrain crafting.

Wow does this confirm my biases so hard. If this is any indication, I’m firmly in the grey-tribe. I wanna go, “SEE! You stupid SJW’s!”, which would probably not be helpful for anything at all. If anything this makes me think that this is less of the commenters pointing out the total destructive flaws and more of them showing concern, nit-picking, and tempering. I am sure that if I saw the reverse of this for a cause I believe in, that’s exactly how I would read it. I mean, there are things that I would criticize Anarcho-Capitalists about that my ideological opponents would sieze on and go, “SEE! You stupid ancaps!”. So, it’s an interesting read, but take it with a grain of salt.

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