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Five Link Friday: Striking out on your own


Umeshu Guide

This one’s a bit out of left field but I’m cracking into my second jar (aged for five months) of Umeshu I made back in May and boy is it delicious. Maybe you’re interesting in learning how to make things for yourself, want to try a little experiment, or you’ve got a lot of fruit lying around. This is just the sort of one hour project you can do, with tasty results. This recipe is for Umes (Japanese plums) in particular, but similar recipes exist for just about any fruit with a sugar content.

Club Thrifty: 52 Side Jobs You Can Start Right Now

Have you taken an interest in this whole anarchy thing and wonder what you can do about it? Maybe you’re just looking to get a little money on the side. Either way, I’m no expert, but I am glad that I started some side gigs. I’ve talked before about my Fiverr projects, but that even includes writing this blog, making my own miniatures, brewing my own beer, and even gardening.

The best part about all of these things is that they make me more independent. These things build up my practical skills or at least make me more appreciative of the things I consume. Check out that link above to club thrifty’s list of side-gigs you can do on your own. They also have some useful budget stuff on that blog to, if you’re into that sort of advice. How does all this relate to anarchism? A big obstacle to anarchy is that the fundamental assumption shared by most people is that there are these set of things that you can’t do for yourself, and government must do it for you. If we, as anarchists, can get people to profitably do these things or at least prove them possible, we’ll have removed a major obstacle to the practical implementation of anarchy.

Miniature Painting Guide

I was so nervous when I first sat down to paint my reaper miniatures. I even screwed up a few times, having to start over with new coats of paints. Once I stopped overthinking it and followed this guide, everything turned out awesome! I’ll be posting up some stat blocks and fluff for these monster in a blog post soon, once I get some suitable pictures.

A Slate Star Codex Theory of Right vs. Left

This pair of posts creates some food for thought about what sorts of memes and underlying assumptions fit into the world views of the right and left spectrum of politics in the United States. Be careful about reading too much into this, but it does make for unique perspective that can help you empathize with whatever group you aren’t part of hopefully.

R vs. K

Here is a different perspective on the two sides of the political spectrum. This is much more of an evolutionary psychology vibe to it. Watch this video by Stefan Molyneux with a grain of salt. This is the first of a three part series that spans a few hours. Good for listening to while doing chores or on a road-trip.

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