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The Art of Being a Monster: Jaguar-Men


Step out from the darkness dear lycanthropes. Be ready to claw, bite, slash, sting, gore, and rip apart what stands in your way. Only the strongest, and most cunning shapeshifters will be able to rise to the challenge of these strategies. Dominate your enemies and assert your will. Satisfy your hunger.

Monster hunters and wanna-be heroes will be your main threat. Just as you would not hunt without understanding your prey, so too must you learn the ways of your would-be hunters. Keep your natural environs around you. Utilize your animal senses, speed, and stealth to ambush your foes to turn the tables. Never let them regain their footing by leaping in and out of combat, wearing down your enemies while your natural healing keeps you fresh. Make them fear you, separate them, and keep the constant thought of infection at the front of their minds. Their worries of lycanthropy will overwhelm their ability to plan an effective defense as they worry about saving their own skin.

F: The fighter is a wall between you and his softer allies. Nature has long ignored walls. Follow its example and attack this ‘wall’ at every crack, every weakness presented. Wear the fighter down, draw him out of position, move around him, and slaughter what she protects. Regeneration will keep you fresh all day, but every scrape will wear down the fighter as surely as a the trees shatter roads.

T: The fangs of the thief will be aiming for your throat, give them no opportunity. Keep moving and striking from ambush and they will never get the opportunity to stab you in the back. Give them a few bites and slashes to keep them cautious while you make your way past the fighter to more dangerous foes.

R: Cowering behind the fighter launching their darts, the ranger will most likely pose little threat. If they are in between you and the wizard, attack them but do not delay yourself to hurt them. Take care though, if they are well suited to hunting lycanthropes and present effectively silvered arrows, cut them down.

W: The soft flesh of any adventuring group, the caster is both dangerous and pitifully easy prey. Separated from their beleaguered and wearied companions, you can make short work of them. Even a handful of attacks will be sufficient to infect them or grievously wound their fickle constitutions. Unless they prove otherwise, they are your first target as their magic can halt your regenerative abilities. An effective defense might require taking some pain in order to get through to kill or drag away the magic user.

A Lycanthrope’s Shifting Priorities

Whether it is power and wealth typical of all creatures, or a desire to spread your kind as the dominant species. No matter if you wish to devour the flesh or your enemies or turn them to your side, a leader shows strength with the words below. Assuming your dominance can last without constant vigilance and ignoring the threats around you as too small will lead to your discovery. You will be hunted, envied, and despised, be ready for it.

  • I will never transform in the open unless I no longer care to protect my identity.
  • Not only will I spread rumors of false and obscure mythos related to lycanthropy, but I will also spread false information about other monsters as well.

  • Doing everything on my own is foolish. Garnering lycanthropes of other types as allies will be a priority.
  • New lycanthropes I create or find will be trained and befriended. There is no need to fear competition from upstarts. They will either be treated well or destroyed.
  • No one can be allowed to know the full extent of my control over my changes. All evidence should point to the condition being uncontrollable to excuse my own culpability.
  • I will seek out and put documented effort into a cure for my ‘affliction’. Such efforts may spare me death at the hands of hunters.
  • I will not clear away lesser irritants and poisons like belladonna from near my lair. Enemies will be overconfident in using these and less likely to seek out more deadly silver tools.

  • Any minion or pet I can hire that are very strong against silvered weapons will be a boon: armored and magic resistant golems, undead, or the like.
  • I will not avoid planning things during full moons. Additionally I will engage in embarrassing affairs during full moons to give credence to any suspicious behavior I engage in around that time: trysts, smuggling, thefts, etc all benefit from the light of the moon.
  • Silver is usually to be avoided but I will keep some fake silver among my culturally expected silver items for me to handle regularly.

  • Animal loyalty is more easily found among my own species but I will go out of my way to find loyal pets of other species to deflect suspicions.
  • I will not ignore opportunities to use my lycanthropy to help others and perform good deeds. Doing this may put hesitation in the hunter’s mind or cast doubt on the moral nature of previous victims.
  • I will not encourage newly created shifters to abandon their families. Runaways are desperate. Desperate people do stupid things.
  • A scared witness is better than a dead body is better than a vengeful wounded witness.
  • Keep careful note of what tracks you leave. Make sure you can obscure or fake tracks.
  • Whenever you transform, you should have the ability to leave behind a fresh human corpse to fake death. It need not look like you.
  • I will not react differently to any accusation leveled at me. I will come up with a standard response and stick to it.

  • I will not alienate or sow distrust in my community. Make sure to stop all witch hunts in their tracks, regardless of the target. Promote equality before the law and defend victimless crimes.
  • I will never play with my food.

Fight harder and with more ferocity than you foes. Go for their throats. Follow your truer instincts laid out above and survive.

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