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Single-Use Substances and Spelljunk (Part IX)

The previous post, part VIII.

Ivory Figurines

Often found in conspicuous places, especially near graveyards and temples, these tiny white statuettes depict small humanoids. While the exact type of humanoid varies, their features are perfectly life-like and each is unique. There are those who claim to have recognized the face of an ivory figurine. None have devised the exact meaning or purpose behind the statuettes, but it has been studied that upon completing their respective tasks, magical energy is released as the ivory figure returns to its original size, inert. Some have postulated this energy is a bound soul being freed from a past misdeed while others figure it to be a divine favor dissipating back to the god that sent it.

Ivory Apprentice 1250

A small chess piece the size of a pawn in the shape of a humanoid, holding tiny tools. Presenting it a tool, it rapidly grows into a dull-white humanoid servant skilled in a single trade whispered to it. It wears down over time, and after a year of service it returns to its tiny size, inert.

Ivory Assassin 10000

Given a gem covered in blood, the Ivory Assassin calmly opens its blank, white eyes. As it grows to full size, it icily requests a target. Attacking as a specialized rogue of moderate skill, the assassin will hunt down its target and kill it in the quickest way possible. Unless it is given specific direction in the killing, this usually means a frontal attack at the first opportunity likely to succeed. Against difficult foes, it will plan complicated and intricate details to complete its task waiting as long as necessary to secure a high chance of success. Once a death is confirmed, the assassin will report to its master. Black shadow darkens the ivory assassin and then it disappears into the floor; only an inert ivory statuette remains.

Ivory Butler 250

The Ivory Butler figurine depicts a posh humanoid in a permanent half-bow. Bending the butler straight causes it to grow to the size of a medium humanoid made of ivory. The first being to give it an order or make a request becomes its master, to whom it will serve. Its skills are commensurate with all the social graces and housekeeping skills an expensive butler would have. The alabaster skinned construct will dutifully serve for two months at the end of which it will give thanks to its master as it bows for a final time. Following this, it quickly shrinks down into a mundane statuette, inert.

Ivory Child 400

A small statue of a child. Putting a copper piece in its hand and whispering a name or description of a person or place, the child will grow to full size and run off to spy on the named target. The child will return after 1d3 hours with information that a child could give. The marbled child is not invisible, but is easily ignored by adults, requiring a Wisdom save DC 15 to notice the child. Creatures have disadvantage unless actively searching but get advantage in areas where children are unusual. After observing and reporting for a week, the child will grow into an adult before dispersing into a cloud of fine dust. A single, non-magical ivory child figurine clatters to the ground where the ivory child just stood.

Ivory Guard 1000

Inscribing a name or place on the shield of this tiny humanoid soldier causes it to rapidly swell to full-size. The Ivory Guard will protect the named person or place from all aggressive actions and persons. Only the owner of the place or the named person can give further instructions, but the guard will only obey them as they align with its primary duty. What it means to be protected and what constitutes harm can be modified by the target, but is otherwise taken as the assumed cultural norms. The guard fights as a mid-level fighter skilled in defensive tactics for ten years. With its duty fulfilled, the guard will remove its ivory helm and kneel as it rapidly shrinks back into a small figurine, now non-magical.  

Ivory Judge 500

A small human shaped, robed figure stands with book in hand. Placed in front of written word and heralded as a scholar, the Ivory Judge reappears at full size. Whatever type of scholar or expert the statuette is announced as, it will be, granting it a high skill in that field of knowledge. It will also have basic knowledge of all other fields of academic pursuit. The judge can read through mundane text almost instantly, able to summarize the contents or make calculated judgements with good accuracy. It will answer the questions of its summoner completely truthfully as it accompanies them on their travels. The white-robed figure extends this same privilege to any who ask out of an interest in knowledge rather than personal gain. After three months, the ivory judge will finish reading its last book before giving brief goodbye’s and disappearing as quickly as it came. A tiny, ivory figurine is left behind.

Ivory Warrior 750

Stout and well armored, the Ivory Warrior can be called forth by barking a military target and handing it a flag. Armed and skilled as a low level fighter, this ivory human soldier will fight towards its created goal with allegiance to whatever flag it was given. Only those of a higher rank within the faction represented on the flag can give the soldier orders. It will seek a straightforward path to victory, leading, following, or gathering troops where prudent. It will adopt the common military practices of its faction unless otherwise commanded by a superior. After three years, the warrior will perform its last rites and lie down, after which it will shrink back down to a non-magical ivory statuette.

Ivory Priest 6000

With a prayer, this bent old humanoid made of stone will step forth. He will quickly gain in size until fully grown. Given medical supplies and described a class of injury, the Ivory Priest will relentlessly pursue the healing of that type of injury and the relief of its symptoms. It is highly skilled in healing and can also magically heal a limited amount of injuries each day. Wounds or diseases of the type specified are healed much more efficiently. Only someone with a pure heart can give orders to the priest, otherwise it will heal all non-aggressive creatures, the most wounded first.

Ivory Steward 5000

With a coronation and a paper crown, the ivory steward saunters forward, growing to full size. With a marbled scepter and keen mind, the steward will manage an enterprise or estate as effectively as an intelligent nobleman. The steward starts to crack and flake away, falling to pieces after five years. A tiny, mundane figurine will be all that remains. Unless otherwise instructed, the steward will try to keep up a moderate growth in the value of the charged enterprise without engaging in too much risk and keeping within cultural norms.

Ivory Squire 2000

Placed on a shield or next to the handle of a weapon, this armored figurine expands to full size. The squire will serve as defender, helper, and combat aid to whoever summoned it or whoever was named during its summoning by the summoner. The squire will aid the target in combat, bear their equipment, repair their items at night, and act as the target’s errant. After a month of service, the squire will kneel before the target, present their equipment, and crumble into dust. In the dust pile, a small, inert stone figurine is left behind.

The next part, part X.

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