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Five Link Friday: A day late and a link short

Got some prismacolors and gave that map a good color in’.

Colored seaside fort map


Death is Bad: civic duty vs civility

An interesting thought post about the role of people in their own defense vs the role of professional protectors.

Dungeon of Signs: misery crawls and gm advice

Who doesn’t look at mega-dungeons and crapsack world campaign materials and think of how interesting a game of misery and badness could be? At least as many as run into trouble reconciling the notorious problems of killer GMs, boring dreariness, or anti-fun Zones. This is a good read for a discussion of problems and solutions.

 Goblin punch: rat master

My favorite monstrous humanoid brawler is back with another crazy class, this one revolving around having a number of tiny rodent minions(although you could easily reskin the class to fit snakes, birds, or insects I feel).

Black Gate: Gift ideas for the conqueror in your life

Ever wonder what to get the conqueror that’s got everything(literally), well this handy holiday guide can give you the unexpected answer.

See you wonderful folks on Tuesday.




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