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Map Sketching

I’m a bit short on time, as my weekly game got moved to today, but enjoy these practice maps I drew during some down-time this weekend amidst the hustle and bustle of hanging out with family. These were sketched with pencil then inked with V5 Fine and Very Fine pens on this handy little 7mm hex-pad I got from Mythoard. Enjoy!

two shoals

Two Shoals: Situated on a booming port with excellent harbors and white-sand beaches, Two Shoals has been seeing more growth than it can handle. Young men and women are nearly fought over by the competing industries in town, carpentry and sailing. The stiff competition amongst employers has given this town a booming standard of living, and a booming call for talented migrants. Spirits are high while prosperity prevails, but simmering tensions between residents and migrants sit just beneath the surface and are ready to come into light should the boom falter. An elaborate mansion with an extensive hedge-maze is the jewel of the town and its owner owns a majority piece of the top carpentry and maritime businesses. The forests are cultivated for their strength and durability, supposedly having been commissioned from elven tree-mages and obsessively bred for perfection.




Mirk: This cave gets its name from the near-constant gloomy air, which is dry and full of a thick dust. Regular tremors shake loose fine particulate from the limestone ceiling.


ol' granite valley

Ol’ Granite Valley: This once prosperous valley has fallen on hard times, with most people leaving the area when the bridge crumbled. The wreckage in the river has blocked the salmon from coming up stream, turning the once lively fishing industry into a subsistence living for the only family that remains. A shrine to the river gods has fallen into disrepair with its main acolytes, the fishing village, having long since moved on.


travers armory

Traver’s Armory: This old armory was carved into a stony mountainside as a refuge place and rallying point for mountain patrols. Recently, it has fallen into disrepair and has been repurposed by squatters. It’s now home to a few families, plying their trades as smiths, goat shepherds, and miners.

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