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Tales from the Table: Failures from BWA (December)


Conclusion of the Star Temple

The last room of the star temple with brutes, zombies, and a pool of water.

Weapons in hand, our tiefling, dwarf, half-orc, and two gnomes pause outside a grand double stone door in the cool, wrackspawn filled star temple. Three blackened hands lunge out, as the group backs up, setting up the undead to lash out and be struck from all sides. The largest of the three, a hulking brute, spits out torrents of black sludge just before Heidi shifts her form into a rippling beast. Back to back strikes from Boone’s polearm and Heidi’s claws quickly dispatches the two weaker spawn, while an armored wrackspawn hangs at the back of the root-filled cavern beyond. The shrieks of this armored wrackspawn drive the brute to greater heights of ferocity, but it cannot stand up to the torrent of abuse being hefted at it. As its ally falls in a puddle of goo, the leader undead falls back out of sight behind the roots.

Seeing the room only extending twenty feet to the right of the doorway, the entire party advanced, knowing the last undead would not have many places to hide. A few attacks force it out from its vantage point in thick roots extending from the ceiling. The wretched creature slashes its claws while it backs up to a small, glittering pool at the back of the cavern, standing in front of a crystal ewer full of water sitting on the floor. A shove from Boone drops the undead into the pool, where it boils away to a bleached set of bones.

Root filled cavern

Eyeing the pool warily, the party murmurs about possible tests they can perform on the water. Boone, a man of action, strips down and leaps in, to find the water heals his wounds from before. His actions inspire everyone else to partake in the water, nearly draining it of its glimmer leaving just enough for them to fill the ewer. Fungerfil, after a near miss, decides to craft a cork for the ewer before they collect the wrackspawns armor and sword while exiting the temple.

A Brief Reprieve

Dwarf defending a row of kegs

That night, Heidi celebrated their victory in the temple by kegging her batch of beer and passing around drinks. Schlubbel takes some time to pen a letter to his brother about his slime orb. An uneventful night passed by before the party decides to head back around the mountains to finish off the dungeon where they found the slime orb. A tall peak in the mountains lead them to a chance encounter with a number of silently meditating individuals in robes, spread about a leveled off mountain peak. When they continued to raise questions and noise among the quiet people, a Lieutenant from Fort Morning Glory introduced himself and introduced the Travelers. This group travels to peaceful and secluded places, with an open invitation to any who wish to join. Noncommittal, the party heads down the peak to return to their travels. Stopping by Harkar Landars camp, they found it mostly packed up and empty of any people, so they took the opportunity to steal some food and tools.

A Return to the Tomb of the Slime Orb

By the time they reached the slime orb tomb, the group had devised an interesting strategy to combat the spiders that scared them off before: Heidi would take on a spider form and do recon just by touching the strands of the spiders’ own webs. No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy.

Despite knowing the location of the spiders, their devastating leap attacks quickly knocked apart the party and dropped Fungerfil and Marina. The player’s battle lines failed to put their front line fighters in solid positions to defend the weaker members of their party. The poison coursing through the two downed players’ veins kept them down and out as Boone and Heidi finished off the last few spiders. Fungerfil suffered the worst, and the party decided to take a breather before going on: Schlubbel’s new necromantic spell breathing life back into Fungerfil’s nearly-dead body.

Large bolted together zombie miniature

During their short rest, the door to the south begins banging. The door looks like it may hold to whatever assault, so the party decides to chance it to finish out their rest. Luckily, the door holds long enough for the party to recover a bit before they are attacked by a gang of wired up zombies. The bottleneck of the door is held up by the party, but the clumping of both groups lets the zombies’ death-shocks to be maximally effective. Their electrical damage badly burns the party, incrementally knocking down their health while empowering the other copper-clad undead. A half-hearted retreat by the conscious party members helps spread out the undead where they are more easily defeated, but a full retreat is voted on as the last few zombies come through the door. Dragging a barely conscious Boone behind them, the party runs up the stairs and shuts the portcullis behind them again, wondering if they should maybe just collapse this whole place to save themselves the trouble…

1 thought on “Tales from the Table: Failures from BWA (December)

  1. woah – this brought back some memories! found your blog again while looking for your language rules. found a lot more great stuff and am excited to start working it in to my game!!

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