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Five Link Friday: The Whole Story

A Map by Matthew Lowes

I really dig his style, simple but effective with its use of color. Seeing his work has given me a few ideas of some different hashing and coloring I want to try for my next hand drawn maps.

Frugal GM posts about Secret Santicore

I’ve never done it before, but I’m curious about this exchange. Seems like it would be fun, but I haven’t seen it before. Comment below if you’ve taken part; what sort of skill level/effort is usually expected?

GM Loot

I posted around asking about Mythoard, and someone mentioned GM Loot. It looks like it is purely DriveThruRPG supplements; printed and shipped to your door everymonth. Anyone have any experience with it? I’m curious if its something I might want to try.


A dark web-serial about Parahumans, or humans with superpowers. I’ve been completely taken in by this story, blasting through it fairly quickly. Its quite dark, and getting darker as I go along, but what I most enjoy about it is that once it has put up its suspension of disbelief, it works hard to try and rationalize how powers work within that universe. The characters are smart, evolve, and work hard to modify their tactics to uniquely take advantage of their powers and tools at hand. I highly suggest giving it a read.

Dresden Codak

If you’re looking for a series a little more light-hearted, and sometimes silly, check out Dresden Codak. Right now, it is set within a semi-dystopia with its own logic. However, it often bounces around very neat ideas, my favorite being “Dungeons & Discourse”, a mash-up of philosophy and D&D.

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