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Single-Use Substances and Spelljunk (Part X)

It must be the reduced sunlight or maybe its bouncing between illness and traveling, but man has it been tough to get the energy together to put a post together. Doing a quick magic item post, even though this is breaking the cycle, is really invigorating. I hope you enjoy it as much as I liked writing it.

Part IX.

Jumping Caltrops 800

A bag of loose beetles, each outfitted with elaborate chitin spike, are held in magical hibernation awaiting activation. On the command word or upon a significant impact, these metallic-grey beetles swarm forth in a ten foot radius around the bag. The beetles rise up, splaying their spikes to act as living caltrops. Creatures that enter the space of the swarm or begin their turn their take 2d6 piercing damage as the beetles jump to plunge their spikes into the creature, bite, and scratch. The magical command word, spoken as a free action, allows the activator to direct the swarm to move up to ten feet. The Jumping Caltrops maintain their defensive posture until destroyed or they starve, being magically compelled to defend even at the expense of taking in nourishment. The swarm has an AC of 14 and 60 HP.

Kingmaker 15000

Inside this large crystal case sits a miniature castle, a scepter, and a crown. Smashing the case open causes the castle to rapidly grow in size, becoming a small keep over the course of an hour. It draws in local stone and materials where possible, but otherwise is of solid stone construction. Over the next few days, a small town sprouts up around the keep, with wooden houses popping up like mushrooms. This town is fully stocked with tools, goods, weapons, and animals that one would expect in a town of 500 – 2000 people. Nearby vermin are transformed into uniformed servants, guards, and workers that follow the crown wearer’s commands. Areas lacking such animals will see such servants formed of ooze, humus , or other organic material.

Lich Dust 11000

Distilled from the sweat of wizards during their progression into full lichdom, not necessarily from those that survived the process, this dust can be snorted to empower magic users. Once taken, it allows its user to cast one spell each minute without consuming it while halving the Constitution of living users. This effect lasts for twenty minutes after which the user must make a spell save, DC 20, or lose half of their spell slots for the next two days.   Alternatively, it can be used to mirror other magical components to provide up to half of the necessary components, using up a fraction of a dose equivalent to the value of the component copied.

Lotus Powder 300

Lotus Powder is a fine white powder made of dessicated and ground lotus. As a narcotic, it works as a contact poison to make the targets muscles seize, stunning them for 1d6 rounds unless they make a DC 13 Constitution save. Applied to open wounds or inflicted on the point of a weapon, the powder also doubles the target’s Charisma modifier while dealing 1d6 ongoing poison damage for 1d3 minutes, with two successful saves ending both effects.

Luck Button 1000

Crushing the tiny, disguised clay accessory gives the wearer three rerolls. The concentrated fortune magic grants a bonus to the wearers saves equal to the number of remaining rerolls. One reroll fades each minute after the effect is activated. Luck Button’s are often camouflaged as lucky coins, pins, trinkets, or charms hanging off hooks that shatter the button when ripped off.

Medusa’s Ointment 4000

Medusa’s Ointment is olive green oil squeezed from the shed snakeskin from the hair of its namesake. A liberal coating of of the oil, slathered on a petrified creature, restores the creature to life over a full round. If the oil is left to dry on a living creature, the oil will slowly turn the creature to stone. The oil takes a full minute to dry and must cover a majority of the creature’s skin. After the oil dries, the creature must make a DC 15 Constitution save each round or become paralyzed for 1d6 minutes. A second failed save petrifies the creature but two consecutive successful saves before petrification ends the oil’s effect. A single jar of the ointment is enough for three medium sized creatures.

Merchant’s Bane 500

This clay urn of paste turns normal parchment and leaves into a magical paper mache. With a craft check, it can be formed to mimic the appearance of anything. It’s value is only limited by the craft check, every 5 points of the skill check corresponds to an order of magnitude of value. After a number of minutes equal to the value of the object mimicked, minus d% of its total duration, the Merchant’s Bane reverts to its true paper mache form. This does not mimic magic effects but otherwise appears for all intents and purposes as the object copied, plus a minor illusion aura. A single pot is enough to create one medium sized object or a proportional number of larger or smaller objects.

Mimic Clay 1000

Mimic Clay will copy any object it is pressed against within a few rounds, taking double the time for every size category larger than tiny the object is. It copies all physical properties of the object and is returned to its light orange, soft-clay form with a kiss. This is rumored to be ground up bones mimics mixed with river clay.

Mobile Caltrops 350

Tiny tin soldiers make up the mass of these caltrops. Once scattered, they activate and angle their tiny swords and armor spikes to hurt anything that steps in the twenty foot diameter circle they cover. On initiative count 0, the Mobile Caltrops move up to 30 feet to center themselves around the last creature they wounded. Creatures that move through their territory take 1d6+2 damage for every five feet of movement. Any damage dealt to the caltrops short of fire or acid strong enough to melt them is regenerated on their turn. They have 20 hit points per five foot square.

Mobile Cavalry Spikes 500

Mobile Cavalry Spikes are small wooden soldiers that grow to form a living palisade 40 feet in length when tossed. Each five foot section has a reaction that it will use to counter-charge anyone trying to charge the barrier, attacking with a +5 bonus to deal 2d6+6 damage. To pass through the barrier, it has to be destroyed or the mover has to take 2d6 piercing damage. Each five foot section has 30 hit points and regains 10 hit points on initiative count 0. The thrower can order the spikes to reposition, moving any or all sections up to 5 feet on initiative 0.


Part XI is up next.

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