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Five Link Friday: Forging Ahead in New Ventures

Chandler Dickinson: Forging a Ram’s Head Knife

What I wouldn’t give to be finished saving for a house. To be moved in and have the space to start blacksmithing… Well, in the meantime, I can brush up on the basics watching awesome youtube channels like Chandler’s. Depending on how I take to it when I finally give it a try, this one might be a hobby that ends up a net positive financially for once =D.

Anarchy Dice Fiverr

So I started up some Fiverr gigs a few weeks back. To my surprise, I’ve actually gotten commissioned for a couple projects so far! If you’re looking for some tabletop related goodies, why not check them out and see if I can’t get you what you’re looking for? I’ll post links when I can to those finished works.

The Ten Foot Pole

I had never heard of OPZ’s before reading about this one and I figured I just had to get it. I like matt’s writing and the low price point clinched the deal. It doesn’t hurt that I want to support other bloggers’ publishing and efforts in hopes that good karma will make its way back to me!

The OPZ, Ten Foot Pole (no not that one) has a small intro message about Matt and his inspiration for starting the ‘zine. After that, he presents two small maps and a tiny adventure snippet detailing a twisted plot. It is well written and avoids the temptation in such small formats like this to become unwieldy and dense (see my first one page dungeon for that particular misstep). It is nice that the zombie here is an easy conversion to just about any system, but that might just be a zombie thing. I’ll have to keep checking out his future ‘zines to see how they hold up.

The physical presentation is simple and clean. Small graphics help split out sections and the text is well divided and of a comfortable reading size. The only thing I could think to see going forward would be a pdf version. Depending on where the physical product price point ends up, the PDF could be an affordable option that can sit in a neat folder on my desktop instead of hiding in my desk.

Evolution of Consent: Welfare, Minus the State.

I very much enjoyed this essay on the viability of welfare without government intervention. It clearly lays out the historical precedence of welfare before governments unilaterally monopolized the role and articulates the many reasons why we should want to remove government from the equation. Whether moral, philosophical, or practical, the evolution of consent essay establishes a clear and compelling argument for returning to coercion free provision of welfare.

2nd Hand Ideas

Titled after what I presume is a wink at the inheritance of libertarian ideas from prolific intellectuals of the past, this new right-libertarian blogger with a great writing style. His site is well laid out, easy to engage with, and dare I say it, fun. If you’re a political junkie or philosophy addict, go check out some of his writing. I don’t care whether that means he’s preaching to the choir or challenging your beliefs, check him out.

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