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An After Christmas Report: A Great End to a Great Year

While I take a break from preparing to host a New Year’s Eve party, let me type up some kind words for some of my favorite gifts related to what I do here on my blog.

Prismacolor color pencil set

#1 Prismacolor Color Pencils.

I didn’t think I would enjoy coloring my maps as much as I did, but color me surprised! Not only that, but the coloring of even sloppily drawn maps improves their comprehend-ability significantly.

Dungeon Fighter the Game

#2 Dungeon Fighter.

Technically this was a board game I got for my fiance but I’m counting it here. The game plays like a drinking game, the mechanics of fighting monsters are to bounce a die and get it to land on a large target circle. The closer to the center means more damage. Monsters, items, and rooms can force you to add additional constraints like a second bounce, having to toss it from under the table, or making a jump shot. It gets silly, but what I found the most fun was the creative methods we would come up with to satisfy all the throwing requirements.

Love letter the game

#3 Love Letter.

This small card game fits in a handy pouch and sits between 2 and 4 players. This is a bluffing and card counting type game where each player is trying to eliminate all the others before the 16 card deck runs out. Higher value cards determine the winner at the end of the deck, but are riskier to keep during the game. Each round takes 10 minutes tops, and the game-play encourages the ‘just one more’ mentality.

#4 Reusable Beer Bottles.

Now I won’t have to hold onto tons of small glass bottles and do a ton of capping when I brew my next batch of beer. That reminds me, I got to get to that…

Sculpted octopus

#5 Octopus Art Print.

Remember this picture of a sculpted octopus? I got a professionally printed copy, and all I’ve got to do is figure out where to hang it.


I also got Dead of Winter, some nice gardening potting trays, an Ascension expansion pack, and a bunch of clothes. My fiance got Spyfall and Hachi Koro. I didn’t include those four games as I haven’t gotten a chance to really play them yet. As the cluster of holidays wraps up, I intend to finish up my usual series: Magic Items, Anarchist Towns, and The Art of Being a Monster. It has been a great year for blogging, thank you for stopping by. Have a great night and drink safe.

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