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Single-Use Substances and Spelljunk (Part VIII)

I started this series just to force myself to get my magic item ideas out there, but now I’m starting to hope that it can be some value to my readers. I’ve been there, flipping through the Dungeon Master’s guide, trying to find something interesting for my character builds. I’ve been on the GM’s side looking to give my players something more memorable than just a +1 sword with some elemental effects. Maybe this series will be just what someone needs. How do magic items fit into your game and have you ever looked online to find new ones to use?

You can read the previous post here: Part VII.

Healer’s Ointment 1000

This natural oil, rubbed into the skin, jolts the system of any living or dead creature with a metabolism. It provides a weak regeneration of 1 hit point per hit die each minute, lasting for one hour. There is enough oil for ten hours of total regeneration. Any creature exposed to its effects become ravenously hungry, needing to eat two day’s worth of food during each hour of ointment use or they gain a level of exhaustion.

Heavy Wine 50

Casks of wine laden with a slurry of iron dust and ox blood sealed in the light of the full moon ferments further into a heady concoction. Downing a wineskin of of this slurry puts the drinker’s body under enormous tension: their veins bulge obscenely, their skin reddens and becomes hot to the touch. The effect lasts for 10 minutes, during which it doubles their constitution and strength bonuses. At the end of its duration, the Heavy Wine begins to rip into the drinker’s organs as their body tries to remove it. Each day for the following 3 days, their is a 1-in-3 chance that a serious internal injury develops.

Hell-wasp Honey 750

This tin-colored molasses buzzes and hums in a pleasant, almost-hypnotizing pattern. An urn of the honey held close at night makes it easy to fall asleep. It is much more useful when applied to the skin. Rubbed into the skin, Hell-wasp Honey makes one’s nerves incredibly sensitive. For the next ten minutes, the hyper-active neurotoxin rockets through the user’s nervous system, doubling their dexterity and intelligence modifiers. As the user comes down from this high, their overextended nerves recoil at the slightest touch, making all sensations painful: the user takes an additional 4 damage any time they would take damage. This sensitivity reduces by one point every 1d6 hours. If they die under the effects of the honey, their brain will transform into a single Hell-wasp queen over the next day that will crawl out of their mouth, and look for a place to start a new hive. They retain their sentience and memories, but are now totally aligned with Hell-wasp kind.

Hell-wasps 3000

Hell-wasps are kept in a large clay urn filled with sedative smoke. Infernal in origins, the insects do not need food or air. Once released, the hypnotic sedative makes the wasps sympathetic to the one who released them, attacking as a swarm on command. The swarm can enter and control fresh corpses of a combined total HD of 10 or less, raising them as intelligent zombies. The hypnotic sedative wears off in 24 hours, after which the wasps will go their own way unless suitably convinced. The Hell-wasp Swarm: 10HD (100 HP) L, ATK -*, DMG (Sting 2d4 + Poison**), MOV 5ft/ FLY 60ft. *Swarm deals its damage automatically to any creature that starts its turn in the swarms space. **Hell-Wasp Poison: 1d6 poison and 1d6 necrotic damage each round, DC 14 Constitution save ends. A creature that dies while suffering from this poison is bolstered, gaining +4 STR and 50% bonus to movement speed if it is raised to undeath.

Hemlock 125

Strong, pine, bitter flavor made of crushed seed and root of the hemlock plant is a potent pale green poison. If the concentrated powder is ingested, it results in a creeping, total paralysis from the toes upward. When it reaches the chest in 2d10 minutes, it causes suffocation. The paralysis lasts for 1d4 days even if the creature survives. With a very difficult healing check, diluted doses can be given to a willing creature to numb pain or stop seizures. Failure on this check paralyzes the creature for 2d10 minutes and critical failure inflicts the full noxious effect on the ingester.

Holy Water 25

Water drawn from a pure spring is blessed with a small sprinkling of gold dust and holy oils in a short divine ritual. Any dead or impure flesh it touches reacts quite violently. Undead flesh is returned to its rightful decomposing, inanimate state. Demonic or alien flesh burns in a heatless white flame. A small splash or a coated weapon deals 1 holy damage, with a single flask containing 5 such uses. Thrown as a splash weapon, it instead deals 2d6 damage to the target and splashes all adjacent creatures. Undead that lose more than ¼ of their remaining hit points lose a random limb. Demons or aliens that lose more than ½ their remaining hit points are banished to the own worlds.

Illusory Dust 1250

Whenever a child laughs without cause, it is said to be invisible faeries gathering some of their imagination to make this powder. A pink, waxed leather pouch holds a few ounces of scintillating sugar crystals. Crushed and sprinkled over an object, the user can alter the sensory appearance of a medium sized object or creature with a single use, with larger or smaller objects requiring proportionally more or less powder. The illusory magic remains until it is washed off, dismissed by the creator, or someone makes a pun within five feet. It appears fully real, to the limit of how creative the creator is, and must be interacted with to get a save to disbelieve, Wisdom save (DC 10 + creator CHA). Every bag has thirteen uses when created.

Imp Pact Crystal 1250

An Imp Pact Crystal is a bit of hardened soul, coalesced into a cloudy, fist sized, thorny gem. The dubiously virtuous soul that forms the crystal is only worth a contract with a low level imp or demon. This can be done by signing such a contract using the gem instead of one’s own blood. Alternatively, evil creatures use these to barter with these crystals and more powerful ones taking on value equivalent to what their respective demons could perform as part of a contract.

Invisibility Powder 4000

Procured from secretive faerie merchants and smugglers, this fine, glassy powder turns one medium sized object completely invisible with just a small pinch of tossed powder. Academics posit that faeries create the powder by somehow distilling down childrens’ natural invisibility from stolen teeth and toys. A standard pouch holds about a four ounces of dust, enough for thirteen uses if carefully rationed. The invisibility lasts until the affected creature or object attacks, is splashed with water, or the next full moon rises into the night sky.

Invisible Ink 30

Invisible Ink is normal black pigments that have been treated with fairy magic, most often accomplished by getting a fairy to sneeze into an inkwell. This ink, when applied, can be given a set of instructions, up to thirteen words in length, on how it should appear. Common uses are for passing hidden messages or condensing multiple pages of text onto one page. The illusion magic inherent in the ink masks itself from low level magic detection, although an astute sense of smell can smell fairies in the ink.

The next part, part IX.

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