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Five Link Friday: Make Something

Pumpkin Carving: The World at Night

This is a bit late, but I decided to upload a video of a pumpkin carving I did for Halloween. Enjoy!

Rouseau Works: Cheap Mold Making

I had no idea molds could be made so easily and cheaply. I’m a big fan of Rouseau’s videos, even if I have no plans to do much papercraft or sci-fi crafting. Just something about his tempo of speaking and chill background music just makes his videos fun to watch.

Miniature Painting and Modeling

This ones a highly creative and talented community of miniature artists posting about their creations. A good place to show off and a great place to get inspiration for your own crafting.

7 Craftsy Things You Can Do With Magic Cards

I think this one basically speaks for itself. Not sure if I shared the link back when my fiance made that gift for her brother a while back, but here you go.

The Most Useful Knots You Should Know

This is just one that I like, it is both practical knowledge and it is something that can add some of those little details to your game.

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