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Five Link Friday: Selling out

I’m selling out my usual Thursday post to get some more time to finish my newest foray into dungeon tiles for a Friday post. Don’t worry, I’m not actually selling out (no one has made me an offer =D).

Hello My name is: Sellout

Crypt of Rabies Webstore

Crypt of Rabies, a big source of inspiration for my new dungeon tile designs, opened a webstore for his materials and writing.

Walter Sorrells: Damascus Steel Marking Blade

Man, dat damascus steel do. It’s really amazing what you can do with simple alloy layer, especially when you are designing fully metal tool-knives. I can imagine making something like this for myself to mark out pieces to cut out of cardboard for my other crafting. Who has two thumbs and can’t wait to have some space to do some blacksmithing? This guy.

Dyson’s Dodecahedron

Dyson is getting a new book of maps ready for release. Get your wallets ready. If your wallet is already a little light, all the maps being released are already free on his blog (but you’ve got to do the legwork to search though his blog for the exact ones you want).

Midkemia City Encounters

Midkemia has a free pdf of city encounters as well as a paid app for one-click encounter generation. As someone who just spent way to much time creating and calibrating a random encounter generator for hexcrawls, its nice to get free encounter generators pointed out to me by people like Rob at Batintheattic.

Inkwell Ideas Free Coin Creator via Frugal GM

It must be the residue of the holiday season, but a lot of blogs I’m following have been pointing out awesome free resources like this coin creator. The free version has everything to need to create some simple coins via pdf layers. The expanded version has many more options and only costs $2, not a bad deal if you’ve got some printer paper to burn. I can even see some interesting props coming out of this by gluing the printed coins onto something a little heavier and adding some acrylic paint for aging/realism.


Enjoy my delaying tactics, but check out tomorrows post where I drop some crazy knowledge with sweet combinations of old and new dungeon tile knowledge.

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