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October Mythoard

Apologies for the delay but a mix up with postage has delayed my October mythoard, but better late than never. Mythoard was really easy to work with to get things sorted, a major plus in my books.



For sheer craziness? “Everything is Dolphins” is my hands down favorite of both this month and of all the mythoards of the past. It is a rules-lite, simple game where you play as dolphins. The shot here is a sweet shot depicting what echolocation might look like if we had it. A major gripe about the book though is that it is too artsy, cramming a lot of dolphin drawings in, forcing everything to be spread across lots of pages. If this book had any more rules, that fact would make it impossible to use for anyone who hadn’t memorized the system. I’m torn though, because the art is fantastic.


A little package of tokens for invisible, flying, or ghostly creatures. This’ll go into my regular tools.


“Fifty Starbases” is a supplement for Traveller, a system I’m not familiar with. However, its random tables for generating colonies and settlements could come in handy if I ever find myself running a space related game. I don’t find its star-base maps to be particularly attractive or easy to understand nor do I find the layout of the generation tables useful for any on-the-fly usage. It has fun, retro sci-fi artwork and does have useful information if you’re willing to sift through it.


Thom Wilson does a great job laying out an engaging town defense adventure, “In Defense of Thuil”. I like that the module is open to sandboxing, given that events are tied to the passage of time. This gives the players some impetus, but also doesn’t hem them into one track. Things are just open enough to creative solutions and exploration without leaving the players lost with too many options. That town map too: Well detailed without being overwhelming.


Lastly, two supplements are included. One is the standard Mythoard half page binder sheet with a quick encounter in the “Fell Mountain” and the other is a map that I’m guessing is related to Winter Eternal: the advertisement and coupon code on the front. I think my favorite part of the monthly Mythoard encounter sheets is that I get to build up an interesting library of intricate encounters that I can drop in as locations of interest when the players venture too far outside what I’ve prepared on my hex maps.


Do you subscribe to Mythoard? I’m curious if other people get as much out of these little boxes as I do. What would interest you in giving it a try if you’re not already using it?

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