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Five Link Friday: Free and Low-Snark

A great, pretty extensive write-up with low levels of snark addressing some usual concerns about security provision without a state.

Has an awesome (free) set of color printouts for a counter collection. A great tool that helped me fill out the ranks of my undead miniatures, monstrous mooks, and villainous vermin. I glued mine down to some old, damaged D&D cardstock maps to make them a little tougher. I double-sided mine for double the utility! They also have premium stuff out on their DriveThruRPG page, but I haven’t bought them myself.


Ever wonder how a slippery slope argument can be made correctly? Want to read about the actual underlying mechanics of this often fallacious mode of reasoning? Give this essay a try. Essays such as these bring me around to the notion that common fallacies are bad precisely because they attempt to short circuit the often difficult work of good arguments. In short, fallacies are cheats trying to masquerade as solid proofs.

Found this neat weather tracking website that is live loaded with lots of up to date weather information. I find it useful to track the local rainfall I’m getting but I sense that I could do so much more. Maybe in the future I could tie this to my rasberry PI to automate my garden watering. Until then, I’ll just be using it as a handy gauge of when I need to water.

These deliciously creepy and surreal sculptures just scream out to me. They demand to be used in a dungeon, as a magic item, or as a mysterious artifact.

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