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Five Link Friday: Behold These Works and DRYBRUSH

Fantasy Games

If you want to see what real miniature paint talent looks like, head to fantasy games with a bowed head. Behold his works, ye mighty, and USE MORE DRYBRUSHING, IT’S WORTH IT.

Boycott Hate Season

Boycott the year and a half of hate. Keeping in line with my perspective from last year with regards to voting, this essay challenges me to ignore the election process. To never stop directing my frustrations and pointed critiques of the system, instead of whatever targets (candidates) are propped up at the time. That’s a pretty hard sell, but I appreciate the sentiment.

The Book of Life

Wonder what Ayn Rand would have been like if her heart hadn’t been replaced with a black, thorny void monstrosity? It is both rare and refreshing to read an essay critiquing materialism that doesn’t lay the blame at the the feet of capitalism while clamoring for more materialism to be initiated by political authority. My greatest take-away? Price is not a good mechanism for determining value, it is useful for determining cost. Historically those things were heavily intertwined, but now we should be careful in how we correlate the too. Also, we should appreciate how much wealthier we are now in absolute terms.

Pickling and Canning

‘Tis the season of glass jars, vinegar, and brine. I usually google recipes as needed, but I keep ending up here and happy with the results. If you’re a newbie canner like me, they make everything super easy to understand so you can save your garden harvests for months to come.


Matt Jackson’s One Page ‘Zine

Hey, so Matt Jackson is releasing a cool little ‘zine. I found him by his cool maps and stayed for the space-pulp fiction. I’m grabbing one to check it out, but the preview on his site looks good!

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