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Inkwell Mapping Contest: Mini’s

Inkwell has returned from their contest hiatus with some changes to the mapping contest. They are now looking for up to three groups of 4-6 ‘mini’ geomorphs. These tiny morphs are to be 5×5 with only a single exit on each of the four edges. While they aren’t due until next Wednesday, I wanted to draft some designs out now to give myself time to redo them or modify them if I’m not happy with the results. Check out some of my other maps.

A nice extra is that you get some extra warning to get your mapping on instead of hearing about it from me after the fact!


Serpent An ancient engine of war, now a quaint, immobile temple dedicated to the warding off of snake-bites.
Empty, Hollow, Thud
Empty, Hollow, Thud Missing floors, hollow fake walls, an incessant thudding sound, and a mysteriously empty tiled room are enough to drive an adventurer insane!
Mirrored Players may get turned around in these flipped, mirrored, and puzzling rooms.


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